Self-service laundry

Creation of a network of laundries of self-service – very good and perspective idea of business bringing quite good dividends at rather small investments. The essence of this idea consists in opening of a network of laundries which equip landromatam (the laundry car with a bill acceptor). The minimum sum which is necessary to start business 2 thousand dollars. This money – for purchase of washing machines with the payment terminal. It is desirable to use washing machines of brand of Samsung of a series eight 2009 of release with loading from 5 to 8 kg. It is expedient to open laundry self-services in hostels, in dormitory areas, on the coasts of resorts. For connection of household laundry cars existence of an electric network of 220 Volts, availability of water and discharge suffices. It is desirable – counters of water and the electric power. After the equipment of a laundry of self-service permission of SES and firemen is necessary. These organizations to household laundries do not make big demands. All allowing documents are processed officially without additional expenses. It is not necessary to sign any other contracts. It is big plus in comparison with payment terminals. For service of the equipment (washing machines with the payment terminal) one person suffices. It can be the owner of point of a laundry of self-service. At development of a network – it is possible to employ the person who is able to serve to 20 laundries. Cost of washing 0,30 dale. Here the cost of water, the electric power, rent, depreciation of the equipment and the friend enters. expenses. Cost of one washing of 1,5 dollars. Profitability – 500%. Loading of a landromat depends on an installation site it and makes 8 hours a day. Installation of the automatic machine in hostels numbering inhabitants from 250 persons is expedient. In that case payback of the equipment makes from 8 to 14 months. For a solution of the problem of vandalism it is necessary to protect boxing for notes and the payment terminal the anti-vandal case with a safe lock, and also (in the presence of means) to establish video surveillance. Seasonality in hospitals, military units, and also in family hostels does not exist. In student’s hostels the revenue in summer months decreases by 30-40% from winter and autumn. Advertizing of laundries of self-service is rather simple. Posters in kitchens in wash basins hostels, and “gossip hotline” if only the cost of washing was acceptable will work further. The competition in this business yet not big, in private hostels of competitors is few.

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