The protocol of interrogation of B. N. Rosenfeld of March 11, 1935.

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dopros v nkvd


March 11, 1935.

Rosenfeld B. N., 1908 year of birth, / party, urozh. Leningrad, for belonging to Trotskyist opposition in 1927 it is expelled from All-Union Leninist Young Communist League. Before arrest worked as the engineer of combined heat and power plant of Mosenergo.
The father, Rosenfeld N. B. (L.B. Kamenev’s brother) — the artist, mother, Rosenfeld N. A., working as the librarian in government library, SPO GUGB are arrested for terrorist activity.

QUESTION: On interrogation from 2/III of this year. You denied the participation in terrorist activity and claimed that you had no terrorist moods. Between that consequence your participation in terrorist fight against obviousness is established. Once again we suggest you to give truthful evidences on this matter.
* ANSWER: I recognize that on interrogation from 2/III I showed a lie. Actually I had terrorist moods, and I was aware of terrorist moods N. A. Rosenfeld, E.K. MUKHANOVOI and N. B. Rosenfeld *.
QUESTION: How and when terrorist moods of the persons called by you became known to you?
* ANSWER: For the first time the question of need of terrorist fight against the management of All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks) arose in 1932 in connection with Kamenev’s expulsion to Minusinsk. N. A. Rosenfeld, as I showed 2/Sh, declared at my presence, in the heat of passion that it is ready to kill Stalin. I did not tear off it as I showed 2/Sh, and did not object ey*.
QUESTION: Means, already then you agreed with N. A. Rosenfeld on the issue of application of terror concerning the management of All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks)?
* ANSWER: Yes, actually I began to share views N. A. Rosenfeld on this matter since then. I took repressions concerning L.B. Kamenev painfully, considered that they are a consequence of the data of accounts with it Stalin, and came to conclusion that a way out is fight in the way terrora*.
QUESTION: And when you for the first time learned about terrorist intentions N. B. Rosenfeld?
ANSWER: It was later, in my opinion in 1933, after Kamenev’s return from the reference. My father, N. B. Rosenfeld, had with me conversation about Kamenev. He told me, that Kamenev’s return from the reference does not resolve an issue of it, that Kamenev feels oppressed as it is eliminated from political activity to which Stalin will not allow it. According to N. B. Rosenfeld until Stalin is at the management, it is impossible to count on Kamenev’s return to political activity. All conversation of the father with me reflected moods of Kamenev with whom the father had about it conversations. ** In conclusion to me by the father it was declared that he and Kamenev came to a conclusion about need of elimination of Stalin **.
QUESTION: N. B. Rosenfeld knew about your terrorist moods by this time?
* ANSWER: Yes, the father knew about my terrorist moods, his statement for need of elimination of Stalin actually was the instruction on need of preparation terrorist akta*.
QUESTION: When you came back with N. B. Rosenfeld to this question?
ANSWER; Krom of the separate talk taking place at us on the apartment about which I will show in addition on this matter I had a special conversation with the father at the beginning of 1934 on the apartment.
* Conversation arose on my initiative. I reminded N. B. Rosenfeld of the first conversation and asked it whether he still holds the opinion on need of commission of an act of terrorism over Stalin. The father declared to me that nothing changed and work in this direction it is necessary vesti*.
QUESTION: What talk you carried on after 1932 on this matter with N. A. Rosenfeld?
ANSWER: After 1932 this question was not brought up up to Kamenev’s return from the reference. After that there was a number of conversations in which N. A. Rosenfeld, E.K. MUKHANOVA and N. B. Rosenfeld took part except me.
N. A. Rosenfeld considered that any change of the current situation can be carried out only by Stalin’s elimination. It was less reserved, than N. B. Rosenfeld, was more true more embittered and several times declared the personal determination to kill Stalin.
QUESTION: You show that N. A. Rosenfeld readiness personally expressed to kill Stalin. In what way she it thought to carry out?
ANSWER: N. A. Rosenfeld worked in the Kremlin until recently, had many acquaintances there, was accepted in private libraries of members of the Politburo (Molotov’s library). I know that she tried to get a job in Stalin’s library. At such situation it had an opportunity to directly conduct a terrorist attack.
QUESTION: And what role of MUHANOVOY in this case?
ANSWER: Before everything about MUHANOVOY. It comes from a well-born noble family, someone from members of her family took active part in the white movement, she all fibers of soul hates the Soviet power. * Her animosity against the existing system was so sharp that it was ready to go on any steps. MUHANOVA considered that it is possible to struggle with Bolsheviks only by terror. I considered that terrorist intentions N. A. Rosenfeld to a certain extent were a consequence of promotion of terror from MUHANOVOY*.
