The protocol of interrogation I.V. Bolshikh of March 17, 1935.

March 17, 1935.
I.V. Bolshikh, 1903, Moscow city councilor’s office, Russian, daughter of a hereditary honorary citizen, b/n, before her arrest worked as a control officer at the Secretariat of the Presidium of the CEC of the USSR. Husband of Bolshikh – Aleksandrov N.S., former employee of “Soyuzmargarin”, was sentenced to 5 years in prison under the law of 7/VIII.1932. *Brother Kapiton, b. pilot of the air fleet of the Kiev garrison, in 1930 was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment in the case of “UBO”. Brother Eugene works as a chauffeur for the correspondent of the newspapers “Tan” and “Pti Parizen “*.
Q: When did you start working in the Kremlin?
Answer: January 13, 1922.
Q: What kind of job were you hired for?
A: I originally worked as a typist in CNC affairs management. Then I was in various jobs in the CNK apparatus until 1928. From 1928 to 1931 inclusive, I worked as secretary of the industrial group of the Secretariat of the CNC of the USSR. In 1931 I was assigned to work in the Staff of the SNK of the USSR as an internal controller of the Secretariat.
Q: When did you move to work in the USSR CEC?
Answer: In 1932 I was transferred to work at the USSR CEC as an external and internal controller. From 1934, I was listed as a control officer, and my duties also included receiving USSR CEC mail.
Q: Who recommended you to work in the Kremlin?
A: My friend Sergei KUZNETSOV, who in 1922 worked as head of the financial department of the CPC, helped me get a job.
I received written recommendations from Alexander Mushtakov, a member of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (Bolsheviks), a military worker, and Shumakov, head of the Secretariat of the Head of the TSU RKKA, with whom I was familiar from work in the TSU until 1922.
QUESTION: Did you inform the administration of the institution you were working in that your brother and former husband, with whom you were in contact until your arrest, were convicted of counter-revolutionary crimes?
A: No, I did not.
Q: Why?
A: I was hiding it because the circumstances compromised me.
In addition, I received a letter from my brother asking me not to talk about his conviction anywhere.
Q: What else did your brother write about in that letter?
*ANSWER: The letter in which my brother asked me not to tell anyone that he had been convicted and was in a concentration camp was counter-revolutionary in nature.
Q: Tell me in more detail what the content of this letter was.
A: My brother’s letter was mainly directed at the UCPU, reporting that torture had allegedly been used against those arrested. It also contained a counterrevolutionary attack against STALIN.
Q: We present to you the document that was taken from you during the search.
A: This is the letter from my brother Capiton that I showed you.
Question: Who did you introduce to your brother’s letter?
*A: This letter was read by Fyodor Semenovich AGRANOVICH, Secretary of RUDZUTAK. I cohabitated with Agranovich from 1930 to 1934 inclusive and keep good relations until recently. AGRANOVIC F.S. also knew about correspondence between me and my ex-husband Alexandrov N.S., who is in a concentration camp*.
Q: You have shown that your brother Bolshikh E.V. is currently working as a chauffeur for a correspondent of the newspapers “Tan” and “Pti Parisien”. When and from where did he move to this job?
Answer: He moved at the end of 1934 from the plant № 39, where he also worked as a chauffeur.
Q: Did you inform the Kremlin that your brother works for a foreigner?
A: No, I did not.
Q: Why?
A: I gave a subscription in the Kremlin that I wouldn’t have a connection with a foreign informant. So, not wishing to compromise myself in the Kremlin, I decided to hide where my brother Eugene works.
Q: Have you been in contact with your brother Eugene since he joined the French correspondent?
A: Yes, I have seen him four times. Once (24/II-35) we met at my sister Elena, where Agranovich F.S. was with me.
Q: You are accused of spreading counter-revolutionary libel against the leadership of the VKP(b). Do you admit it?
A: Yes, I admit it.
Q: What counter-revolutionary libel did you spread?
** ANSWER: Shortly after the SM was killed. KIROVA AGRANOVICH F.S. told me that the murder was committed by a NIKOLAYEV on the basis of personal accounts, because KIROV was close to NIKOLAYEV’s wife, and the latter killed him because of jealousy, and the government message is not true**,
Q: To whom did you pass on this slander?
A: I passed this slander on to my sister Elena Vasilyevna Kur’yeva, who, as I have shown before, works for the SNC of the RSFSR.
Question: You don’t say everything. The investigation insists that you say everything that was related to the spread of slander against the leadership of the IUC.
*ANSWER: I haven’t said everything. I don’t remember well from which Kremlin worker I heard that ALLUEVA N.S. died supposedly an unnatural death, and committed suicide, to which Stalin brought her. I told F.S. Agranovich and my sister Elena about it.
Q: You haven’t shown anything else about spreading slander about the IKP(b) leadership. Who did you pass on the slander to besides the persons you mentioned?
A: I can’t show you anything else.
Written correctly, I’ve read it.
APRF. F. 3. Op. 58. Д. 233. Л. 126-130. Original. The typewriting.
*-* One line in the margins.
**__** Also marked with four “x” in the margins.

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