Education system in Malaysia

Education in Malaysia
Education in Malaysia

The system of the higher education of Malaysia is constructed by the British principle and is multistage.
The first, lowest academic degree – the bachelor. Duration of training in this program usually makes 3-4 years in dependence of the chosen higher education institutions and specialty, students of medical faculties at the same time study not less than 5 years. The following step – a magistracy. The master program in higher education institutions of Malaysia usually lasts from 1,5 to 3 years in case of study on a full-time department. At the choice of the correspondence form duration of training increases, as a rule, twice. At last, the third step – doctoral studies. It is possible to receive doctor’s degree, having a rank of the master of sciences or the bachelor with honors. Thus, going to Malaysia, you can begin the way to receiving the higher education or achieve increase of the academic degree to desired level.
Being for long years the English colony, Malaysia inherited a lot of things from Great Britain, in particular – a wide circulation of English. Almost all residents of the Malayan state speak in English fluently – in shops, the medical centers, places of public catering and transport. Therefore problems with daily communication with people around at foreigners do not arise. Training at the majority of universities of Malaysia is also provided in English.
In general Malayans are very friendly and kindly treat guests of the country. So, at each Malaysian educational institution there is a center of support of foreign students which helps to make stay in university and in the country in general the most comfortable, and training process – effective. Therefore in case of any question connected with educational process or personal character you will be always given help in its decision.
Universities of Malaysia
In Malaysia 20 state and 33 private universities, and also 24 polytechnical institutes in which it is possible to receive practically any specialty. Some higher education institutions of Malaysia are branches of universities of Australia, Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand. They are also of the greatest interest to foreign students, giving them an opportunity to get the quality education conforming to the international standards and the diploma quoted around the world.
Irrespective of in what city of the world there is a head building of university, all of you equally receive in accuracy the same document on the higher education as university graduates in Europe, Australia or America, without indication of the place of study. At the same time, being a student of educational institution with a world name in the territory of Malaysia, you receive pleasant bonuses – the cost of training and residence in this country is many times cheaper, than in the European states, Australia or America, and the Malayan currency – ringgit – is steadier in comparison with dollar and euro.
The following universities are in the greatest demand for foreign students:
Sunway University College
Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
The University of Nottingham
HELP University College
Monash University
Taylor’s University
Each educational institution offers the programs of training, a condition of accommodation and receipt, however there are also several the requirements, general for all higher education institutions.
How to enter the university of Malaysia
A secondary education in Malaysia is got studying in 12 years against the Russian 11-year training. Therefore to become the student of the Malayan higher education institution it is required to compensate missing year for what it is possible:
To graduate from school in Malaysia or any English-speaking country;
To be disaccustomed 1 year in the Russian higher education institution;
To be trained on the preparatory course Foundation.

Certainly, in higher education institution it is necessary to provide for transfer for consideration of a selection committee necessary documents. Requirements of educational institutions can differ, but, undoubtedly, in each of them will request:

The certificate about senior secondary education for revenues to the program of a bachelor degree, the diploma about the full highest – for a magistracy and the diploma of the graduate master for doctoral studies;
The questionnaire statement on receipt;
The copy of the passport with the photo;
Results of international languages of examinations of IELTS/TOEFL;
Payment of a consular fee for foreign students (usually no more than 50 US dollars).

Having the necessary level of knowledge for receipt in the higher education institution chosen by you and the required level of proficiency in English, the student of the Malayan higher education institution to become simple. Consideration of documents of the entrant usually does not take more than two weeks, and in case of the positive solution of a selection committee the university will give support in obtaining the student’s visa. Owing to the fact that these procedures are made quickly enough, as a rule, documents are filed to the Malayan higher education institution in 3-4 months.
Malaysia – one of the most dynamic and economically developed states of Asia known around the world the innovative researches in the field of medicine and pharmaceutics. Having graduated in Malaysia, you will become the popular expert in labor market and have an opportunity to construct successful career in the large companies or research institutes of any country and you will be able to reach big heights in the professional area chosen by you.

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