Hammam – the Turkish bath

In Russia becomes fashionable hammam – the Turkish bath. Hammam in Turkey, it is the whole ritual which clears a body and soul. And, besides, very profitable business. Presently availability of hot water not a problem, as a last resort it is possible to use a water heater. So, the modern bath is not only the place where it is possible to be washed. Visitors have a rest there, communicate, accept various procedures, restore health. In the nineties the Russian bath and the Swedish sauna enjoyed wide popularity. Presently, many tourists go to have a rest abroad including to Turkey. There that, they also get acquainted with hammam for the first time. In Russia the Turkish bath – hammam is in Moscow and some big cities. Therefore if in your city there is no hammam yet, then you can safely open it. Clients surely will be. Between hammam, a number of essential differences is the Russian bath and the Finnish sauna. For construction of the Turkish bath not the tree, and marble (for economy it is possible to use its imitation) is used. At a view of a photo it is visible hammam of the Turkish baths that they are constructed by the principle of a palm of hands. On the center a circle with a dome (palm) where marble stove benches, and around five fingers sweating rooms are located. Visitors, begin to take a steam bath at 70 degrees, pass from one sweating room into another where temperature is higher, then in following and so reach 100 degrees. Such gradual temperature increase allows an organism to adapt to it. On stone stove benches in the middle of a palm of clients waits for massage which becomes quite strongly with use of a large amount of foam. After these procedures the client feels extraordinary inflow of forces and cheerfulness. And in end of a ceremony, it is waited by rest on soft stove benches and tea drinking. According to experts, visit of the Turkish bath allows to wash up all body very well. High temperature in steam rooms promote the maximum clarification of skin. Under the influence of wet vapor the horn layer of epidermis is softened, skin fat is diluted and by means of simple friction all superfluous is removed from a skin surface. Besides, visit of the Turkish baths helps with fight against cellulitis. Construction of the Turkish bath will cost several million dollars. If you want to open the hammam, then it is better to take the room in long-term rent. One more option – to buy a domestic bath. Communications are brought, the equipment is installed and regular customers already are. Let’s count the sum of initial capital investments: rent – 2000000 rubles a year, approximately as much capital repairs, a salary of service personnel – 1500000 rubles a year. Total: 5000000-6000000 rubles. If such sum is unavailable, then it is possible to take the credit in bank. It is worth it. Your expenditure will pay off in a year.

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