Stenden University of Applied Science, Holland

Stenden University of Applied Science
Stenden University of Applied Science

Economic and political relationship of Russia and Holland has century history. Now between two countries active business in various directions is done, an investment turn increases every year, and more and more Russian experts face need of understanding of the European market and an image of business. Holland has an advantageous geographical position – the country is on the bank of the North Sea, has overland border with Germany and Belgium and sea border with Great Britain. One of the most known universities of Holland is Stenden. The university Stenden consists of nine campuses, five of which are in Holland, and others in Doha (Qatar), Bangkok (Thailand), Port to Alfreda (South Africa) and on the lake of Bali (Indonesia). At University 10000 students, and 25% – foreign students from 65 countries study.

Why University Stenden?

Stenden is one of the best universities of Europe according to programs of Hospitality, Tourism, Logistics, Business and Service management.
Training takes place in the international student’s environment.
The balanced ratio of the theory and practice in educational process based on Problem-Based Learning technique (Problem-oriented training).
The part of the training program can be taken place in one of the international campuses of University – South Africa, Qatar, Thailand or on the lake of Bali.
Passing of work practice in the largest international organizations.
An opportunity to study during one semester at partner university in the chosen country.
At university high-quality service for students of University and personal consultations of teachers during the entire period of training is organized.

The minimum requirements for arriving:

Program Requirements
Bachelor IELTS 6.0 / TOEFL 550 / TOEFL iBT 79
High academic progress
Master IELTS 6.0 / TOEFL 550 / TOEFL iBT 79
Bachelor’s degree or master

Programs of training

Degree Program Beginning of training Training cost City
Certificate English Course
18 weeks
September, February € 3,200 Leeuwarden, Emmen
English Course
36 weeks
September, February € 6,400 Leeuwarden, Emmen
Bachelor Hotel Management September, November, February, April € 6,500 Leeuwarden
Tourism Management September, February € 6,500 Leeuwarden
Media and Entertainment Management September, February € 6,500 Leeuwarden
International Business and Management Studies September, February € 6,500 Leeuwarden
Retail Management September, February € 6,500 Leeuwarden
 Business Administration September € 6,500 Leeuwarden
Leisure Management September € 6,500 Leeuwarden
Information and Communication Management September € 6,500 Emmen
Logistics Management September, February € 6,500 Emmen
International Business and Languages September, February € 6,500 Emmen
Master International Service Management September € 9,750 Leeuwarden
International Leisure and Tourism Studies September € 9,750 Leeuwarden
International Events Management September € 9,750 Leeuwarden/ London

Approximate expenses for a year (the cost of training is not included):

Placement in apartments (The Internet is included) ~ € 4,000
Medical insurance ~ € 500
Permission to accommodation in the territory of Holland ~ € 438
Pocket expenses ~ € 4,000
Expenses on transport ~ € 60

University Stenden pays to students with high academic progress a grant

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