Business idea – production of charcoal

Production of charcoal from wood by influence of high temperature belongs to one of the most ancient technologies in the history of mankind. Archeological excavations demonstrate that else cave people were able to extract charcoal. And presently it is widely applied in life and not only as has a number of advantages before other types of fuel: lack of a smoke, small dimensions and high efficiency. Is environmentally friendly fuel. It with pleasure is used instead of firewood by happy owners of fireplaces, braziers, grills and barbecue. Who left a countryside “on shish kebabs”, that knows that it is much more convenient to get for a fire couple of bags with the packed-up charcoal, than to drag an armful of firewood. It borrows much more the place, has bigger weight, and heat at combustion allocates less. Charcoal enjoys wide popularity not only in life, and also for cooking at restaurants and shashlik houses. Application for this type of fuel and in the industry was found. It is used in metallurgy, in chemical industry, for production of glass, paints, plastic, etc. As insulating material, for polishing and polishing of details, in production of smoky gunpowder, it serves as raw materials for active coals in instrument making and printing production. It is even applied in animal husbandry as feed additive. Statistically, modern production of charcoal in the world reached 9 million tons/year. The main Brazil exporter – 7,5 million tons/year. Whereas, Russia rich with forest resources makes slightly more than 100 thousand tons/year. She imports coal from Belarus, Ukraine and China. In the European countries consumption of charcoal in a year per capita more than 20 kg. In the Scandinavian countries this indicator is higher than 25 more kg. First place on consumption of coal is won by Japan – 60 kg a year. In Russia this indicator of only 100 grams. There is a pent-up demand for charcoal. Not the saturation of the market and wide scope of application guarantee prospects of business and receiving profit. The high profitability making 100-200% will allow to return expenses quickly. Capital investments small also consist in the basic in purchase of the equipment. The production technology of charcoal is quite simple, but it is necessary to know and adhere to it. Otherwise an exit and quality of coal decreases. The product turns out jointed, small, smelling of pitches, not burned up. Process of production of charcoal consists in heating of wood in the absence of air. Charcoal is as a result formed, changeable pitches and mixes of gases are emitted. The relative quantity of these three types of products depends on the used equipment and on features of quality of wood. Important parameter is wood moisture content. From dry raw materials an exit of charcoal is more, than from damp. Thanks to new production technologies of 1 kg of a product it turns out from 4 – 5 kg of the wood. Raw materials for production of charcoal is waste of logging, woodworking and other enterprises. They are subdivided into three groups: 1) tverdolistny breeds (the oak, a birch, a hornbeam, stuck, etc.) 2) coniferous breeds, 3) aspen, linden, willow, alder and poplar. Depending on initial raw materials, respectively, charcoal happens different grades: 1) And (highest), 2) B (average) and 3) In (lowest). Raw materials cost – 0,2 dollars for kg, and wholesale price of a ready-made product – 1,5 dollars for kilogram. The capital equipment for production of charcoal the charcoal furnace. Auxiliary materials: paper packages for packing. And electronic scales. It is also possible to get installation for mechanical sorting and packing of coal. In a design of the modern furnace for production of charcoal the ways of receiving coal based on low-temperature pyrolysis are used. The cost of the inexpensive equipment is about 200 dollars. At first it is possible to buy one furnace, and in process of increasing production some more. There are special mobile furnaces which can be transported from place to place. Let’s say that in the first month of work only 500 kg will be let out. Charcoal. Based on above the specified data on the cost of the equipment and raw materials, and also a product yield (1 kg from 4-5 kg of wood). It is possible to draw a conclusion that expenses will pay off in the first month.

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