Business idea – production of dried vegetables and fruit

sushenie ovoshi i frukti
sushenie ovoshi i frukti

Dried fruit and vegetables keep all substances, useful to an organism, as at their production very low, or very high temperatures are not used. What cannot be told about the preserved or frozen products which comprise the smaller amount of vitamins and minerals is considerable. Production of dried fruit and vegetables consists in dehydration of products with use of circulation of warm air masses. Such way of production and storage differs in simplicity, convenience and low cost. Besides, they do not contain any chemical preservatives and additives that does them exclusively useful to health. To open the business on production of dried fruit and vegetables it is necessary: the room for shop, the corresponding equipment and raw materials. The room can be got, but cheaper to lease. Or, to arrange small production in house conditions. With the equipment for drying of products of a phytogenesis there is no problem too. Now in the market there are a lot of domestic and foreign producers who make it. The most optimum choice on a ratio the price quality are fruit and vegetable dryers of Feruza firm As option for house production, will consider characteristics of a household drying cabinet “East”. It works with the help of infrared radiation and is ecologically harmless. Work essence: radiation is absorbed only by the liquid which is contained in a product which is removed from it at a temperature from 40 to 60 degrees. Thanks to such technology of process, in dried fruit and vegetables vitamins and useful minerals, and also fine aroma well remain. The case has the following technical characteristics: the size – 340*415*715 mm, weight – 20 kg, food – 220 V, loading weight – 5 kg, power – from 0,45 to 0,9 kW. Drying duration depending on product type since 30 minutes till 12 o’clock. Besides, “East” has quite attractive price – 3500 rub. The Feruza enterprise makes the industrial drying Hope installation for representatives of small business. In it it is possible to carry out drying of fruit and drying of vegetables in small volumes. Its mass of loading is 30 kg., and the price is 14000 rub. Also in assortment of firm there is a minicomplex which makes a dried product ready to culinary processing. The minicomplex carries out the following functions: sink, cleaning, cutting, blanshirovka, drying, grinding weighing and packing. Its work is based on infrared radiation, and the price depends on a complete set (at the request of the customer). The set of the equipment of Elf-4M firm will be suitable for larger producers which want to make business on fruit and vegetables. It is issued in two models, in each of which there are bathtubs, the car of cleaning of root crops, a table, the protirochno-cutting car, a blanshirovatel and the module for drying. The IPKS-0604 model has productivity on a dry product of 100 kg / a cycle, the power of 29,3 kW. The area – 29.5 sq.m, the number of service personnel – 2 persons is necessary for installation. IPKS-0604 cost – 116919 rubles.
The second model, more powerful, IPKS-0603 is characterized by the similar productivity and power, but for its installation the area – 44 sq.m and 3 persons is necessary for service. The price makes 146744 rubles.
As raw materials for production it is possible to use independently grown up fruit and vegetables, or to buy up vegetable production at farmers and gardeners-gardeners. As you can see, even the beginner can be engaged in this business. Capital investments are small, good demand, and respectively and profit. Can be your clients: retail buyers, shops and catering establishments. It is very favorable to sell production for export.

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