Organization of a cooper’s bench

bondarnaya lavka
bondarnaya lavka

The concept of idea of a cooper’s bench is not banal sale of wooden barrels and other cooper’s utensils, but revival of spirit of an outlet of the handicraftsman where you come not so much for wooden ware, how many for impressions of an unusual hospitable situation. From the point of view of big business such kind of activity can seem not favorable, in the modern world of a profit where priority factors are the volume of demand and speed of purchase. However just on lack of similar “sincere” places I also suggest to play. In my opinion, the present buyer begins to be tired of the mad shopingovy rhythm imposed by large sellers. If you, by the nature, the handicraftsman such business idea well are suitable for creation of a nominal bench. To such place of people will come and to expect a certain character of the presented cooper’s products. For example, a bachata of especially rounded shape, or a certain style of a carving at registration of ware. Such bench, it is better to open in a small village, near the big city, in the private house at the road. Well if the production shop from where the unique smell of a tree, reasonably, naturally will get is combined with the trade room. At competent marketing policy, the prices can be held quite high and not to have problems with demand. In times when the cooper’s ware was an integral part of use, in each village there was at least one cooper’s master from whom it was possible to get both a working container, and exclusive decoration of a table. This unusual geographical arrangement of an outlet will emphasize its uniqueness, and can become the additional positive factor influencing interest of the client on the one hand and tenancy cost with another. It is also possible to open an outlet in the city with allegedly many big flow of buyers. In that case the room which is on a route of a big flow of people will be the successful place for opening of a bench, but it is naturally necessary to consider certain specifics of the buyer. Perhaps, existence of unique author’s strokes during creation of cooper’s ware, work to order, and an improbable attraction of handwork with natural material will be the main competitive advantage before the big shops and the organizations offering similar goods at the attractive prices. It is worth to remember also about the range. If it is a cooper’s bench, then the buyer has to find everything in it, as for cooper’s business, beginning from a usual tub and finishing with the set “make” and books on this subject. At conscientious realization of this idea of small business over time in such bench will drive excursions. If you have no ability to needlework, it is possible to try to organize similar benches, in this case probability of success of such business even it is more, and scales of realization of idea are more extensive. The main thing without what you should not be engaged in this idea, is love to a tree and handwork. If to approach business without soul, then and the sincere bench will not leave unless an unhumorous caricature.

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