The protocol of interrogation of K.K. Mukhanov of March 8, 1935.

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dopros v nkvd



March 8, 1935.

MUHANOV K.K., 1903, Ur. Kuibyshev. the nobleman, instant, Russian, before arrest of the Art. the research associate the Center. Research institute Prom. Constructions. Sister MUKHANOVA E.K., in the past working in Government library, SPO GUGB is arrested for terrorist activity. Wife of MUHANOVA, Prokofieva I.P., engineer Nauchno-Traktornogo Ying-that.

QUESTION: When you last time saw your sister Ekaterina MUKHANOVA?
ANSWER: Last time I saw Ekaterina MUKHANOVA on February 6th of this year. Before within a month I was in holiday in Yessentuki and to Moscow returned on February 2. on February 6th Ekaterina was at my place, and is later, on February 11th, I knew of her arrest.
QUESTION: What conversation happened at you to Ekaterina MUKHANOVA at the last meeting, i.e. on February 6th?
ANSWER: She came to me uneasy and showed extraordinary concern. About the reasons of its such state Ekaterina answered my inquiries that she is afraid of the arrest.
QUESTION: Whether you asked the sister, than her fears are caused?
ANSWER: Yes, I was interested in this question; she answered that her close acquaintance, in the past the colleague on Government library — Nina Aleksandrovna ROSENFELD at whom she was on the apartment is recently arrested.
When I asked Ekaterina a question whether she has any special reasons to be afraid of arrest, besides the fact of her acquaintance to ROSENFELD, Ekaterina answered: “We had a lot of different talk, at ROSENFELD I met many people”.
QUESTION: Specify about what “different talk” there was a speech?
ANSWER: Ekaterina did not specify nature of her talk with ROSENFELD. Earlier she repeatedly spoke of ROSENFELD as about the cultural and developed woman with whom it conducts interesting, substantial conversations, in particular on literary subjects.
Judging from the fact that Ekaterina in various time told me anti-Soviet contents jokes, I believe that at meetings with ROSENFELD they exchanged similar jokes and that it gave to Ekaterina a reason to be afraid of the arrest.
QUESTION: The consequence knows that Ekaterina MUKHANOVA extended slanderous fabrications to the address of leaders of party and Soviet Government. What can you show about it?
ANSWER: Ekaterina gave me slanderous fabrications about leaders of party and Soviet Government and various gossips about their private life. In particular, she said that ALLILUEVA died unnatural death that she is poisoned, and connected this poisoning with a name of STALIN,
I remember also that Ekaterina slanderous spoke of KALININ and KUIBYSHEV.
QUESTION: And what to you was transferred by Ekaterina concerning murder of t. KIROV?
ANSWER: Ekaterina told nothing to me about it. Someone told me that murder of KIROV is committed by NIKOLAEV on the personal soil and that it has no political character. From whom I heard it — I cannot remember.
QUESTION: Personally transferred to Côme Vy this fiction?
ANSWER: About it I gave houses to my wife, her father professor PROKOFIEV Ivan Petrovich and mother — to Galina Vladimirovna PROKOFIEVA.
QUESTION: Transferred to Côme Vy the slanderous fiction about leaders of party and government told you by Ekaterina MUKHANOVA?
ANSWER: About it I transferred to the wife Irina and the sister Maria. I specify that I transferred them slander about KALININ.
QUESTION: Still to whom you transferred this slander?
ANSWER: It is more to nobody.
QUESTION: Who was present at your talk with Ekaterina concerning slanderous fabrications about members of the government and leaders of party?
ANSWER: Nobody was present at this talk any more.
QUESTION: Your sister Ekaterina MUKHANOVA systematically stated counterrevolutionary views, report to a consequence everything that is known to you of it.
ANSWER: I recognize that my sister Ekaterina MUKHANOVA is a supporter of a bourgeois system, in talk with me constantly stated anti-Soviet views, and showed the hostile relation to the Soviet power.
Concerning policy of the Soviet power, E. MUKHANOVA claimed that collectivization leads to hunger and extinction of the peasantry, to death of agriculture that the intellectuals which do not have special knowledge are doomed to beggarly existence, and the part of the technical intellectuals is innocently flung in prisons.
Proving that the Soviet power applies mass terror against the peasantry and the intellectuals, MUHANOVA declared that most of the population, mainly the peasantry and even part of workers, is hostile to the Soviet power and in case of war not only will not protect this power, and will oppose it up in arms, lifting revolts in the back of Red Army.
During 1931-33 MUHANOVA declared that the policy of the Soviet power is directed against interests of the vast majority of the population, drawing a conclusion from here that the country goes to death. All protocol is personally read by me, is written down correctly.



APRF. T. 3. Op. 58. 232. L. 103-106. Original. Typewriting.

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