Paskevich – to Caucasian mountaineers

Muslims! Some of your areas which were aggravated by internal and external contentions for a long time, being exposed to ruin of uneasy neighbors and oppressed at the same time by many other disasters, recognized for the benefit to undergo under protection and protection of the Russian powerful Empire and asked raznovremenno about acceptance of areas them in citizenship to an imperial All-Russian throne. Listening to those applications, most august monarchs of Russia, on akin to them to mercy and usual care about the mankind benefit, granted desire of different races your people how many for deduction in your lands of internal improvement, there is so much also for a protection of it from external attacks. Other your areas, being at enmity to public tranquility, at different times were indignant, taking up the arms against Russia which is a benefactor to them, and owing to that malevolence were submitted by invincible troops of high our monarchs and since those, and others, were attached under the general cover of Russia, enjoy serene prosperity and perfect freedom of worship, keeping the customs, customs and property.
Muslims, penetrate with attention into your situation and you will make sure that by means of and presence of troops Russian near your limits and hitherto shedding of blood of yours and final death only refrains from interstine hostility and attacks adjacent to you the people. Take a look at the long-conquered the area of ​​your co-religionists in the Khanate Mehtuli, Avar, Kazykumyks and Kura, to the free society of Akusha and other nations admitted to Russian citizenship, and you will find that they enjoy perfect prosperity and tranquility, some had never had; ask them what they are burdened by the Russian government, and they will candidly say that keeping the law, religion, and property deeds are the only Russian, they immensely blessed with honors, distinctions and gifts of our rulers. Take a look at the now re-connected area of ​​free societies Lezgian, Dzhars, Belokans and ask them if they any insult or oppression inflicted, and you’ll get the same answer. In the innermost limits of Russia wherever Muslims live, from ancient times to the height of the minarets proclaim the name of Allah and his Prophet Mohammed, the entire Transcaucasian region the same evidence..
Having represented welfare of these people, the Russian government wishes to test all means to extend the same tranquility and the same safety and to your other possession. Fearing that you did not suffer persecution and to subdue revenges of the disturbers revolting nowadays between you who are looking for under the guise of Sharia under the unrestrained power your free societies and to exterminate ancient generations of lan and governors national because these disturbers managed to lodge already between you concerns, mezhdousoby and bloodshed.
Being endowed with the sovereign authority of my rank and commander in chief of all the Caucasus countries, following the unparalleled mercy of His Imperial Majesty, I can not and should not leave you, and bring disaster to the victim, threatening you; So the force of circumstances and desires of your fellow-meaning inclined me to offer you my hand lots generous protection of Russia not to spread the forces and limits the already extensive in the light of the Empire, but urge you all at one and the Russian government is beneficial to stop your suffering; trusting to this rule, you will surely ye shall find peace of mind, security and prosperity.
Salutary intention of the sovereign of our emperor was and is to keep everything wanting to consist under his power free church service on ceremonies of belief of each people, observing in an integrity all rights, advantages and property for ever inviolably. Khans, princes, uzden, sultans, bek, mullahs, foremen and other notable degrees will remain at advantages [v] the destinies, all states national the Dagestan and Caucasian mountain areas will have all those rights, liberties, benefits and advantages what will be recognized to the benefit as their necessary; but at the same time to you it has to be known that if our government, on the one hand, has own your advantage and internal improvement with preservation of all your benefits and advantages, then with another so strictly and inevitably punishes rising against its power and is able to pacify violators of the duties.
Some inhabitants of the Caucasus Mountains, long since without ceasing to feed hatred for the Russian government, rendered obviously the malevolence to it as robbers and robbers repeatedly rushed into our borders, ruined and burned our settlements, betraying inhabitants to murder and captivity; on roads continuously attacked passing, plundered, destroyed them or, carrying away to mountains, sold Russians to wild barbarians in a heavy nevolnichestvo; all these in brief the described actions of the mountain people the Russian government repeatedly forgave, but never-ending never run and robberies demand drastic measures to the provision of barriers to those crimes. The victorious army of its imperial majesty which came back from dostoslavny gains in Persia and Turkey, got used to win already against strongholds of mountains and all obstacles is ready to punish a vooruzhenna a hand robbers and then the revenge and death of the rebel inevitable will follow.
Mountaineers, depends on you to warn this lot, use clemency of successfully reigning most gracious sovereign emperor Nikolay Pavlovich, address mercy of his your humility; you obryashcht forgiveness and eternal oblivion of your crimes. I declare to you solemnly I sow my leaflet that all which will be with humility under the emperor’s cover as a sign of fidelity and citizenship those will be collected by bounties and awards of its majesty.
You, the kind and pious Muslims who are lucky enough to consist already on all-good trade supreme fellow members and faithful sons of Russia are approved more and more in unshakable fidelity to the emperor and obryashcht greater monarchical goodwill.


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