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flower shop
flower shop

If you want to open beautiful business, to give to people positive emotions, to sell the gentle, beautiful, having pleasant began to smell goods, then it is worth thinking of opening of flower shop. As a rule, the buyer, coming into flower shop, initially experiences the positive emotions connected with the reason of its emergence in your shop. The main thing, for you as owner of flower business to increase positive emotions of the buyer and to guess his consumer desires. Except graceful business, this business can bring in the quite good income, the average margin on flowers in Moscow makes 100-300%. At the same time opening of flower shop requires rather small seed capital in the sum from $8000, depending on an outlet format.
Retail flower business can be divided into four formats:
– Small pavilions which, generally are located in transitions and at the subway
– Small flower little shops, are located in crowded places and in shopping centers
– Specialized flower boutiques, are located in shopping centers, on brisk streets in the downtown
– Online store, selling flowers (it it is more expedient to open in addition to already operating flower shop)
Flower pavilions.
Near each subway and in some transitions there are flower pavilions. The competition, as well as in any business in Moscow, is very big, however, and there is a lot of buyers. The good place – one of the important keys to success of flower business. Thanks to a good location the small pavilion can generate to 40-60 thousand rubles revenues in day, and just the same pavilion at less favorable arrangement can lower revenue several times. Flowers goods gentle and perishable, therefore big commodity turnover important component of this business. The basis of sales in such small pavilions is made by “cut” (cut flowers), as a rule, the range consists of 15-20 positions. Also additional percent of profit is brought also by packing of flowers.
Small flower shop.
In flower shop, unlike pavilions, more floor space and it allows to expand the range of the offered production. Except “cut”, in shop the made bouquets, pottery plants, souvenirs and gifts, ceramics, soil and other accompanying goods are on sale. Increase in the range at the expense of not perishable goods, allows to lower costs. The profit of such shop not so strongly depends on a big turn, it is possible to sell less flowers, and to get other profit at the expense of the accompanying goods. At the organization of flower shop it is necessary to pay attention to personnel. The competent and friendly seller who will be able to consult and advise, and sometimes and just to praise the buyer for good taste at the choice of a bouquet, will be able to make the casual buyer your regular customer. The shop demands more investments (from $20000), than a small pavilyonchik, and at times and pays off more slowly, but there is one undoubted advantage – it is stabler business, at the expense of the wide range and regular customers.
Flower boutique.
On the present beautiful business, is floristic boutiques, everything has to be beautiful here, beginning from design of the room, flower compositions made by real masters of floristics and finishing, competent sellers. Of course, to open such salon the sum from $80000 is required, but it will be beautiful, stable and, further, the business having big prospects for development. The profit of such salon begins from $5000 a month. Having flower boutique, there is an opportunity to contact corporate clients, and these are very good profits. One registration of a corporate banquet can make profit comparable to week of work of salon. In the long term, it is possible to open a network of salons and to capture all districts of your city.
Recently the tendency of increase in number of buyers in flower salons due to decrease in a share in pavilions is traced.
Online store selling flowers.
Long distances and acute shortage of time made in Moscow very demanded service delivery of bouquets and flower compositions to the customer. The order for flowers delivery can be issued previously in flower boutique, and also, without leaving office or the house through Online store. Costs of opening of Online store the smallest of all formats. The unpretentious shop will cost in the sum from $1000. But, without having usual shop, to open Online store risky, it is possible to be ruined easily, at the initial stage of buyers there will be a little, and flowers goods perishable. And here to the available floristic boutique or flower shop one more sales channel will be as it is impossible by the way. Also it is necessary to remember that it is necessary to deliver the order made in Online store to the customer, and, therefore, there are additional expenses on delivery, plus it is necessary to consider probability of return of goods.
The room under flower shop.
It will be very difficult to find the suitable room, all good places are already taken if the place and is freed it is necessary to be ready to inevitable – a high rental rate. For example, in transition near the subway Dobryninskaya offered me the trade pavilion with a total area of 6 sq.m. for $2500 a month. The average price for a floor space with high consumer passability and a successful location is equal to $1000-2000 sq.m/year. And as we already spoke, the good place, one of the important keys to success of flower business. Depending on the room sizes, the trading floor, a warehouse and the room (or the place) for work of the florist is equipped. Undoubted advantage is work of the florist on public. Potential buyers, observing all process of creation of beautiful composition which often can be compared to a work of art, receive an additional portion of pleasant emotions that, undoubtedly, promotes increase in profit and involvement of new buyers. If you are going to open flower boutique, it is important to make design repair of the room that the interior and the atmosphere corresponded to the sold production.
Equipment for flower shop.
For the equipment of flower shop it is necessary trade to furniture. It can be got in the specialized companies selling the trade equipment. But if you have a boutique, it is better to do furniture to order according to the design solution of all room. Cut flowers the gentle goods are also stored not for long. For increase in period of storage refrigerators are required, for example, it is possible to use the ordinary industrial refrigerator which use in supermarkets for storage of products. Is in the market and special refrigerators for storage of flowers their price begins from 20000 rub.
The personnel question in flower business is particularly acute not less, than in others. For flower boutique high quality experts for drawing up design bouquets and compositions of fresh and dry flowers, and also for professional consultation of buyers are required. Such experts are trained by floristics courses. But, despite abundance of courses, not each person who finished them can do really floristic masterpieces. Therefore florists-designers with experience who have a portfolio of the made works are appreciated. Average compensation of the good florist in Moscow begins from $1000.
As well as in any trade business, the seller has not smaller importance. Here requirements standard for any outlet. The seller has to understand what he sells, to be able to communicate with the client, well and the most important, to be able to sell. For stimulation of sellers the scheme of compensation consisting of a small salary and the main part which consists of percent from sales is usually used. Also the managing director of shop, couriers are necessary for successful functioning if there is a flowers delivery, and the driver. It is more reasonable to transfer accounting service to the firm specializing in services in accounting service.
The range for flower shop.
Cut flowers are fragile goods, the full term of their storage at the correct temperature condition makes 20 days. During this time the distributor needs to manage to buy them abroad, to deliver in the Russian Federation, to sell to the owner of flower shop, and to the owner of shop, in turn, to realize them to the final buyer. Therefore, any delay in a chain threatens with losses, there passed slightly more time and flowers it is possible to throw out. Competent planning of the range and purchases of flower shop will help to minimize expenses from the deteriorated goods.
At buyers roses enjoy the greatest popularity, they also have to make a basis of the range of cut flowers.
Design bouquets as from fresh flowers with addition of sukhotsvet and fruit, and the compositions made completely of dry flowers enjoy the increasing popularity. Such compositions have to be present at flower shop too.
It is possible to enter into the range pottery plants and everything that is connected with them. Often flowers are bought as a gift therefore you can safely sell also various souvenirs, gifts, cards, all this will be in demand for buyers. Excessive demand for flowers happens several days in a year, the main such day it on March 8. For several days of March it is possible to make 10% of an annual turnover. Flowers on February 14, on St. Valentine’s Day, and on September 1 are in also great demand. In Moscow new flower shops constantly open, but the most part is also quickly ruined. It is not necessary to count on fast success, it is necessary many and to work hard. The payback period of flower shop averages 1 year.
It is possible to earn from sale of flowers not bad, but for this purpose it is necessary to approach the business with the imagination, beautiful business requires original solutions.
Pluses in business of flower shop.
– Business demands the small starting capital
– Big margin
Minuses in business of flower shop.
– Perishable goods
– There are defective goods
– Business has seasonality, well are on sale on holidays and in the summer, in the winter recession

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