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Transport-forwarding business today one of the most dynamically developing directions. On the one hand, demand for similar services is very big, with another – risks and the competition are also high. Most likely, the person who already have some experience in the market of transport-forwarding services will become the businessman who is going to open the matter in this sphere. What does he have to know in this case what strategy to choose? Volumes of the Russian import and export increase every year, and together with it also the demand of forwarding services increases. Obvious appeal of such work gives all new firms on the market. These are, as a rule, the departments of logistics which separated from trading companies which in the course of work mastered forwarding business, learned to carry those goods in which their firm specialized, and began to offer the services in this area to other companies. In other cases the birth of shipping companies entailed disappearance of the motor transportation enterprises. The company carrier resolves an issue of shortage of own transport by attraction of cars of the neighbor. It gradually becomes an income source, and the new department of forwarding capable to offer the client different types of transport and the accompanying services is organized. If not the majority, then considerable part of all shipping companies has the similar past. So, with what to begin to such firm? Of course, from registration. List of legal forms of the companies extensive. Not all of them are equally popular. The overwhelming number of business concerns chooses a form of the limited liability company or joint-stock company (closed or opened). Of course, there is also such form as the businessman without formation of legal entity (BWFLE), but in practice often happens that some enterprises just refuse to work with PBOYuL. It is all about a value added tax. When legal entities are exempted from payment of the VAT, for their accounts department especially important that the supplier of goods or service could submit the consignment note and the invoice with the VAT allocated in them, and PBOYuL in the activity by such papers does not operate. Closed and open joint stock companies – the most suitable legal forms for creation of business for sale and attraction of additional investments and new partners. However process of registration of closed joint stock company is burdened a set of difficult procedures. Thus, the form of limited liability company is most preferable to opening of shipping company. Besides such form allows to protect in the best way the organization from hostile absorption and to advocate the interests of participants regardless of the size of their contribution. To independently register the legal entity is cheaper, but the spent times and nerves are more expensive. Besides many nuances are not known to the profane person so it is easy to make a mistake. In the course of registration there can be questions, since the legal address which can just not be at the time of registration, and finishing with selection of codes of activity. In such cases it is better to address the third-party organizations giving legal support. It is possible to buy also the ready company, but then the beginning businessman is deprived of an opportunity to participate in such trembling and painful process as the choice of a name of newborn firm. Costs of opening of the bank account and introduction of seed capital – at least 10 000 rub belong to expenses on registration. Many make a contribution not money, but any office equipment provided that on it there are documents. Soon for fight against short-lived firms process of registration can be seriously complicated. In particular, it is offered to increase considerably the sum of authorized capital which needs to be brought at once. Perhaps, the beginning businessman just will have no such money. Difficulties of search of the equipment and office room depend on the region. You should not forget also about the legal address of the company. Today still it is possible to use services of the agencies providing postal addresses. But at the legislative level it is wrong. Therefore, at the choice of office the attention of the lessor needs to be focused that the room will be the legal address of the company. The contract for rent between the owner of the area and your company is required. The subtenant will not be able to present it. The elementary set of furniture, computers, the fax and phone can be got second-hand or by installments if other means do not allow. Staff recruitment can be dragged out, few months combining functions of the director, the account manager, the dispatcher and the courier, and to charge accounts department to the specialized company. However in practice such approach considerably slows down achievement of result. First of all the employee who will perform all operational work is necessary, including also secretarial functions. But to find the skilled and qualified specialist, without guaranteeing him high earnings, – a task extremely difficult. There is other way – to involve the capable worker without experience in this sphere. Forwarding activity is very popular now so it is possible to provide the beginner with interesting work, but it is necessary to spend some time for its training. In a different way the situation with the accountant is. At this position there has to be a qualified specialist. To correct errors in accounts department – occupation too troublesome. Better behind services to address to the auditor company, than to invite to work of the inexperienced accountant. Further it will be possible to think of the secretary, the courier and new operators. It is important to understand that now it is necessary to count and pay a salary not to someone, namely you; responsibility for personnel also lays down on your shoulders. Pluses and minuses of opening of shipping company in opening of shipping company the fact that for start there is no need to do big monetary investments is Especially attractive. We sell and we consume services. To pay service, it needs to be received in a full size. Transport companies demand an advance payment only in exceptional cases which can be avoided. Let’s say service providers are not sure of solvency of the new company. It is quite proved. In this case it is necessary to select a carrier with which work was already conducted or which trusts you. Other decision – also to demand an advance payment from the client. As a last resort, it is possible to promote the conclusion of the contract between the client and a carrier directly, receiving the commission from the first or second. The final journey, however, extremely risky, based only on trust, but as practice shows, it works too. If there is neither trust, nor an opportunity to receive an advance payment, just it is necessary to refuse the transaction till the best times when the new firm is able already to prove the solvency. Extremely invitingly and the fact that forwarding activity does not demand licensing. However, it is also minus in our profession as for this reason appeared many unfair companies and private dispatchers who do not bear any responsibility the Name is chosen, the company is registered, office and workers are present at it, it is time to declare opening of the new enterprise to regular customers and suppliers. Both from clients, and from service providers a certain share of mistrust is possible. The client can doubt quality of implementation of the order, a guarantee of delivery of freight etc. In this case it is necessary “to light” the suppliers and to provide to the client full information on a carrier, the broker, a warehouse etc. There is a natural question: whether will exclude you from this chain? Practice shows that the customer is interested in quality of the rendered services. The companies clients using services of forwarding agents, as a rule, have no the logisticians ready to build the scheme in the staff and to organize delivery