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Event tourism – this phenomenon gained the distribution in the West long ago. Its essence is that the companies provide the rounds or services connected with some event, the book, the movie or still something. It can be visits of houses with reductions, historical rounds (for example, visit of Thermopylae). At the same time, of course, it is the best of all from the commercial point of view rounds which, anyway, belong to some popular event in the world of pop culture look. So, it is known that after a release of the trilogy of Peter Jackson “Lord of the Rings” New Zealand was filled by crowds of tourists who not just enjoyed beauty of the country, but also chose a special tour across places of shootings of the trilogy alive to see Sredizemye. Even now years later after an exit of final part of the epic rounds continue. And taking into account that in several years there will be “Hobbit”, it is possible not to doubt that interest in New Zealand and similar rounds will only increase. Further away residents of the American town Forks went. It was used by the writer Stephenie Meyer in a series of novels “Twilight”. Today they enjoy wide popularity of female teenagers. And with an exit to screens of movies of this series the world was conquered at all by sumerko-mania. Also there is nothing surprising that residents of Forks decided to earn from it. Today there it is possible to find small little shops with attributes of the franchize: books, movies, t-shirts, caps, cups, charms, magazines, posters and many other things are available in such shops. There is also a company restaurant made in stylistics of “Twilight”. Naturally, both the restaurant and similar little shops can brag of an interior in style of a series which will make impression on any fan of creativity of Stephenie Meyer. At last, the city chamber of commerce for the purpose of involvement of tourists issues special maps on which all places, important for series, such as Bella or Cullen’s house (the main heroes of a series) are marked. Besides, annually at birthday of the writer in Forksa there take place the festivals devoted to “Twilight”, which are bringing together a great number of fans. Here and so simple, imperceptible and to nobody the uninteresting American town could earn from a flow of tourists which became rather considerable (according to representatives of a chamber of commerce) after a release of movies of a series. Event tourism became a norm in the world long ago. There is a set of the tours across places of “fighting glory” of Beatles group devoted to soccer teams (with visit not only matches, stadiums, but also training bases, the museums), to movies, historical events and so on. However, it is necessary to tell that it is not so simple to earn from it as it seems. It is necessary to live in the place which is somehow connected with a popular event. And it is difficult, especially considering the fact that Russia is not especially rich in phenomena in pop culture. Nevertheless, it is possible to find a way out. For example, in a RuNet still there is no uniform website devoted to event tourism which would incorporate all possible rounds on categories, beginning from cinema, music and finishing with history and sport. By means of partnership with organizers of rounds it would be quite possible to earn from such website. Besides such “agency” would considerably be allocated against other tourist websites which in the majority offer standard programs (and if address event tourism, then first of all to various festivals and holidays which have to take place soon).

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