QUESTION: In what ways of MUHANOVA intended to conduct terrorist fight against the management of All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks)?
ANSWER: MUHANOVA was ready to take part in act of terrorism over comrade Stalin and had for this purpose the same opportunities, as N. A. Rosenfeld.
QUESTION: Who is known to you from the persons who were taking part in preparation of an act of terrorism over comrade Stalin together with MUHANOVOY and N. A. Rosenfeld?
ANSWER: N. A. Rosenfeld and MUHANOVA kept in close connection with a number of persons, working in library of the Kremlin. From them are known to me: Sharapova A.F., DAVYDOVA Z.I., whether BROWN N. I. Prinimali they directly involved in preparation of an act of terrorism, I do not know.
QUESTION: You showed that at the beginning of 1934 N. B. Rosenfeld Vam told that it is necessary to continue to prepare terrorist fight against the management of All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks). What you personally made in this direction?
* ANSWER: Even before conversation with the father I had a number of conversations with my companion NEKHAMKIN L.Ya. — Trotskyist. NEHAMKIN kept the Trotskyist beliefs until recently.
In 1932 or 1933 in one of our conversations (where it happened, I do not remember now) NEHAMKIN told me that fight against the management of All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks) in the real conditions has to be conducted by an example of fight of “National Will” against tsarism, i.e. by terror.
After conversation with the father, at the beginning of 1934 I had 2 more meetings with NEHAMKINYM. During one of them I told it what to me was told by N. B. Rosenfeld, and asked his opinion on this matter. He declared to me that it remains on old positions and the terrorist intentions stated by me to it, completely razdelyaet*.
QUESTION: How you and NEHAMKIN intended to prepare practically an act of terrorism over comrade Stalin?
ANSWER: Before my arrest we did not undertake concrete measures in this direction.
QUESTION: It is incorrect. By testimonies of arrested on your business it is established that you organized supervision over Stalin and practically prepared implementation of an act of terrorism.
* ANSWER: It was not. Further selection of people and the arrangement on need of commission of an act of terrorism business not shlo*.
QUESTION: You it is insincere again. You show not everything to you known on this matter.
ANSWER: I can show nothing more.
QUESTION: Whether you knew F.I. MUSIC. L.B. Kamenev’s secretary?
ANSWER: I know. N. B. Rosenfeld repeatedly about him spoke to me as about the person whom he treats kindly. The last time I seemed MUSIC after murder of comrade of Kirov, at combined heat and power plant of a high pressure where it left to the practician, and I worked as the engineer. MUSIC said to me that Kamenev and Zinovyev’s persecution begins, referring at the same time to articles in “Truth”. I answered it that murder of Kirov was a convenient occasion to organize persecution against Zinovyev and Kamenev for Stalin. He agreed with me.
QUESTION: What relation had MUSIC to preparation of an act of terrorism over comrade Stalin?
ANSWER: I do not know.
QUESTION: You show a lie again. N. B. Rosenfeld shows that MUSIC long ago terrorist it is ready.
* ANSWER: I remembered that N. B. Rosenfeld said to me that MUSIC the desperate person and in a condition of excitement is capable of extreme deystviya*.
QUESTION: In this connection you were told by N. B. Rosenfeld that he MUSIC is capable of extreme measures?
ANSWER: I told N. B. Rosenfeld about the conversation with MUSIC and suggested that MUSIC will probably arrest. I at the same time recognized from the fact that MUSIC is aware to. – river of activity of Kamenev.
* From the statement of the father for personal “qualities” of MUSIC for me became clear that he on beliefs terrorist*.
QUESTION: On interrogation from 2/III you showed that M. V took part in the counterrevolutionary conversations happening in your apartment. Reguluses.
What you still know of it?
ANSWER: To speak about M. V. KOROLKOV only in connection with to. – the river conversations at us is impossible.
Actually the situation is as follows:
* M. V. Reguluses — the terry counter-revolutionary, is in close relations with Prokhorov M. N. owning before revolution by some enterprise, thorough chernosotenets and the White Guard; POPOV — the son of the tea manufacturer; INKIZHIKOVY V. I. — film actor, nevozvrashchentsem*.
As political moods of KOROLKOVA were known to us, it enjoyed at us full confidence.
Terrorist views of N.B., N. A. Rosenfeld, MUHANOVOY and mine divided REGULUSES.



APRF. T. 3. Op. 58. 232. L. 168-176. Original. Typewriting.

* — * Otcherknuto on fields one line.
** — ** On fields are designated “хх”.

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