Tourism for disabled people

It would seem, judging by the name the speech about the foreign project has to go. However this time niche service is offered by the Russian company “Liberti” from the northern capital. Having spotted abroad that the whole world travels, despite physical restrictions, and, having compared this situation with Russia, foundresses of the company Natalya Gasparyan and Maria Bondar decided that here it, a fallow virgin soil in the domestic tourist market. Women once on themselves could experience immovability “delights”: at Maria in the childhood the backbone was injured, and Natalya got a sports injury. But, nothing, was lucky them – they were restored. And for those to whom Fortuna was not favorable it turned out that we any have no conditions. Therefore, all first year after registration of Ltd company, the girlfriend were engaged in the fact that prepared rounds. “We crept on the city with a roulette, measured, photographed, it was important to understand whether the person on a carriage will be able to pass along this concrete route”, – Maria Bondar tells DP. In 2005 – 2006 at the tourist ITB exhibition in Germany there were partners ready to send the German tourists to St. Petersburg. On socially protected tourists from the developed countries Liberti at first also concentrated, and in 2006 the company began work and with domestic clients. At first on routes across St. Petersburg, and since 2010 – worldwide. That is now there are three directions of business, but the profit brings only one – reception of foreign tourists wheelchair invalids from Germany, Israel, Switzerland, the USA, Canada and other countries. Tours to compatriots are sold at prime cost and will absolutely free of charge organize them for children on carriages. At the same time by Natalya Gasparyan’s recognitions it is more difficult to work with the Russian disabled people – they are a little socialized, mistrustful, suspicious. It is very difficult to them to prove that it is necessary to pay for services. Well, life defines consciousness. Regarding financial side of business everything began with the credit of 700 thousand rubles. On it the company bought the minibus, equipped it with the elevator and redid arrangement of seats. In additives in 2010 of “Liberti” got financial support from Our Future fund within a competition in the sphere of social business. The interest-free loan for 4 years of 1,725 million rubles became an award. The company plans to spend funds for advertizing and participation in the international exhibitions, research of new routes (Kiev, Riga), an additional equipment of the special bus and training of personnel. Development really is required – so far during the season (from May to September) the company will organize excursions only for 200 tourists, but it is not a limit. Strangely enough, we have sites worthy more or less European level an infrastructure: ramps in the museums are under construction, new hotels and the improving centers already initially have all necessary devices. So it is possible to expect increase in a flow of tourists with limited abilities.

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