Production and installation of greenhouses

proizvodstvo i ustanovka teplitz
proizvodstvo i ustanovka teplitz

Food – the most important need of any person. Unfortunately, today climatic conditions develop not in the best way that instantly finds reflection on harvests. Besides, negative impact on the plants which are grown up on an open ground is rendered also by the various chemicals used as means of fight against weeds and wreckers. Therefore more and more actual is a cultivation of plants in hothouse conditions that in turn creates excellent conditions for the organization of own business. Advantages of hothouse cultivation are obvious. First, such products are environmentally friendly. Secondly, in greenhouses cultivation of production in large volumes during the whole year, irrespective of weather conditions is possible. And, at last, thirdly, greenhouse facility does not demand the big areas of expensive lands. It is possible to establish the greenhouse practically on any site: garden, cottage, in territories of the industrial enterprises, improving establishments or farms. The organization of hothouse business consists in production of greenhouses and hotbeds and their subsequent installation. Besides, besides greenhouses perhaps also production and installation of winter gardens and greenhouses. There are different types of greenhouses. They can be individual, industrial or farmer and differ in the size, automation level, a complete set and the price. It is possible to distinguish the following versions from greenhouses:
• the hotbeds covered with a film with a framework from polyethylene pipes;
• greenhouses with a wooden framework and a frame with glass or a film;
• greenhouses with a metal framework and wooden frames;
• the greenhouses consisting of completely metal design and glass.
Having available the necessary equipment, production of greenhouses can be carried out independently. It is also possible to get separate ready elements (ladders, support, doors, protections and so forth) at producers. It must be kept in mind that in production of greenhouses it is impossible to use usual glass, and to apply only special which passes an ultraviolet, or to use a film. The easiest and simple option is acquisition at the manufacturing enterprises of modular designs. Their price makes the sum from 20 thousand rubles. It is possible to organize business on installation of greenhouses also on the basis of cellular polycarbonate. Installation of such greenhouses is carried out without the base. Their cost is ranging from 9 to 23 thousand rubles. For advance of business it is necessary to use advertisements surely. Are in special demand of the greenhouse during a season, and here greenhouses and winter gardens can be established all the year round. The starting capital, necessary to start business, makes the sum from 50 thousand rubles. Monthly business brings in the income from 30 to 70 thousand rubles.

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