Repair of rooms and apartments

remont kvartir i pomesheniy
remont kvartir i pomesheniy

Development of housing market, active construction, are the reasons of a rapid turnover of rooms. In this regard, for several years, there was a large number of the firms and individuals rendering services in carrying out repair of rooms and apartments. This type of business actively develops and taking into account that builders lease apartments with draft finishing, it will only gain popularity. At the moment, in the market of repair deficiency of the firms rendering the services qualitatively and with the democratic prices. Therefore if you understand subtleties of repair and you have a desire to open the business, perhaps, it is your chance. The organization of business for apartment renovation, for example in new buildings, differs in nothing from the organization of any business. Before sticking announcements with offers of the services, get accustomed to the existing market. The market, most often consists of the licensed organizations and business owners. Private enterprises consist of a small amount of the construction crews which are carrying out repair and finishing works. The principles of work for all one, but the organizations have the documents allowing them to carry out repair work, and they bear responsibility for the held events for repair. The prices of rendering services at the organizations are higher, than at private enterprises. There are three types of repair: cosmetic, “economy class”, repair of “business class”. Renovation is the most inexpensive. These are the elementary manipulations on pasting of wall-paper, facing with a tile. The income of the organizations from such repair, about 1500 rubles for sq.m. Repair of “economy class” brings in to the organizations the income in 2000 rubles for sq.m and is the most popular among clients, and also not demanding heavy expenses. This type of repair brings in the main income to repair firms. “Business class” – the most expensive repair, 2500 rubles for sq.m. Paying such repair, the client expects the corresponding quality of work and use of expensive materials. Good advertizing in such business is the recommendation. The client happy with your work will advise your firm to friends and acquaintances. Also paper announcements on the city can be advertizing. Other types of advertizing are not effective in such segment of business. After obtaining the order, the representative of firm pays to the client free visit during which the amount of works is defined, its complexity and the estimate is formed. After introduction of advance payment and signing of contracts for the place of work the experts making dismantle of unnecessary details of the room leave. After that, experts of finishing and repair get into gear. Terms of performance of work are based on quality and complexity of the order. At the initial stage, firm it is worth working strenuously for image, to place big emphasis on creation of base of clients and creation of a portfolio of the executed orders. If start was successful, eventually, the firm will be able attract also corporate clients that will give the chance of opening of own office and promotion of offers on municipal tenders in the field of construction.

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