Organization of private fishing

If you or someone from your acquaintances the inveterate fisherman, then to you for certain was necessary to hear that fishing brings pleasures less and less recently. And all because fish badly pecks. The bad ecology, small quantity of the fish who remained in ponds because of poachers and other evil spirits is guilty of it. And also the fishermen, in quotes, who got used to fish dynamite and a network. And the sheer pleasure is in sitting with friends, in the fresh air, near the lake … with a small bottle of easy drink and, of course, with a rod in hands. Who never was on fishing, that will not understand what this pleasure to hook fish, to cut and pull out it … at this moment is shown an instinct which is put in men already many thousands of years. And what pleasure sitting ashore in the warm afternoon to feel on itself fresh “breath” of the lake – the cool breeze blowing in the excited body! Eh, and a wish arose on fishing! But except pleasure, it is possible to receive money from this process. We have enough inveterate fishermen, true judges of such, fine occupation, it is not less. And they will not be translated on the earth while in reservoirs fish laps. Now we will talk about such type of business as paid fishing on a private pond. The main essence of this action consists in creation of a pond, the lake, cultivation in it of fish and the organization of paid fishing. And now is more detailed.
So, that is necessary for this business?
During business creation, first of all it is necessary to register Ltd company or SP. According to your desire and according to a type of business in which you plan to be engaged. Then, for us it is necessary the pond / lake where we will breed fish. The pond can be rented at other individual to whom the last is not necessary at present, or in burden. The main minus of this way is that signing the lease for a period of half a year-year, you will work on development of the business, to involve new fishermen, to accustom them if it is so possible to tell. As a result at them as at Pavlov’s dog the look reflex “desire to fish – your pond” will be developed. Everything is it seems ideal, but here we forgot about the tenant who having seen your success, can think and why I cannot make also. And simply will not prolong the contract. You will be left high and dry, and it needs to do nothing difficult, only to support a pond in a good shape. From the legal point of view everything will be smooth. Therefore if you seriously plan to be engaged in this business, then be not too lazy, make, first of all for yourself, the business plan. Count whenever possible everything to trifles, think and act. I advise or get a pond in private use, or to create it from scratch. The second option, even seems much more simply as you need to choose only a ground with a suitable landscape, a beautiful landscape and to create the artificial lake. How it becomes, you can esteem on the Internet, there this material is available. There are even firms dealing with the matter. During creation of an artificial reservoir for cultivation of fish, the main problem and complexity consists not in the construction, it as it was already told problems does not cause, and in paperwork and obtaining various permissions. It will be necessary to get permission from administration for construction of a reservoir, to undergo ecological testing for suitability of the district for cultivation of fish. It is also necessary to get permission from the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Safety, as they say, above all! If you not the inveterate fisherman with an experience, and the true businessman movable by the profit purpose, and understand nothing in fish, then you first of all need to consult with experts. Or to employ professionals of fishery who will tell you all secrets of rather future habitat of fish will help to pick up such breeds of fishes who will be able to get on together. Also they will recommend a forage and will give other advice which very much will be useful to you. This council can be carried also to fishermen to professionals. Perhaps, you do not know all secrets and too the help of people who earn by it to themselves a living, will not prevent you. We considered option of creation of a pond from scratch. As for rent of the state lakes, then such reefs. That the most difficult in this business, so it to find a common language with all instances.
It is a little information:
The State Committee on a water management is responsible for water resources;
For quotas of catch of fish – the State Committee on fishery;
For rent – local self-government institutions.
To start business quite large sum and a certain number of nerves is necessary. However profitability of a fish pond can reach 50%. Game is worth the candle! However to create a pond is only a half of business. You need to fill it with fish, it is desirable such which is appreciated at fishermen. It is simple to learn it: it is possible to porasprashivat them, the benefit, men easily start conversation on fish and furthermore fishermen and therefore to find out about what fish dreams to pull out everyone, it will be simple. Secondly, it is possible to look for information in this respect on the Internet, or to create poll at a thematic forum. Options weight, in a word. Further we buy small fishes who got to the five the most mentioned and desired, at the same time, without having forgotten to consult to the expert about that, it is possible to hold together the chosen breeds of fishes. Now it is worth fattening our pets. You derive more pleasure from capture of large fish, than small. It is worth paying separate attention as the balanced and correct forage allows to grow up large and healthy fish to a forage. Do not forget to consult to the expert. It is worth understanding that the fish will be larger and more exciting to look, the more will be happy fishermen, and, therefore, the more there will be your income. If you do not trust, try to part one karasik and to feed them, than got, I will look in that case at success of your business. Remember the main rule “It Is Impossible to Save on Fishermen”. If they like the place, then consider that you won in a lottery as already next time they will arrive not one, and with friends, friends of friends, etc. The young growth is parted, as a rule, separately and on achievement of a certain age or the size moved to a reservoir with large relatives.
And finally several councils:
The pond needs to be subjected to regular cleaning;
Fishes, as well as any living beings are subject to infection with epidemic therefore it is necessary to check them;
It is necessary to part in one reservoir only of compatible fishes and to consider their quantity;
It is necessary to consider seasonal factors;
To provide a good entrance to a pond;
It is desirable to place a reservoir not far from the large city. These are about 30-40 km. The farther, the is more problematic to reach. So, the part of potential clients will refuse a trip to advantage of other reservoir;
It is very desirable that fishes was available in the lake all the year round.
This business, as well as projects similar to it are arranged as restaurant. I.e. or over time it turns into club of solid frequenters, or loses to competitors and is closed.

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