The protocol of interrogation of M. V. Korolkov of March 11, 1935.


March 11, 1935.

M.V.’s REGULUSES, 1887 rozhd., instant., the director, before arrest worked in an office of amateur performances of MOSPS, served in Red army from 1919 to 1921, under court and a consequence did not consist, is married.

Question: Call persons with whom at you the most close relations?
Answer: Nina Aleksandrovna ROSENFELD and POPOV Nikolay Konstantinovich.
Question: Whether long ago you are familiar with N. A. Rosenfeld?
Answer: Approximately since 1907, got acquainted with it in Munich where she studied in Gollasha’s studio.
Question: How often you met it in Moscow?
Answer: Approximately once a week.
Question: Whom did you meet at N. A. Rosenfeld?
Answer: Her ex-husband N. B. Rosenfeld, MUHANOVU E.K., to Sharapov A.F. *, N.’s ECAEBA *, brother N. A. Rosenfeld *, wife of ESAEVA, KAPANOVA of A. H*. — employee of Lenin library, BEBUTOVA P. And *. (. the prince), the relative N. A. Rosenfeld *, the wife of the brother N. B. Rosenfeld (a surname I do not know her, but I remember that her name Lisa), GARNE * — the employee of the Kremlin library.
Question: Which of these persons did you meet most often?
Answer: MUHANOVU, N. B. Rosenfeld — recently, and slightly earlier to SHARAPOV.
Question: The consequence has exact data that in a circle Rosenfeld N. A. counterrevolutionary talk at which there were also you were systematically carried on. What can you tell on this matter?
Answer: I confirm this fact.
Question: Who was an initiator of this talk?
Answer: Usually N. A. Rosenfeld and B. N. Rosenfeld. N. B. Rosenfeld kept at this talk more carefully, nevertheless and he revealed the counterrevolutionary beliefs.
Question: Tell about the main content of this counterrevolutionary talk.
* Answer: The main content of this talk was the sharp criticism of party leadership, both in particular and in particular comrade STALIN *.
Question: May you develop this indication, having specified specifically what this criticism consisted in?
Answer: Rosenfeld N. A., Boris ROSENFELD, N. B. Rosenfeld declared that in the country there is a democracy clip that STALIN is a dictator and conducts the country to death. Said that STALIN cruelly deals shortly with the opponents and that he made the act of personal political punishment over KAMENEVYM and ZINOVEVYM, in the same way as earlier over TROTSKY.
* Question: The consequence has exact data that RO3ENFELDY were not limited to counterrevolutionary talk, but showed also the terrorist intentions. Whether you confirm it? *
Answer: I confirm.
Question: Who was an initiator of these terrorist intentions?
* Answer: N. A. Rosenfeld, Boris ROSENFELD and N. B. Rosenfeld.
Question: Against whom these terrorist intentions were directed?
Answer: Against STALIN.
Question: Who declared the personal determination to conduct a terrorist attack over comrade STALIN?
Answer: Nina Aleksandrovna ROSENFELD *.
Question: You know it about thirty years, you are close to it. Whether you personally consider that N. A. Rosenfeld could conduct this terrorist attack?
* Answer: Knowing Nina Aleksandrovna ROSENFELD so many years, I consider that she at the straightforwardness, excitability and intolerance could conduct this terrorist attack — personally or through Nikolay Borisovich ROSENFELD.
Question: Who inspired terrorist moods at Nina Aleksandrovna, Nikolay Borisovich and Boris Nikolaevich ROZENFELDOV?
Answer: Lev Borisovich KAMENEV*.
Question: I ask to prove this answer.
Answer: Repressions to which KAMEHEB was exposed were regarded as the act of political punishment of STALIN over the opponents. ROZENFELDY always opposed to STALIN KAMENEV as the person who costs above it and is really state person.
I remember, still when KAMEHEB was dismissed at LENIN’S institute, ROZENFELDY (Nina Aleksandrovna and Boris Nikolaevich) was said to me that STALIN does not carry out LENIN’S will and even eliminates KAMEHEBA from development and storage of a literary heritage of LENIN as STALIN is afraid of all LENIN’S publication.
Final push to registration of terrorist intentions of ROZENFELDOV was exposure of the Moscow center of the zinovyevsko-Trotskyist organization and the conclusion of KAMEHEBA in an insulator.
