The protocol of interrogation of V.A. Elchaninova of March 13, 1935.


March 13, 1935.

ELCHANINOVA V.A., 1910, Ur. Moscow, the Russian, the member of All-Union Leninist Young Communist League, since 1927 before arrest worked as the secretary konsultats. parts of the secretariat of Presidium of the Central Election Commission of the USSR. The member of Lenin regional council, the secretary of All-Union Leninist Young Communist League committee at the Central Election Commission of the USSR.

QUESTION: On interrogation 8.III you called a number of persons, working in government library and the office of the Secretariat of TsIKa how anti-Soviet which are adjusted what still is known to you of them?
ANSWER: The typist of the Secretariat of TsIKa of SKOLKOVO said to me that Irina GUGUA “scolds the Soviet power violently” for the fact that her father (the famous Menshevik of GUGUA) would be arrested repeatedly by bodies. OGPU.
In addition to given by me (from 8.III) I show to the characteristic of the senior secretary of the Secretariat of TsIKa AVSENEV (the former white officer) in indications that the manager. The general part of the Secretariat of BUDKIN (the member of All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks) in conversation with me on the harmful relation to business of ABCEHEBA declared that he tells me only the tenth share of what knows about ABCEHEBE.
I carry to earlier alien persons called by me working in the office of the Secretariat of TsIKa still the employee of confidential and help department of AVKSENTEVU. She, according to BURKOVA, is a sister of the former white officer.
Except the employees of the Secretariat of TsIKa which were living together called by me with ENUKIDZE (MINDEL, ROGACHYOVA, RAEVSKOY, VORONETsKOY and BAMBUROVOY), also entered cohabitation to ENUKIDZE Elza EMSIN, IVANOVA (the employee of government library) and IShchUKOVA Elizabeth is the employee of scientific committee.
To these women of ENUKIDZE brought from the abroad (from Berlin where it went to be treated) berets, jumpers, a coat.
So, the developed relations with ENUKIDZE granted the right to these persons to ignore immediate superiors on work and in general all persons, standing below ENUKIDZE that they practiced and what could not but affect discipline and a condition of the device.
SHORT (chl. All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks), the consultant of comrade of ENUKIDZE) told me that during cleaning of a Communist Party organization of TsIKa in 1933 article for the wall newspaper about a contamination of the office of government library was written. In a note surnames of alien employees were called. But ENUKIDZE forbade to place this article.
QUESTION: Tell that you know of terrorist intentions of the anti-Soviet persons called by you.
ANSWER: It is not known. BURKOVA in October or November of this year said to me that on STALIN attempt prepared and that thereof measures for strengthening of protection of the Kremlin are taken.
QUESTION: From what sources BURKOVA knows it?
ANSWER: I do not know, she did not speak.
QUESTION: And you asked BURKOVA about sources?
ANSWER: I became puzzled of such message of BURKOVA and did not ask.
QUESTION: From where, in your opinion, there could be at BURKOVA data on attempt? You as her close friend, you cannot but know its communications.
ANSWER: I think that it was stated by KAGANOVICH’S driver Pyotr (surnames I do not know). I know that they often were together, Pyotr looked after BURKOVA.
QUESTION: What else there was talk on terror?
ANSWER: Heard nothing about terror any more. SHORT V. I. told me that one of artists (the surname is unknown to me) painted the picture “STALIN in a guard of honor at a coffin of KIROV”. In a picture near STALIN the death giving a hand to STALIN was represented. SHORT said that the artist was called by POSKREBYShEVYM and at it confessed that painted a picture on a certain task.
QUESTION: Tell that you know of anti-Soviet activity of the employee of government library PETROVA?
ANSWER: PETROVA was grouped with BURAGO and DAVYDOVOY. It was possible to see them together at meeting, in cooperative, in the dining room. On service they were usually whispered. PETROVA stated discontent with supply. She was always negative to Komsomol youth.
QUESTION: Tell that you still know about k.r. the activity extending k.r. slander and persons, guilty persons in k.r. activity. Still you did not tell all known to you about it and about the role in distribution k.r. slander.
ANSWER: Everything that I knew, I told on interrogation on March 8th. I cannot show anything else.
The protocol of interrogation is read by me. Indications are written down truly:


Interrogated: Room of the Head 5 Otd. SPO GUGB A. Golubev

APRF. T. 3. Op. 58. 233. L. 46-49. Original. Typewriting.

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