business on production of lime

Modern building materials on the environmental friendliness will never be able to replace what was created by the nature. And though whitewashing is a labor-intensive process, to replace its any wall-paper or water emulsions cannot. Lime and microbes kills, and air clears of harmful aerosols better than any conditioners with filters. Process of production of lime not difficult, but for it the oven and coal is necessary. Process of a burning out happens at a temperature from 800 and above. On firewood it is difficult to create such mode. In an ordinary house oven for one fire chamber it is possible to burn out kilogram – one and a half raw materials. From it it will turn out after clearing approximately half-buckets of limy sour cream or a bucket of lime for whitewashing. On average the oven is heated by five-six months in a year. It is easy to count how many it is possible to develop for a heating season. Will be enough for kind building. As raw materials for production of lime serve limy stones. Distinguish them from simple stones the fact that they easier rubble stones and granite and by sight gray-blue color. It is easily scratched by metal objects. And the most important if on them to drip acid, then they begin to hiss and foam. By such stones very often do railway embankments. Sometimes by such filling brick do a surface treatment of highways. If in your district there is a plant on production of a silicate brick, then in general is excellent. This production uses those raw materials which you look for. I think that stones from plant you will find the way “get”. Production of lime. Manufacturing techniques. Process of a burning out such: coal has to be sifted on a sieve with a cell of 10 by 10 mm. Limy stones are not thicker than 20 mm, 10-15 mm – are even better. Big stones are easily hollowed by the hammer, on layers. You kindle an oven. You fill up a coal bucket when properly inflames, level a fire chamber a poker, fill still coal half-buckets. After that you begin to put raw materials on coal, display evenly in one layer, after that let’s an oven inflame again, after that fill up coal half-buckets so that the raw materials were covered. After that take couple of scoops of that coal that was eliminated (dust) and fill from above that heat held on till the morning. You can begin to take out in the morning. It is better to do dredging by special pincers. After stones pulled out, examine them. Well annealed stones of white color and it is much easier than raw materials. Then lime should be razgasit. Process of clearing is conducted on the street. In metal ware it is necessary to fill in waters, and then there gradually dump the received production. Decomposition of lime goes very violently therefore it is necessary to be very careful. In couple of days lime is ready to application. It is possible to apply it, but to sell it in such look to very few people it is possible. It is much easier to sell it in the packaged look. For this purpose the lime should be diluted, filtered through a sieve, to defend, merge lime water, and to pack up the received limy sour cream in plastic bottles. Two-liter packing are in the greatest demand. One such bottle is enough for whitewashing of one average room. Production of lime. Realization. Profitability. If you visit shops of construction materials, then saw that lime is on sale in small bags on 250 grams and one such bag costs from 0,8 dollars. And cost of production it is insignificant it is small, no more than 0,2 dollars for 250 grams. It is not difficult to count that a trade margin huge. Business simply superprofitable. We pack up finished goods in sacks and we bring to realization to shops a system of materials, give advertizing to newspapers about wholesale, construction companies will surely respond. You will not be left without sales market. In such a way you will not earn much, but as a possibility of additional earnings, I think, quite live idea. That who works in the stokehole, can make notable profit. In boiler rooms this business prospers for a long time.

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