Production of braziers

proizvodstvo mangalov
proizvodstvo mangalov

If you have “skillful hands” and you like to have a rest outdoors, then we advise to be engaged in such type of small business as production of braziers. In that case you will be engaged in the habitual and favourite business, earning at the same time considerable money, and your clients will enjoy excellent taste of the prepared shish kebab. An outdoor recreation – one of hobbies of citizens. Often at sorties shish kebabs which are a favourite dish not of one generation of Russians are to the country fried. There is a set of types of braziers. There are braziers from metal, from concrete and from a stone. Each material has the pluses and minuses. Concrete braziers are too quickly and strongly warmed, but are simple in production. Stone have to have the air duct of the correct form calculated taking into account the direction of possible strong wind, and also volumes of meat which will be fried. It is very difficult design, but, undoubtedly, such brazier very effectively and solidly looks. But, probably, nobody will argue that ideal option – a brazier from metal a special alloy which does not overheat and holds the necessary temperature. Everything has to be thought over to trifles, even protection against a rain. For celebration on the street it will be required: the big, modernized brazier which at the same time would be a light source and is warm, and also the place of preparation and a warming up of food. The main idea of business – production of such modernized braziers in which it is possible to burn down a fire which can be at the same time a source of heat, of light, well and to be used for preparation of a shish kebab and a grill. The main thing that small group of people, we will tell 10-20 people, could be warmed about such brazier at-10 degrees on the street. The simplest design of such brazier – the iron barrel cut in half. Two half undertake, unite in one long and are put on legs at the level of meter from the earth. In one half – the fire which warms and shines burns, in another – we do a shish kebab on coals of the first half. Add the cheerful company, music, and New Year’s mood, here to you and an unforgettable holiday here. The design of a brazier can be any if only in it it was possible to burn down a big fire, it is also possible to think up ways to direct warmly to people around a brazier, for example, to put metal reflectors over a brazier or still as, it is necessary to think and experiment here. The main thing that the design of a brazier was thought over and was better and more convenient than a usual fire on bricks or concrete rings. Of course, you have to be engaged not only production of braziers, but also their service: if suddenly the client had problems if on your brazier culinary masterpieces are not successful – it is your fault. Calcination and indicative preparation of a shish kebab on the brazier which is just bought by the client can become tradition of your firm. You will need to rent the room where there will take place work: it can be also a warehouse, the uninhabited area. This type of business will not demand for start of powerful capital investments. And everything pays off in the next three-six months.

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