Shop of a kidswear

The main thing that the beginning businessman dreaming to open the shop of children’s goods that parents have to be always satisfied with visit of the trade pavilion has to know. Universality of children’s shop. Many modern parents aspire to acquiring as much as possible goods for the children in one place therefore this criterion forms the business basis in this direction. And also the fact that during visit to shop, kids usually bring together with themselves what can also lead to increase in sales volume has to be considered, but for this purpose it is necessary to have competently goods. It is considered that approximately the real boom on children’s goods began with the middle of the 90th years in Russia that led to the prompt growth of number of specialized shops over all country. Then the alternative to the legendary name “Toy Store” then was not yet, but already in the 2003rd Russians began to look also in BANANA-MAMA shops. The first three shops BANANA-MAMA appeared the next year in Moscow, and one opened in Rostov-on-Don, after that they began to open everywhere, and 12 months later their number increased to 25. Such prompt development of a network demanded large investment investments, in the total amount which reached a point of $1 million. The staff of the NP consulting company provided data on modern situation among children’s shops of the capital region. It turns out that at the moment in the capital about one hundred goods of different groups of shops specialized on realization work, and more than 60% from them are representatives of the large network directions. However, despite these indicators, consumers nevertheless remain are dissatisfied with quality of service and the range of the presented goods in separate shops. In particular parents are not satisfied that businessmen do not hurry to buy clothes for teenagers of the different sizes. Also feeling of disappointment is left also by the prices established by businessmen on children’s goods. Parents want to dress the children in qualitative and attractive clothes, but, in their opinion, it has to cost less, than is written in price tags. At the same time, businessmen cannot reduce the price as then their business will be unprofitable, and they will simply be ruined. In favor of the arguments they give such arguments as the fact that when sewing clothes natural materials are used that leads to increase of prime cost of the final product. Thus, we can observe an atypical situation when at such abundance of children’s shops parents have deficiency of things for the child. Therefore many businessmen try to reach compromise, they narrow target audience and offer goods for one group of children, for example, of newborns or teenagers. At the same time they reach the maximum profit as can satisfy all inquiries of the visitors most fully.
The location of children’s shop – one of the main criteria
Following the results of the conducted survey by the staff of the NP consulting company it became clear that about 70% of mothers dream of that children’s shops would be in close proximity to the house. However now the specialized trade pavilions are scattered on all capital, at the same time not some streets takes place on 5 large shops, and some areas are completely deprived similar attention. All the matter is that the main audience of large network shops are the working parents, employees of the office buildings and offices of the different companies located nearby. However if to speak about shop which reflect so-so a price segment then for them the similar location is considered not favorable as the most part of their buyers uses not privately owned vehicles for movement, but the capital subway, so and trade pavilions they, most likely, will visit that are located at stations of the subway. Many Muscovites whose level of the income does not exceed an average mark also make purchases also in the markets. As children promptly grow and they need to update constantly clothes, they go to wholesale outlets where it is possible to acquire clothes for the whole season at once, and with a stock for growth and to bargain on more favorable price. But if the businessman wants that the flow of buyers did not run low all the year round, then he should rent the area in large shopping center as here visitors come all the year round and practically always something is bought. And at the expense of the organization of game rooms, children’s cafes from other entertainments which will allow parents to walk quietly on pavilions, and children pleasantly and very cheerfully to spend this time. Of course, you should not believe fondly that for this purpose there will be enough only couple of little tables, an album and paints, today children can draw also houses therefore they will be interested in the decorated clowns, various competitions and gaming machines which will also be paid from mother’s purse with the father.
We choose the range for children’s shop
Today goods for newborns as young mother not really strongly carps at the prices are in very great demand and sometimes buys any things and objects which occurred her in the path, she cannot have enough time to give to shopping. At the same time parents for one visit to children’s shop can leave up to $1-1,5 thousand there, at the same time it is necessary to buy a bed, a carriage and other accessories to the kid who will grow and to develop promptly. Therefore the most profitable direction sale of goods for children of infantile and younger preschool age as new things, footwear and toys as from bought last week clothes, he already grew up constantly are required for the child at the moment is considered. Therefore if you want to receive at most arrived to optimum short terms, then it is the best of all to begin the business in this segment.

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