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izgotovlenie kaminov
izgotovlenie kaminov

Fireplaces – fine decoration of any house and of course heat source. Today fireplaces are so popular that they are established not only in big country houses, but also even in small apartments. It is fashionable, it stylishly, it is beautiful and it is cozy. As remarkably cold autumn yesterday mi when heating was not included yet, but weather already vile and dank to get warm at a fireplace with a glass of hot and tasty mulled wine. Indescribable impressions! Fans of live fire need to know what will establish fireplaces it is possible not in all buildings. The natural wood fireplace can be established only in the house where the chimney mine is prepared. Though the flue for each apartment is quite often provided in modern new buildings. In houses of pre-revolutionary construction there is too an opportunity to get a fireplace – they were under construction taking into account oven heating. In principle, it is possible to remove a pipe in any high-rise building. Only in this case the cost of expenses increases: pass of each floor and exit to an attic will manage for $1 thousand. If nevertheless there are no necessary communications and there is no opportunity to carry out them, then there are left as alternative electrofireplaces and … just beautiful portals without fire chamber. Their compositions great variety: inside it is possible to make a bricklaying, it is possible to put candles in flasks, composition from artificial flowers, a fire chamber which imitates fire. It is possible to begin chimney business even with $5 thousand today, but it under a condition if you already have a room. Now margins in this business average 40%. For a start it is possible to take under realization from the large company and to make a margin. And here to be engaged in business on natural fireplaces, at least $150 thousand are necessary. In it couples not to do without room in 30-40 sq.m, two or three experts and expensive materials. At cost electrofireplaces are many times cheaper than natural – buying a fire chamber together with a portal, it is possible to keep within $500. For comparison – only the good pig-iron fire chamber costs from $1000, and the frame together with work will cost $2-3 thousand. The main problem in construction of fireplaces – a shortcoming of highly professional workers. It is very often difficult to find well prepared worker who understands several adjacent areas. To often have to spend considerable funds for additional training of the experts and a salary in such people it is necessary to establish very worthy. If you do expensive and qualitative fireplaces, then and have to use raw materials qualitative (most often – import) which cost is also high. But also foreign elements of a fireplace have to be adapted to severe conditions of Russia. By the way, it is necessary to treat materials of which the fireplace will be made very seriously. For example, the main feature of furnaces of convection type of which about 90% of the domestic chimney market – high temperature of the gases (about 500-600 °C) which are coming out through a flue are the share. Neither the brick, nor the concrete which are traditionally used in such fireplaces maintains such temperature, and these materials are a potential source of ignition. Professionals of chimney business know that it is possible to avoid danger, applying powerful thermal insulation and multilayered pipes. In chimney business there is a rule – not to complete work for unknown builders. It very risky because it is possible to pass others lack of work that can lead subsequently to the fire. Especially often guest workers do not follow the fire safety regulation. For example, carry out flue pipes, without providing due isolation, through wooden overlappings. Nothing will replace live fire. And, nevertheless, many consumers are attracted more by a fireplace with a false flame. It, if something happens, can be transferred to other place. It is economic, does not allocate ashes and a smoke, is completely safe, available at the price. Many models are equipped with the remote control. The electrofireplace is simple in installation, does not demand an extract. Together with a frame it, roughly speaking, furniture which is put when repair is ended. For electrofireplaces put generally wooden portals therefore it is even simpler to pick up it under furniture, a stolyarka, a laminate. With a natural fireplace it is more difficult. Electrofireplaces have a heating too – to 2 kW. But if fire shines, it does not mean yet that it heats. The owner can regulate the flame speed, light in a chamber, decay of firewood. And even if the person puts to himself in a cottage a natural fireplace, it does not mean that he will not put an electrofireplace. Not in each room you will put a natural fireplace. And the electrofireplace can be put both in a bedroom, and in the nursery, in kitchen and even in a bathroom. Already there are such fireplaces which are not afraid of humidity and they can be put even in a sauna. Not the last role in the choice of a fireplace is played by designers and architects whose services most of customers with prosperity above an average uses now. So the designer involuntarily becomes an intermediary between the seller and the buyer, and as a result happy are all. An average order value – $3 thousand. Usually in salons – shops offer consultations of the specialist in the choice of a fireplace. In some salons, such consultations paid.

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