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fayloobmennie seti
fayloobmennie seti

All of us are tied on business relations and each of us, acting as the customer, as the performer, wishes to achieve success in this field. Only the customer tries to achieve bigger for the same money, and the performer – bigger payment for a smaller investment of work (as a rule). But to the performer it is also important that work brought at least some joy, it made sense and bore advantage. Here one of such ideas which yet never came across to me. All know about quotes of great people – from Ancient Greece up to now. All know about file exchange services. The sense is that the person downloads to them the files and distributes references for downloading by another. He receives payment from service for a certain number of downloads. Services became more democratic in respect of the size of files of the user now, and allow his sizes less than 1 MB. On it the idea of my offer is also under construction. You have files on file exchange service? Seldom download? You that you at you downloaded not one file a day, and 20-30 from each unique client would like? And that such clients there were thousands?
1.    You choose the quote of the famous person. It is important that it was easy to check that it would belong to it, and would be to check this fact precisely in open network encyclopedias and reference books. It is simple to find quotes in the Network. Besides, it not necessarily have to be quotes (see further).
2.    You break the quote into words, syllables or symbols. Perhaps only even or odd symbols. Perhaps, through the word. At you the set of fragments turns out.
3.    You create the separate file for each fragment. Here the file size will be important (not all have an unlimited access and high-speed connections). For example, let the file will be in the .doc or .txt format, 10 KB in size. At it there has to be the above-stated fragment. Allocate other space for your advertizing, offers or something else. One more condition – the unidirectional links from one file are not allowed to another. You will understand why so. In the file it is possible to leave hints, jokes, etc. what your imagination is capable of.
4.    Fill in a set of such files puzzles on a file exchange resource. After that you by various methods and in the ways come to audience of users and set to them a riddle in the form of a question: “Whose it is the quote?” (or other form of a question). Also you provide the complete list of links on your files-files-fragments services. Each link has to conduct on the file as there is a probability that one of services temporarily will not work, and we will lose part of fragments of the quote. You quote the price for a task. As there is a lot of fragments, the main thing that each of them was no more than 10-20 KB. It is a normal indicator.
5.    The user starts working, downloads files and starts interpretation. It will not be able to determine by the number of files the quote size at once (see item 2). Besides, if not all symbols or words are given in it, then he will be forced to be engaged in their “decoding”. That is to look for dictionaries, to look for works in free access, to thumb through reference books. You should not “go to far” especially in an encryption (if only the task price not corresponding).
6.    At last it decides on the answer, and makes a right choice from the list of possible answers. Simple thing. Like “collect a puzzle”. Pokhozhite things already met (collect number from figures).

Only this idea has undoubted advantage:
1. It is more files, the size very small. Users performers will estimate it. In standard tasks not all have an opportunity to download couple of gigabytes of the movie to earn 8 cents.
2. Not all will reach the correct answer, and or all after all will download part of files. But offense they will not have. Who is guilty that did not guess though all opportunities were given? It is impossible to fine the user at the incorrect answer. But also it is impossible to give it the chance to answer at random too (to block its account for days?). Let it will be given the chance to refuse at any time execution of a task. It for you already executed the role.
3. The intelligence develops, the incentive appears to read, analyze and think.
4. Such task is much more interesting, than a usual gallop. It conceals a riddle, and people love riddles.
Besides, the idea can be developed meaning that:
1. It is possible to cite also in original language (Latin, English, etc.). It is necessary to choose such languages in which nadstrochny and interlinear additions are not applied.
2. It not necessarily has to be the quote, but the source has to be accurately defined. Perhaps it will be a chemical formula? Perhaps name of band or its song? The imagination is inexhaustible (“What is drawn in a picture … “…” in the left bottom corner?”).
3. Symbols in words can be specified not in that order.
4. Bonuses in the form of fragments can be looked for on your resources (the website such, the page such, the first paragraph of a post, the second word, to use in a genitive case).
Except a riddle which the user will solve it is necessary to decide on the price. You understand what for 10 kopeks of sense will not be engaged in it. Define, a nakidayta the business plan: number of files, number of races, your profit and performer’s salary. Time interval. Perhaps, the user needs considerable term to guess your riddle. Or he is ready to solve them “pack”, giving answers in several days. An optimal variant will be creation of special service which will conduct statistics, to contain accounts of users, to play prizes. Something it seems “Website of riddles and legends”. Then you will be able to skim off all cream from your service, without using intermediary services. You even should not advertize especially it – users will be pulled together, considering a possibility of earnings. Besides, it is possible to think over referalny system, to create a forum, a form of personal messages, public arbitration for eternally dissatisfied (let right judge wrong), systems of encouragement, ratings. Something like bux’a only ground under performance of these tasks. And maybe, it is even simpler to make – a simple page or the blog where it is recorded users, and all communication is based on correspondence by e-mail. Options – the sea. If you the Web programmer, then implementation of such plan does not make special work.

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