Organization of private kindergarten

For anybody not the secret that even in modern Russia strong deficiency of preschool educational institutions is observed, and is more right than kindergartens and if to trust words of officials, then birth rate level promptly increases. To provide the place in a garden to the child, many parents get registered during pregnancy, however even it cannot give them a guarantee. All this creates favorable circumstances for emergence of private kindergartens which besides social function also bring good material benefit to the creator. Private kindergartens increase quality of preschool education. Having statistical data for the first three months of the 2006th year, it becomes clear that then more than 3,2 thousand children passed preschool education in only one capital. According to official statistics, in the first quarter 2006 in the capital 77 non-state educational organizations which were visited by 3,2 thousand children of preschool age worked. Along with them in Moscow the huge number of so-called semi-legal house gardens which also allow to provide the small child to all families accepted by education which did not receive the place in the budgetary place works. However it is necessary to understand, than they differ from each other as it influences also direct education of the child. And so, the private kindergarten is the officially registered establishment providing to the pupils preschool education and necessary education in compliance with the federal law of the same name. At the same time it has to have the state license and the room conforming to all requirements for preschool educational institution. If it is not available in own possession, then it is possible to rent separate capital type the room with several floors, and the territory has to be fenced. Many businessmen very willingly use for the organization of private kindergarten, use the empty premises of municipal preschool institutions as at construction all necessary norms and requirements were considered. The maximum safety of pupils who can quietly walk in the protected territory where strangers have no access is considered one of the most important advantages of this type of preschool educational institution. And parents do not need to worry concerning violations of norms and requirements of the legislation as education of children will be fixedly monitored by all supervisory authorities. The kindergarten represents the multiroom apartment allocated for stay during the day of children of different age, it can be three or four-room, one of which is intended for rest of kids. Therefore profitability of such business is not really high, and the similar organization is not legal that is also divided not by all parents. But at the same time It should be noted that opening of private kindergarten is considered quite expensive action. The organization of private kindergarten consists of several stages which exact observance will allow to open preschool educational institution in optimum short terms. So, according to the Russian legislation, to be exact 11.1 article Federal Law “About Education” all municipal and non-state educational institutions have to correspond to all existing legal forms and be guided by observance of all rules, and also registration of institution in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. And the application which arrived from the beginning businessman has to be considered within one calendar month. A further stage on the organization of private kindergarten is need of selection of the worthy room, it can be bought or rented for long term. However anyway it has to conform to all necessary requirements of SES and inspectors of fire service as otherwise the organizer will not be able to get permission to start reception of pupils. Thus, the businessman will relieve himself of need additional construction actions. Rent of the suitable room in Moscow will be much more expensive, than in the regional cities as in this megalopolis the great influence on the cost of square meters is exerted by the area in which it is located. For example. To rent the building within a garden ring will cost 600 c.u., at the same time it must be kept in mind that it is minimum price for only one meter. If to count rent cost from cost in 345 thousand rubles a month for all building, then at the same time it will be necessary to pay about 30 thousand for utilities, and about half a million should be spent for repair of the room, still installation of the fire alarm system will cost 150 thousand rubles. However it is not all expenses which wait for the owner of the private children’s child as it will be necessary to buy furniture, toys, methodical grants. And also properly to organize workplaces for music-masters and physical culture, and also not to forget about the logopedist’s office. Also it is impossible to begin reception of pupils without lockers for personal belongings, and also bed linen, pots and equipment of a medical office. The final stage of the organization of private kindergarten is search and involvement of the qualified teachers. Each legal entity, which the businessman is, has to pass obligatory licensing, otherwise it is provided criminal penalty. For this purpose it is necessary to provide in department or Committee on Education at the place of residence the charter of the commercial organization, the reference from tax authorities, and also the contract for a tenancy or the certificate on possession of suitable real estate. It is necessary to attach the conclusion of SES and firefighters, and also an educational program in compliance with which in kindergarten classes and the information about teachers and the estimated number of pupils will be given to this package of documents.

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