The protocol of interrogation I.V. Bolshikh of March 17, 1935.


March 17, 1935.

BIG I.V., 1903, Ur. Moscow, the Russian, the daughter of the hereditary honourable citizen, instant, before arrest worked as the performer on control in the Secretariat of presidium of the Central Election Commission of the USSR. The husband of BIG — ALEXANDROV N.S. the employee of “Soyuzmargarin”, is condemned to 5 g of imprisonment under the law from 7/VIII.1932 g * the Brother Kapiton. the pilot of military and air fleet of the Kiev garrison, in 1930 is condemned in the matter of “UVO” for 5 years of a concentration camp. The brother Evgeny works as the driver for the correspondent of Tan and Pti Parizyen newspapers *.

QUESTION: When you went to work to the Kremlin?
ANSWER: January 13, 1922.
QUESTION: For what work you were accepted?
ANSWER: Originally I worked as the typist in administration of SNK. Then I was till 1928 at different work in the device SNK. From 1928 to 1931 inclusive held a position of the secretary of industrial group of the Secretariat of SNK USSR. In 1931 it is directed to work in the device SNK USSR as the internal controller of the secretariat.
QUESTION: When you passed to work into the Central Election Commission of the USSR?
ANSWER: In 1932 I was transferred to work in the office of the Central Election Commission of the USSR as the external and internal controller. Since 1934 I was registered as the performer of control, and also entered my duty reception of mail of the Central Election Commission of the USSR.
QUESTION: Who recommended you for work to the Kremlin?
ANSWER: To me my acquaintance KUZNETSOV Sergey who in 1922 worked as the manager of finance department of SNK helped to settle.
I received written recommendations from Alexander’s MUShTAKOVA, the member of All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks), the military worker, and ShUMAKOVA — the manager. the secretariat of the chief of TsUS RKKA with which I was familiar on work in TsUS till 1922.
QUESTION: You reported to administration of establishment in which you worked, that your brother and / the husband with whom you kept in contact until your arrest — are condemned for counterrevolutionary crimes?
ANSWER: No, did not report.
ANSWER: I hid it as these circumstances compromised me.
Besides, I received from the brother the letter in which he asked me that I did not speak about his condemnation anywhere.
QUESTION: What your brother wrote in this letter about?
* ANSWER: The letter in which the brother asked me not to say to anybody that he is condemned and is in a concentration camp had counterrevolutionary slanderous harakter*.
QUESTION: Tell in more detail in what the contents of this letter consisted.
ANSWER: The letter of the brother according to the contents is generally sent against OGPU, in it was reported that tortures were allegedly applied to arrested. It contained also counterrevolutionary attack against STALIN.
QUESTION: We show you the document which is taken away from you at a search.
ANSWER: This letter of my brother Kapiton about which I showed.
QUESTION: Whom did you acquaint with the letter of your brother?
* ANSWER: This letter was read by AGRANOVICH Fedor Semenovich, the secretary of RUDZUTAKA. I lived together with AGRANOVIChEM from 1930 to 1934 inclusive and I maintain good relations until recently. AGRANOVICH F.S. knew also about correspondence between me and my ex-husband Alexandrov N. S. who is in kontslagere*.
QUESTION: You showed that your brother of BIG E.V. works as the driver for the correspondent of Tan and Pti Parizyen newspapers at present. When and from where it passed to this work?
ANSWER: It passed at the end of 1934 from plant No. 39 where also worked as the driver.
QUESTION: You reported in the Kremlin that your brother works for the foreign and citizen?
ANSWER: No, did not report.
ANSWER: I gave in the Kremlin a subscription that I will not have communication with foreign and citizens. Therefore, without wishing to compromise itself in the Kremlin, I decided to hide where my brother Evgeny works.
QUESTION: After arrival of your brother Evgeny for work to the French correspondent you kept with it in contact?
ANSWER: Yes, I saw it four times. Once (24/II-35 g) we occurred at my sister Elena where together with me there was also AGRANOVICH F.S.
QUESTION: You are accused of distribution of counterrevolutionary slander against the management of All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks). You recognize it?
ANSWER: Yes, I recognize.
QUESTION: What counterrevolutionary slander you extended?
** ANSWER: Soon after murder See KIROV AGRANOVICH F.S. said to me that murder is committed by NIKOLAEV because of personal scores as KIROV was close to NIKOLAEV’S wife, and the last killed him because of jealousy, and the government message is not true **,
QUESTION: Transferred to Côme Vy this slander?
ANSWER: I transferred this slander to my sister KURYEVA Elena Vasilyevna who as I already showed earlier, works in SNK RSFSR.
QUESTION: You tell not everything. The consequence insists on that you told everything that was connected with distribution of slander by you against the management of All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks).
* ANSWER: I told not everything. I do not remember well from which of workers of the Kremlin I heard that ALLILUYEVA N. S. died allegedly unnatural death, and committed suicide to which it was brought by STALIN. I told AGRANOVICHU F.S about it. and to my sister Elene*.
QUESTION: You do not show still everything about distribution of slander concerning the management of All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks). Transferred to Côme Vy slander except the persons specified by you?
ANSWER: I can show nothing more.

It is written down truly, by me it is read.



APRF. T. 3. Op. 58. 233. L. 126-130. Original. Typewriting.

* — * Otcherknuto on fields one line.
** __ ** Also besides on fields four are designated “x”.

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