HU University of Applied Sciences Utrech, Holland

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrech
HU University of Applied Sciences Utrech

The Utrecht University of applied sciences is one of the largest HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of Holland. The university is financed by the state. Here about 37 000 students more than from 100 countries of the world are trained. Utrecht is located in the central part of the country and takes the 4th place on population in the Netherlands. Utrecht — the student’s city, more than 75 000 students live and study here. The city is famous for brisk life, there is a lot of cafe and restaurants, movie theaters and numerous festivals are regularly held. Perfectly remained historic center of Utrecht is famous for the Domsky cathedral and romantic channels. The Utrecht University offers a wide choice of the international programs of the bachelor and a magistracy. Fine conditions of training. In the territory of a campus there is a student’s cafe, hostels, bookstore, the cultural and sports centers. Classes are given in modern educational cases with multimedia libraries, computer classes. The university guarantees an individual approach to everyone students. Classes are given in small groups where enough attention is paid to each student. Teachers are in continuous contact with the business world that guarantees to students optimum balance of the theory and practice. And graduates receive excellent preparation for professional career. Students carry out a large number of joint projects. Thanks to it students learn to work in group. Each student has a curator who helps both with the training program, and with career prospects. The training program included training in various companies and foreign universities.

The programs of the bachelor in English offered foreign students:

International business and management/International Business and Management Studies
Students study the international aspects of marketing, financial management and logistics. Upon termination of the program to students the Bachelor’s degree in administration business is awarded. Talented students can finish this program for 3 years, instead of traditional 4 years.

The international business on the developing markets/International Business for Emerging Markets
This program is specialization within the 4-year program “International Business and Management”. The main attention is paid to economic and social specifics of creation of business in the developing markets.

Management in the international marketing / International Marketing Management
This program trains experts in the field of the international marketing. Students study how it is favorable to present goods at the international market how to choose the markets, most attractive to work, how to win target group and to what cultural distinctions at the same time it is necessary to pay attention.

International finance and financial control / International Finance an Control
This program trains experts in the field of financial and administrative management. Today, in the conditions of general globalization, the business sector especially needs strong and initiative financial heads

International relations with the public and mass media/International Communication and Media
This program trains experts in the field of international relations with the public and mass media for the enterprises and public institutions. Graduates can work as the press attache, consultants on public relations, publishers, event managers, coordinators of advertizing campaigns or media — gliders. The program covers a wide range of problems of communicative management, digital communications and mass media.

Requirements for arriving on the bachelor:
1. The certificate about secondary education
2. Knowledge of English of IELTS 6.0

The cost of the training program — 7400 Euros.

The programs of a magistracy in English offered foreign students:

The master in the field of innovations in the European business / Master of Business Studies in innovation in European Business
Training in this program lasts 15 months and takes place in 3 countries: France, Ireland and Netherlands. Students acquire knowledge in areas of business and management, necessary analytical skills, and also get acquainted with modern concepts of a sustainable development, their introduction and management. Students gain the diploma of University College Cork, the awards ceremony will take place in Cork, Ireland.

The European master in the field of the organization of production and management of real estate / European Master’s in Facility Management and Real Estate
This program included the general courses on management of the organizations, and also special courses on the organization of production and management of real estate. The main methods of training are the analysis of concrete cases and performance of applied researches. The majority of lectures is given by the experts working directly in this sphere.

Requirements for arriving of magistracies:
1. The diploma about the higher education
2. Knowledge of English of IELTS 6.0

The cost of the program of a magistracy from 9000 Euros a year.

Also the program of preparation of entering a university is offered to students.

Program duration — 1 year. Beginning of occupations September, 2011.

Program cost — 7900 Euros.

Requirements for arriving of the program of preparation of entering a university:
1. Certificate.
2. Knowledge of English of IELTS 5.0.

Additional expenses:

Design services on the training program — 30000 rubles.
Consular fee — 1500 rubles.
Air flight Moscow — Amsterdam – Moscow — from 15000 rubles.


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