Production of hydrogen fuel

Now car makers only also speak about hydrogen mine workings. What is hydrogen? Let’s consider it a little in more detail. Hydrogen – the first element of the chemical table, its nuclear weight is equal to 1. It is one of the most widespread substances in the Universe, for example our planet 17 – hydrogen consists of 100 atoms from which. Hydrogen – future fuel. It has the mass of advantages in comparison with other types of fuel and has huge prospects to replace it. It can be used absolutely in all branches of modern production and transport, even gas on which to be cooked food, it is possible easily, to replace without any alterations for hydrogen. Why hydrogen did not receive still widespread introduction? One of problems consists in technologies of its receiving. Perhaps, the only way of its receiving effective at the moment is the electrolytic way – receiving from substance influence of strong electric current. But at the moment, the most part of electricity turns out on thermal power plants and therefore there is a question “And whether There Is a Game of Candles?”. But introduction in production of electricity of atomic energy, wind power and sun, probably, will correct these problems. This substance contains practically in all substances, but most of all it in water. As the science fiction writer Jules Verne told: “Water is a coal of next centuries”. This statement can be carried to the category of predictions. It is more this “coal” on a surface than something else so we will be provided with hydrogen for many years. It is only possible to tell about ecological purity of hydrogen one: at its combustion and reactions in fuel elements water and nothing except water is formed. A fuel element – perhaps, the most effective way of obtaining energy from hydrogen. It works by the principle of the battery: in a fuel element there are two electrodes, between them hydrogen moves, there is a chemical reaction, on electrodes there is electric current, and substance turns into water. Let’s talk about use of hydrogen in cars. The idea of replacement of usual noisy and smoky gasoline by absolutely pure gas arose many years ago, and both in Europe, and in the USSR. But developments in this sphere were conducted with variable success. And now there came the apogee of desire of car makers to gain independence of oil. Everyone, respecting herself, the company has developments in this sphere. Hydrogen in the car can be used in two ways: or to be burned in an internal combustion engine, or to be used in fuel elements. The main number of new concept cars use technologies of fuel elements. But such companies as Mazda and BMW went on the second way and on it there are good reasons. The car on fuel elements – simple and extremely reliable system, but disturbs its wide circulation infrastructure. For example, if to buy the car on fuel elements and to use it in our country, then on gas station it is necessary to go to Germany. And engineers of BMW went some other way. They constructed the car using hydrogen as combustible fuel, and this car can use both gasoline, and hydrogen as many modern cars equipped with a power supply system gas-gasoline. Thus, if in your city there was at least one gas station trading in such fuel – you can safely buy hydrogen BMW Hydrogen 7. One more problem of introduction of hydrogen – is its way of storage. All complexity is that atom of hydrogen – the smallest by the sizes in the chemical table, and it means that it can get practically through any substance. It means that even the thickest steel walls slowly but surely will pass it. This problem is now solved by chemists. One more hitch – a tank. 10 kg of hydrogen can replace 40 kg of gasoline, but business in volume, 10 kg of substance occupy the volume of 8000 l.! And it is the whole Olympic pool! For reduction of volume of gas it needs to be liquefied, and it is necessary to store the liquefied hydrogen safely and conveniently. Tanks of modern hydrogen cars weigh about 120 kg that is almost twice more than standard tanks. But also this problem will be solved soon. Hydrogen fuel has much more advantages than shortcomings. Hydrogen burns down much more effectively, has no harmful substances in an exhaust, does not make soot, and it considerably increases a resource of cars. Hydrogen – easily renewable fuel therefore the nature will not receive almost any harm. The main obstacle of hydrogen technologies is the infrastructure. The very few in the world of gas station are at the moment ready to fill the car with hydrogen though serial cars on hydrogen are already made by Honda and to prepare for production BMW. In the countries of the former Soviet Union in general it is possible so far and not to dream of the hydrogen car. Before emergence of hydrogen gas stations there will pass not one more year, and can also decade. It is necessary to wait when also we together with the whole world begin to rescue the planet from environmental disaster.

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