The protocol of interrogation of K.I. Sinelobova of February 10, 1935.

dopros v nkvd
dopros v nkvd



February 10, 1935.

SINELOBOVA K.I., 1906 of the birth, non-party, urozh. Mr. Verey, the Moscow region, the librarian of Government library in the Kremlin.

QUESTION: When you began to work in the Kremlin?
ANSWER: Since February, 1929 I began to work as the cleaner in the government building — at first in a corridor at the 3rd floor, * then the cleaner * in Government library. Since October, 1930 I work in Government library in quality * bibliotekarshi*.
QUESTION: How you went to work to the Kremlin?
ANSWER: I accepted my brother A.I. SINELOBOV through OZEROVA Pyotr Ivanovich, the building manager of the government, our fellow countryman. The brother talked over with him and told weeks through 2 to me that I can go to work.
QUESTION: Who recommended you?
ANSWER: Recommendations from me were not demanded, and they, apparently, in general then were not necessary, then many worked without recommendations; some employees were hired from labor exchange. When I went to work, with me nobody spoke, nothing me was asked. The person on duty allowed me to fill in the questionnaire in a lobby, and everything was limited to it.
QUESTION: You are accused of distribution of slanderous rumors and provocation concerning party leadership. Whether you find yourself guilty of it?
** ANSWER: Yes, I recognize **.
QUESTION: What slanderous rumors and provocations you extended?
ANSWER: I said that N. S. ALLILUYEVA did not die of appendicitis and that she * was poisoned by comrade STALIN *.
QUESTION: Why you did it?
ANSWER: I heard this slander from the brother, the member of All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks), the employee of commandant’s office of the Kremlin of SINELOBOVA A.I., who told it at me to the friend, too the member of All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks), the commander of RKKA GAVRIKOVU I.D. From his words I at large transferred this slander to a number of persons.
QUESTION: Still what provocations you heard from your brother?
** ANSWER: I do not remember, then or another time the brother talked at me to GAVRIKOVYM about heads of All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks) and a sovvlasta. During this conversation the brother told mean gossips and provocations about private life t.t. STALIN, MOLOTOV, VOROShILOVA and KALININ **.
I did not listen to another stories of the brother with his friends as usually in case of arrival any of them the brother asked me to leave the room.
QUESTION: Why the brother deleted you from the room at talk with the t.t.?
ANSWER: I think that the brother carried on some confidential talk with the companions and did not want that I heard them.
QUESTION: Which of friends of your brother happened at him on the apartment?
* ANSWER: It CHAPS of I.D. about which I already spoke it happened at the brother approximately time in 10 days. Then MYSLIN M. I., the heating engineer, works in the Grand Kremlin Palace, was at us also often; DOROShIN — room of the commandant of the Kremlin, was at the brother 1 or 2 times; YEFIMOV and PAVLOV — the staff of commandant’s office of the Kremlin, were at the brother several times. All these persons visited the brother up to my arrest **.
QUESTION: * With whom else your brother is on friendly terms? *
ANSWER: With OZEROVYM — the building manager of the government, with POLYAKOV, apparently, room of the commandant of the Kremlin; — works as BORISOV in a table of admissions for Troitsk gate; ZhELTOVYM — the employee of commandant’s office, ZhEROMSKIM — the employee of commandant’s office who lives with us in one apartment.
QUESTION: Côme Vy was told provocations which were heard from your brother?
ANSWER: I extended only slander in connection with N. S. ALLILUYEVA’S death. It I told library workers of the Kremlin KONOVOY A.N., Burkova L.E., E.O. SIM CARDS, RAEVSKOY E.Yu., Gordeeva P. I., MUHANOVOY E.K. and cleaner Korchagina A.
QUESTION: What talk you carried on with the employee of RAEVSKOY library after murder of t. KIROV?
ANSWER: I remember conversation with participation of RAEVSKOY E.Yu. — daughter of the prince of URUSOVA, Rosenfeld N. A. — noblewoman, BURAGO N. I. — noblewoman and DAVYDOVOY Z.I. — too, apparently, the noblewoman which occurred in library.
Conversation happened in connection with change of a route of our pass to the Kremlin and establishments of a route only through the Spassky Gate.
** I do not remember precisely who, RAEVSKAYa or ROSENFELD, said that at an old regime it was easy to kill comrade STALIN **.
After a while RAEVSKAYa asked me whether I heard that to us will allow to go through Troitsk gate again. I answered it that I did not hear, and asked it from whom she heard it. She to me refused to call the person who told it it.
** ROSENFELD and RAEVSKAYa always asked me and other employees where and as there live comrade STALIN and heads of party and government **.
In 1933 I and KOHOBA worked on transportation of library of t. BUKHARIN who would move in. apartment of t. STALIN. The being on duty employee of commandant’s office told us, ** that to the freed apartment of t. BUKHARINA in the government house will move comrade STALIN; KOHOBA and I told about it to some library workers **.
Especially became interested in this RAEVSKAYa and ROSENFELD.
QUESTION: For what purpose they were interested in the apartment of comrade STALIN?
ANSWER: I do not know it.
QUESTION: How got for work to library of the person whom you called higher as taking part in anti-Soviet talk?
** ANSWER: BURKOVA got a job in library through the acquaintances who were on friendly terms with the GIFT (byvsh. secretary of library); GORDEEVA — through mother working in VTSIKE, apparently, asked about it comrade KISELYOV; SIMAK — through the sister working in SNK; RAEVSKUYu suited AKOPOV (died, then it was previous local committee). From BURKOVA I know that RAEVSKAYa lived together with AKOPOVYM **.
QUESTION: What else assistance was rendered by AKOPOV RAYEVSKOY?
ANSWER: I do not know about AKOPOV, but RAEVSKAYa in general tried to start communications which would help it to strengthen its position. She in talk with me referred to the fact that she has influential friends who render her assistance in various questions. ** Among them called A.S. ENUKIDZE, BURKOVA said to me that RAEVSKAYa lives together with A.S. ENUKIDZE and goes to it on the dacha. Through it she received the apartment and the ticket for the Red Square in 1934. The communications with ENUKIDZE were advertized also by other employees of library **.
QUESTION: Who exactly?
ANSWER: ROSENFELD which as I already showed, took part in anti-Soviet conversations, constantly spoke about the close acquaintance with A.S. ENUKIDZE.
QUESTION: Who from and / from the adjusted employees of library worked at apartments at heads of party and government?
** ANSWER: BURAGO and ROSENFELD worked in a private library of comrade MOLOTOV; BURKOVA, SIMAK and I — at comrade of KUIBYSHEV; KOHOBA, BURKOVA and I — at other **
It is written down from my words truly, by me it is read.


APRF. F.Z. On. 58, D. 231. L. 54-59. Original. Typewriting.

* — * It is emphasized with a pencil. Is available a dung on fields: “Ha-ha-ha. Cleaner-librarian?”
** — ** Otcherknuto on fields one line.

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