Question: That you know of concrete events for preparation of murder of comrade STALIN which were held by ROSENFELD, and in particular, N. A. Rosenfeld.
Answer: I knew of terrorist intentions of ROZENFELDOV, but I do not know of their concrete actions.
Question: Which of an environment of ROZENFELDOV was attracted with them to commission of act of terrorism over comrade STALIN?
Answer: I do not know it.
Question: “I do not know” or “I do not want to tell”?
Answer: I do not know at all.
Question: And if to ask about your assumptions concerning the one who could be attracted?
Answer: From Nina Aleksandrovna’s acquaintances I can call nobody, but I assume that any of a personal contact of Boris ROSENFELD as I know could be attracted to it, according to his mother that he participated in the past in illegal work as the Trotskyist.
Question: What you know of communications N. A. Rosenfeld and her adherents with foreigners?
Answer: I know that N. A. Rosenfeld received from the ex-wife of “Zhenya” of ROSENFELD — ** 3inaidy the ABAZE ** money from America.
* The ABAZE, the citizen of the USA, in 1932 came from America to Moscow where met N. A. Rosenfeld. The last time N. A. Rosenfeld received from America from the ABAZE money in December, 1934 g*.
N. A. Rosenfeld masked technology of receiving this money as it gave in the place of the service a subscription that it has no communications with foreigners.
Question: What spent N. A. Rosenfeld this money for?
Answer: According to her, on keeping of “Zhenya” ROSENFELD.
Question: And how many years to it to “Wife” ROSENFELD and what he is engaged in?
Answer: To it probably years forty. He was an economist of some Leningrad establishment, and now lives probably on pension.
Question: What you still know of communications ROSENFELD and her adherents with foreigners?
* Answer: N. A. Rosenfeld told me that MUHANOVA got acquainted in some resort with one Englishwoman who made good impression on MUHANOVU.
I remember that this Englishwoman was connected with the English Embassy in Moscow. It never I know a surname and it videl*.
Question: Whether gave you N. A. Rosenfeld from the Kremlin library foreign literature — White Guard and foreign.
Answer: Yes, gave. In particular, I received from it *** the German fascist newspapers “Folkishe Beabakhter” *** both other and illustrated magazines. It gave them to me in order that I made bibliographic indexes on these materials: “Sovetika” which, according to her, were necessary for it by the nature of its work in library.
Question: You made these reviews at yourself at home?
Answer: Yes.
Question: What else instructions of “literary” character gave you ROSENFELD?
Answer: Approximately last year or slightly earlier on its assignment I made on materials of the Soviet newspapers the index concerning a condition of our transport.
Question: Whether you received money and in what sum from ROSENFELD for this work?
Answer: Yes, approximately rubles 60.
Question: Whether you ROSENFELD gave the voucher of this sum?
Answer: No.
Question: For what purpose these reviews were formed?
Answer: On explanations N. A. Rosenfeld, these reviews were formed for members of the government.
Question: But not for foreigners?
Answer: It is unknown to me.
Question: The consequence precisely established that from the Kremlin library anti-Soviet literature, in particular Trotskyist was transferred to counterrevolutionary circles.
What can you report on this matter?
* Answer: I know that N. A. Rosenfeld supplied the son Boris with novelties of Trotskyist literature. Undoubtedly, as N. B. Rosenfeld also received this literature which N. A. Rosenfeld took from the Kremlin biblioteki*.
Question: What told you N. A. Rosenfeld about a condition of protection of the Kremlin and about system of admissions to the Kremlin?
Answer: Recently N. A. Rosenfeld complained to me that protection in the Kremlin becomes more strict, than it was earlier. However ON. ROSENFELD said to me that she can suit the admission to the Kremlin to the acquaintances as it is enough to call for this purpose it ** by MINERVINOY phone, and the admission will be issued **.
Question: What else told you N. A. Rosenfeld about the Kremlin?
