Production of hybrid submarines

ego semi submarine boat
ego semi submarine boat

Many people adore receiving new impressions, but sometimes it demands from us too much courage or money. And for such cases there are compromise solutions. For example, the citizens wishing to glance to the underwater world with his fantastic small fishes, corals and hungry sharks are not always ready to become divers or to buy a personal submarine. To their pleasure there are oceanariums and excursions on semi-submarines. The semi-submarine is the vessel going on a water surface with group of tourists. It has underwater cabins with windows windows for a review of depths. The new offer in the market of such boats is done by the South Korean company Raonhaje. Its development – a compact personal semi-submarine of Ego. Being floated, this boat looks as a small catamaran. But under the deck hatch at Ego the double underwater cabin with the control panel of the boat and big windows is hidden. Two electric motors of the boat eat from accumulators and disperse it to the runner’s speed on warm-up – 5 knots (9 km/h). A course stock – till eight o’clock. Windows from transparent plastic allow the driver and the passenger to take a look at life of the underwater world and that the team did not lose touch with the surface world and could trace counter obstacles, the radio communication and a surface chamber transferring the picture to a cabin are provided. Raonhaje sees the clients the businessmen organizing hire of the boats Ego in sea resorts; enthusiasts researchers of the sea; and also the private buyers wishing to have a rest with comfort on own semi-submarine. The company intends to begin sales to private clients in the fall after readiness of the boat of the increased comfort. It is reported also about work on a four-seater semi-submarine. Now Koreans begin Ego semi-submarine conclusion to the market and are busy with search of dealers. For use of Ego the water area with quiet water from two meters in depth is necessary. Transparent lakes of our edges are an option.

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