process. Besides, they have no guarantee that will receive the same rates, having addressed directly a carrier, to the broker or on a warehouse what are received by the forwarding agent working with them it is constant. So in this occasion to worry especially is not necessary. From the point of view of services, it is necessary to begin with simple – to provide to the client transport for road haulage. For all this it is only necessary to sign the contract for forwarding of freights with the client and the client contract with a carrier. Providing with permanent job friendly transport company, the forwarding agent has lower price of transportation. But work of the forwarding agent should not be limited only to signing of the contract application. The competent forwarding agent has to be aware always of the events with freight and car and to inform of it the client. Accurate tracking of the car at ways and the timely solution of possible problems – the main fad of the autoforwarding agent. Further the activity needs to be supported with rendering such accompanying service as paperwork for sending. Despite obvious simplicity of similar work, such services it is possible to offer, having been sure that they will be demanded. For such work it is necessary to get a large number of expeditions in places of sending freights, to know elementary rules of paperwork and to be aware of laws of movement of export and transit freights. At the beginning it is necessary to put and carry out tasks most, and it is more difficult than work in team for many. Besides, not to be failed at “entrance examinations”, are obligatory experience in expeditions, knowledge of the legislation within a profession and the relations established for years of operational work. The first steps should be taken not only with care, but also with knowledge of features of a landscape. Forwarding activity differs from any other in the fact that we always have to adapt to the client, advocate the interests of a carrier, without forgetting at the same time and about itself. Many consider the forwarding agent as a certain intermediary who “makes money from air” and is unworthy respect. However it is frequent between the cargo owner and situations which only the forwarding agent can resolve arise a carrier. Advertizing at the beginning of activity advertizing costs on the last place. Matter not only in financial expenses, but also that if advertizing works, the beginning organization can not manage to process all requests. And it is right way to receive negative reputation. It will be difficult to correct errors. It is necessary to place gradually the coordinates on bulletin boards in the Worldwide virtual network and on the specialized websites. At the beginning of activity of it it is quite enough. In development it is necessary to pass to creation and advance of own page, the publication of advertisements in printing editions, to distribution of leaflets at various exhibitions. If the firm is created according to the scheme of separation from larger company, you should not forget also that use of the acquired communications which are saved up for operating time can be complicated by claims of the former colleagues. In this respect there are many disputes and the elementary moral principles by much do not allow to take away clients at once. However all know that in our country many prefer the personal relations with a certain manager, than with the company in general. And if the firm cannot offer high-quality service without experts who worked with certain clients, then it is first of all a problem of firm. The former employer automatically becomes a competitor and, understanding it, can prevent full activity. For example, to send to all clients unflattering reviews of new firm. You should not be afraid of it: as a rule, similar unreasonable actions have a boomerang effect. Eventually it is not necessary to be spent for advertizing: learn about existence of the new forwarding agent without any expenses from his party. Unfortunately, it is necessary to be ready to the fact that not to avoid problems with the former employer. The exceptional case when it is possible to keep good relations and to agree not to interfere with each other. It is necessary just to endure this period. Plan opening of shipping company taking into account a season. In the fall the work involving all hands in work is observed and if in advance not to be prepared, at best it will threaten with the missed profit, in the worst – bad reputation because of failures of deliveries. On the other hand, there is no sense to begin to work in the spring. Summer period always most “silent”. In practice not to do without mistakes. It should be noted that the forwarding agent is a link between the client and service providers, so, he should assert the rights of both those, and others. One of ways of avoidance of expenses is insurance of activity of the forwarding agent, but it rescues not always. Let’s sort quite widespread situation. The client asks to deliver freight from Finland to Russia. The car is given in time, loaded in the client’s warehouse according to documents, customs procedures in the territory of the foreign state are made according to requirements, however at registration on the Russian border there is a suspicion about doubtful declaring. Let’s say discrepancy of weight became the basis to detention of the car. The car is weighed together with freight, subtract the vehicle weight, and result does not meet with the declared data. The track is sent to a warehouse for full examination and recalculation of goods. On demand the Finnish warehouse confirms loading accuracy, the transport company submits all documents characterizing the car. It is impossible to prove anything at this stage. The car all this time expects the waiting list for examination, and the driver is handed the contract for rendering loading and unloading services. The cost of unloading and the subsequent loading of the car, as a rule, makes from $600 to $1000 depending on the number of tons. According to the legislation, the carrier is obliged to present freight for examination. Physically independently the driver can unload the car, therefore, he should charge it to warehouse workers. According to the logic of things transport company has to pay services of a warehouse. But it is not proved yet that the client, and together with him the Finnish warehouse, or in case of transit, and the producer which is somewhere in China did not make a mistake in the indication of dimensions of goods. Until the car arrives to the place of delivery, it is impossible to make control weighing of goods and the car, and without payment of warehouse services the track will not move a little. The carrier will demand payment of idle times, a warehouse – parking, and the client will expose a claim for failure of delivery time. The forwarding agent should understand this situation. Most likely, he will undertake payment of expenses, hoping for compensation in case of confirmation of fault of one or other party. Any forwarding agent values the reputation among carriers and will not want to lose the client. Similar troubles can occur at any stage of delivery, and without the corresponding experience it is impossible to prevent them. Thus, the owner of shipping company needs to have a certain material stock or to have all practical knowledge and the necessary contacts. As the option can be chosen the most fulfilled directions and ways of transportations. Even if the profit in these cases is less interesting, you should not take the risk. Further, being guided by major customers, it is possible to master also additional services, such as assistance in customs cleaning of freight, consolidation in transit warehouses, registration of related documents etc. Belief in own success and desire to organize the company – here the main components for the good beginning of own business. Business is not cruel fight for a survival. It is rather creative self-realization

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