Malaysia. UCSI University

The UCSI university is the leading educational institution in Malaysia offering a wide choice of programs of a bachelor degree and magistracy in the field of medicine, pharmaceutics, medical nurse business, music, multimedia and the humanities. It was created in 1986 as the Canadian Institute of Computer Researches (Canadian Institute of Computer Studies), and in 2008 when it became full university, it began to be called UCSI University.
Educational experience of students of UCSI University will be improved by use of modern technology and support of the qualified teaching structure. One more important advantage of UCSI University is equipment by the wireless Internet which electronic system provides strong academic support to all educational process and gives the chance to be connected to other computer laboratories, laboratories of applied science and library. Considering partnership more than with 600 global corporations, UCSI has the biggest program for training in Malaysia. Thanks to the International center of cooperation with UCSI universities has a number of agreements with various higher educational institutions of Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, the USA and Canada.
The UCSI university has 4 campuses: 2 in the capital – Kuala Lumpur, in Terengana and in Saravake.
The university has more than 50 clubs and communities covering various fields of activity.
In the territory of a campus there are own clinic, bookstore, computer laboratories, cafeterias, the language centers, sports constructions including badminton the hall, squash the hall, the training and basketball hall, the pool, recording studio and many other things.
Type of university.
Arrangement and transport.
UCSI Heights, Cheras, about 10 km is located to the South from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in the southwest of the Malay Peninsula in the low-mountain valley at confluence Klang and Gombak, in the picturesque valley surrounded with mountains. This ultramodern megalopolis stretched more than 245 square kilometers on the area is the center of economic and political life of a new “Asian tiger”. The silhouette of the city changed to unrecognizability literally in a decade, and among sedate buildings of a colonial era tens of exotic vast objects from glass and concrete grew. In Kuala Lumpur there is an effective network of public transport offering to city visitors inexpensive and convenient movement. It consists of buses, the elevated subway and a monorail. All transport is a part of the system RapidKL.
The university is on the 29th line according to Malaysia Top University Ranking in a rating of Malaysia for 2011.
Number of students.
More than 8,000 students from 70 countries of the world. The UCSI university is known for the multinational unique culture, local and international students from China are trained here, in Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Kenya, Congo, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Mauritius, Uzbekistan and other countries.
Accommodation conditions.
The university has the own residence for students (the southern and northern wing). Rooms in the residence are calculated on cohabitation of 2 students, equipped with the conditioner and without it. The residence is divided into man’s and female half, and also is equipped with the room for a meeting with a family and friends. To services of students in the residence, there is a laundry, table, cafeteria, board games (chess, a cannon, checkers), 24-hour wireless Internet service, individual cleaning of rooms, shower cabins with hot water, TV the hall on each floor, the prayful room (for Muslims) and 24-hour protection. The still-room is equipped with the batcher of hot water, the microwave oven, the refrigerator, the built-in kitchen cases, a coffee table, free hot drinks. Rooms are equipped with the ceiling fan or the conditioner (at choice), a carpet, a case for clothes, a desktop and a chair, 2 bedding sets, a bed with a mattress and a pillow.
At choice students can choose housing out of a campus (Angkasa Condo) which is located in 5 minutes of walking from UCSI University. For safety of students of Angkasa Condo it is provided with the round-the-clock protection. The apartment in Angkasa Condo consists of 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms. It is equipped with the refrigerator, the microwave oven, the washing machine, a dining table and a sofa in each room, beds with a mattress and a pillow, a desktop and a chair, a case, the fan and the conditioner.
The average cost of life in a year in Malaysia makes about $3,851.
Medicine, pharmaceutics, medical nurse business, music, multimedia and humanities, engineering and architecture, industrial business, business and informatics, prikladny sciences, management, social sciences, science and technologies, education.
The general requirements at receipt.
Minimum age: 18 years
English level:
Bachelor degree: IELTS 5.5, TOEFL 79+;
Magistracy: IELTS 6.0, TOEFL 80+;
Academic requirements: GPA from 2.5

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