The protocol of interrogation of V.A. Elchaninova of March 13, 1935.

dopros v nkvd
dopros v nkvd


March 13, 1935.

V.A. Yelchaninova, 1910, Moscow city hall, Russian, member of the Komsomol; from 1927 until her arrest she worked as secretary of the advisory part of the secretariat of the Presidium of the CEC of the USSR. She is a member of the Leninist District Council, secretary of the Komsomol Committee at the USSR Central Executive Committee.

QUESTION: During questioning 8.III you named a number of people working in the government library and the CEC Secretariat as anti-Soviet, what else do you know about them?
Answer: The machinist of the CEC Secretariat SKOLKOVA told me that Irina GUUGUA “scolds the Soviet government on what the light is on” because her father (the famous Menshevik GUGUA) was repeatedly arrested by the b. UCPU.
In addition to my given (in testimony of 8.III) description of the senior secretary of the CEC Secretariat AVSENEV (former white officer), I show that the head of the general part of the Secretariat BUDKIN (a member of the CPC(b) in a conversation with me about the pest attitude to the case AVSENEV said that he tells me only a tenth of what he knows about AVSENEV.
Among the strangers I mentioned earlier, working in the office of the CEC Secretariat, I still refer to the employee of the secret and reference department of AVSETEVA. According to BURKOVA, she is the sister of a former white officer.
In addition to the staff of the CEC Secretariat that I mentioned, who cohabitated with Yenukidze (MINDEL, ROGACHEVA, RAEVO, VORONETSKA and BAMBURKOVA), Elsa EMSIN, Ivanova (staff of the Government Library) and Yelizaveta Ishchukova (staff of the Academic Committee) also cohabitated with Yenukidze.
These women were brought by ENUKIDZE from abroad (from Berlin, where he went for treatment) berets, jumper coats.
Thus, the existing relations with ENUKIDZE gave these persons the right to ignore the direct supervisors of work and in general all persons below ENUKIDZE, what they practiced and what could not but affect the discipline and condition of the apparatus.
Shorthand (Ch. Shorty (IKP(b), consultant to Comrade ENUKIDZE) told me that during the cleaning of the CEC Party Organization in 1933 an article for a wall newspaper was written about the clogging of the government library apparatus. In the note were given the names of strange employees. But ENUKIDZE banned this article.
QUESTION: Tell me what you know about the terrorist intentions of the anti-Soviet individuals you mentioned.
Answer: Nothing is known. BURKOVA told me in October or November this year that an assassination attempt was being prepared on Stalin and that measures had been taken to strengthen Kremlin security.
Q: From what sources does BURKOVA know this?
Answer: I don’t know, she didn’t say.
Q: Did you ask BURKOVA about the sources?
Question: Why?
A: I was confused by this message from BURKOVA and did not ask.
Q: How do you think BURKOVA might have received information about an assassination attempt? As a close friend of her, you can’t help but know her connection.
A: I think that Kaganovicha’s driver Peter told her about it (I don’t know her surname). I know that they were often together, Peter looked after BURKOVA.
Q: What other conversations about terror were there?
Answer: I have heard nothing more about terror. V.I. KOROTKIY told me that one of the artists (my surname is unknown) painted a picture “STALIN in honor guard at the tomb of KIROV”. In the painting next to Stalin was depicted death, stretching his hand to Stalin. Korotky said that the artist was called POSKREBYSHEVY and he confessed that he painted the picture for a certain task.
QUESTION: Tell me, what do you know about the anti-Soviet activities of a member of the government library PETROVA?
A: PETROVA has grouped with BRAGO and DAVYDOVA. You could see them together at the meeting, in the cooperative, in the canteen. They used to whisper in the service. PETROVA expressed her dissatisfaction with the supply. She always had a negative attitude towards Komsomol youth.
QUESTION: Tell us what else you know about the K.R. activities, the slander and the persons guilty of K.R. activities. So far you have not told everything you know about it and about your role in spreading Candidate of Birth libel.
ANSWER: All that was known to me was told during the interrogation on March 8th. I can’t show you anything else.
I have read the minutes of the interrogation. The testimony was recorded correctly:


I did: Pom. Nach. 5 Otd. SPO GUGB A. Golubev

APRF. F. 3. Oop. 58. Д. 233. Л. 46-49. Original. The typewriting.
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