** Answer: Told about binges which ENUKIDZE at the dacha with employees of the Kremlin ** arranged.
Question: That you know of communications Rosenfeld N. Ampere-second protection of the Kremlin?
Answer: About communications ON. ROSENFELD with protection of the Kremlin I do not know, but I precisely know that it was well familiar ** with the commandant of the Bolshoi Theatre who, according to her, could always suit it the admission in theater **.
Question: And Boris ROSENFELD had no communications with the Bolshoi Theatre?
* Answer: Boris ROSENFELD, as told me N. A. Rosenfeld, at a party at MUHANOVOY got acquainted with some ballerinas Big teatra*.
Question: Who was at this party?
Answer: I do not know.
Question: What you know of opportunities N. A. Rosenfeld to receive the admission on Red Square in days of parades and celebrations?
Answer: I precisely know that N. A. Rosenfeld easily could get in some ways the admission on Red Square. I personally two times received from N. A. Rosenfeld of the admission for the friend POPOV.
Question: Tell that POPOV represents.
* Answer: POPOV Nikolay Konstantinovich my messmate on a gymnasium. In the past he is an adopted son of the famous tea dealer Popov. N. K. Popov, the chemical engineer, is nowadays arrested in connection with explosion at factory of Krasin at which it worked as the chief graphitic tsekha*.
With POPOV I was in Munich in 1906-7. During the period from 1912 to 1914. Priests of veins in England as his adoptive father was going to make him the specialist in the line of a chayetorgovla.
Question: Give the political characteristic to POPOV.
* Answer: I consider that POPOV is Soviet adjusted expert, but in him some idealistic moods therefore I joking are sometimes noticeable called him in talk with it mensheviststvuyushchim*.
Question: And with Mensheviks it had communications?
Answer: POPOV met Quiricus LEVIN.
Question: And except Quiricus LEVIN with which of Mensheviks POPOV had communications?
Answer: I do not know, but I assume that before revolution it close met Mensheviks.
Question: What slanderous rumors spread N. A. Rosenfeld about leaders of party and government and who took part together with it in distribution of these rumors?
Answer: N. A. Rosenfeld said in the presence of me and my wife that ALLILUEVA died unnatural death and that responsible for her death is STALIN.
She said to us also that have the holding high posts of the person the favourites.
She said about comrade KIROV that ** he was killed on the personal soil, because of NIKOLAEV’S wife and that NIKOLAEV’S wife, according to her, the beautiful woman, after murder of KIROV remained to live in Leningrad and was not repressed **.
I know also according to N. A. Rosenfeld and according to N. B. Rosenfeld that the last is engaged in drawing of counterrevolutionary lampoons on comrade STALIN, among other lampoons, in zinovyevsko-Trotskyist spirit.
Question: You showed that ROZENFELDY conducted counterrevolutionary work and prepared murder of comrade STALIN. Whether you recognize yourself them as the accomplice?
* Answer: I was not their accomplice, but I plead guilty that I did not report to authorities that are obviously counterrevolutionarily ready by ROZENFELDY and hate STALIN, up to statement of a question about it ubiystve*.
Question: ROZENFELDY were not limited to one statement of a question of murder of comrade STALIN, but as it proved a consequence, accepted practical actions for implementation of the terrorist plan.
Answer the same question: whether you plead guilty that you were a member of the counterrevolutionary terrorist organization preparing murder of comrade STALIN?
Answer: No, I was not a member of this counterrevolutionary organization, but I consider that I for a crime which I committed before the Soviet power deserve the corresponding penalty.

It is written down from my words correctly and to me it is read. Mux. REGULUSES


APRF. T. 3. Op. 58. 232. L. 177-187. Original. Typewriting.

* Surnames are led round in a circle.
* — * Otcherknuto on fields one line.
** — ** On fields it is designated “x”.
*** — *** Expressly by hand.

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