Hague University of Applied Science, Netherlands

At the Hague university (The Hague University of Applied Science) over 20 thousand students are trained and more than 1700 teachers from 135 countries of the world work. Hundreds of students of the Hague university pass training abroad to get invaluable mezhdunarodny cross-cultural experience. The university is proud of the high education level and care of students. The university offers 64 programs of a bachelor degree and a magistracy, beginning from technical specialties before business. 13 programs are kept completely in English. The Hague university helps foreign students with accommodation. At University there are the international office and the international student’s associations, library, etc.

About programs …

The offered programs of the bachelor in English:

European researches / European Studies
Industrial engineering design / Industrial Design Engineering
International business and management/International Business and Management
International managements of communications with public/International Communication Management
Law/International and European Law
Food technologies / Process and Food Technology
State management / International Public Management
Management of safety/Safety and Security Management
The cost of the training program — 7500 Euros a year.

Programs of a magistracy

Accounting and control/Master in Accounting and Control
Business Administration / Master of Business Administration
Communications with public/Master in Communications
European right and policy/Master in European Law and Policy
International management of communications with public/Master in International Communication Management
The cost of the training program — from 16500 Euros.

The preparatory program for going to the Hague university

This program gives the chance to foreign students to seize the academic skills and level of English which are necessary for study in the international environment. Students not just intensively learn English, but also study critical thinking, the reasoned speech, a statement of arguments, work in team, to the project work, use of information and communication technologies.

Teaching is conducted in small groups, 16 hours a week. Teachers are skilled and highly qualified specialists. Besides, 4 hours a week with you the international and Dutch students of older years will give individual classes. Thus, they will help you with study and adaptation to the Dutch society and university.
Students of the preparatory program actively participate in social life of university: various projects, excursions and parties and clubs on interests.

Program duration: 1 semester or 1 academic year.

Requirements for arriving of the preparatory program:

for 1 academic year — knowledge of English of IELTS 5.0/TOEFL 61;
on 1 semester — knowledge of English of IELTS 5.5/TOEFL 71.
Website address: www.thehagueuniversity.com

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