The protocol of interrogation of E.K. Mukhanova of February 10, 1935.

dopros v nkvd
dopros v nkvd


February 10, 1935.

MUHANOVA E.K., 36 years, noblewoman, urozh. Kuibyshev, from 1931 to 1934 worked in government library. Before arrest worked in library of film combine. The husband (dispersed in 1934) KIZYuN Damety Simonovich, the member Vkl(b), the deputy editor of the Red International of Labor Unions magazine.

QUESTION: Who recommended you for service in government library? *
ANSWER: From the acquaintance ZHURAVLEVA Anna Vasilyevna (byvsh. the eserka, lately worked in library of 1 MSU), * I learned that in government library workers are required and that it is necessary to address the GIFT. I addressed it and was enlisted in structure sotrudnikov*.
QUESTION: Why you left from there?
ANSWER: Officially I left at own will; actually to me suggested to submit the notice of resignation in connection with the statement for mine which arrived on me allegedly to service in the Czech counterintelligence.
QUESTION: Why appear in your leaving government library the official and informal version?
ANSWER: The manager of the Secretariat of VTsIK of comrade of TEPEXOB and the manager of SOKOLOV’S library believed me that I in the Czech counterintelligence did not work therefore such way of my leaving library was chosen.
QUESTION: And what, a special inspection on this matter was carried out?
ANSWER: I do not know.
QUESTION: Who declared your service in counterintelligence?
QUESTION: Why you did not make her responsible for slander, time you deny the service in counterintelligence?
ANSWER: It is my big mistake.
QUESTION: Perhaps, you decided to hush up this business because actually you served in counterintelligence?
ANSWER: No, I deny it.
QUESTION: Which of the staff of government library you continued to meet after leaving from there?
ANSWER: Only with N. A. Rosenfeld.
QUESTION: How you know it?
ANSWER: * I know that it from a family of princes of BEBUTOVYH that she is the brother Kamenev’s wife that her son was a Trotskyist. ROSENFELD, on my impressions, Soviet adjusted chelovek*.
QUESTION: It is a lie; To you anti-Soviet moods ROSENFELD are well-known. In conversations with you she did not hide them.
ANSWER: She showed me sometimes discontent with material conditions, shortage of products and on other household questions.
QUESTION: It is not all. What counterrevolutionary talk with you carried on ROSENFELD; she transferred you slander to party leadership and the governments?
* ANSWER: Yes, ROSENFELD told me that she knows (from whom, I do not know) that the official version about death of ALLILUEVOY as a result of an illness is not true that actually ALLILUEVA committed suicide.
ROSENFELD also said to me that suicide of ALLILUEVOY was caused it by disagreement with the political policy conducted in the country as a result of which allegedly the village is brought by collectivization to an impoverishment; in the city the population lacks food, etc. *
QUESTION: Still what counterrevolutionary talk with you carried on ROSENFELD?
ANSWER: It extended malicious calumny concerning t. Stalin, said that old and closest pupils of Lenin — Zinovyev and Kamenev are discharged of political life that in the country and in party there are no democracy elements.
QUESTION: Still that spoke to you ROSENFELD about Zinovyev and Kamenev?
* ANSWER: It eulogized Zinovyev and Kamenev, considering that they have all data to be at the management. From a number of talk on this matter with ROSENFELD I took out the conclusion about her embitternment in relation to t. Stalinu*.
QUESTION: And after that you claim that ROSENFELD Soviet adjusted?
ANSWER: No. Actually ROSENFELD is ready certainly counterrevolutionarily.
QUESTION: Whether still someone knew except you about counterrevolutionary moods ROSENFELD?
ANSWER: On my supervision, it has to be known: DAVYDOVA, BURAGO and the t working in the Secretariat. ENUKIDZE TRESHCHALINA.
QUESTION: What you know of these persons?
* ANSWER: DAVYDOVA — the noblewoman, works in government library, anti-Soviet adjusted; BURAGO — the noblewoman who is also adjusted anti-Soviet. Both of them transferred me slander in connection with death of ALLILUEVOY, similar to that which transferred me ROSENFELD.
TREShchALINA is close to ROSENFELD. She is a daughter of the merchant. Slanderous rumors about private life of heads of party and government are connected with name TREShchALINOI also DAVYDOVOY extended ROSENFELD. TREShchALINOY favors comrade of ENUKIDZE which, according to her, belongs to it as the father rodnoy*.
I know from her words and according to ROSENFELD that TREShchALINA often visits t. ENUKIDZE at the dacha.
QUESTION: From where it is known ROSENFELD?
ANSWER: ROSENFELD herself was at the dacha at ENUKIDZE.
ANSWER: No, with the employee of library of the Kremlin of RAEVSKOY, the nee princess of URUSOVOY, and TREShchALINOY.
TREShchALINA reported ROSENFELD that A.S. ENUKIDZE “was pleasant to RAEVSKAYa and he asked it to bring to it on the dacha. Received the similar invitation from ENUKIDZE through TREShchALINU and ROSENFELD. This invitation was accepted, and a trip on the dacha sostoyalas*.
QUESTION: What you know of RAEVSKOY?
* ANSWER: I know that this woman of easy virtue; to the Kremlin she went to work thanks to cohabitation to the late AKOPOVYM. Working in library, RAEVSKAYa was in intimate relations with a number of employees of the Kremlin (GUBERMANOM, UVAROVYM). Told me BURAGO* about all this.
QUESTION: And ROSENFELD knew that RAEVSKAYa the woman of easy virtue?
QUESTION: What, ROSENFELD was in this case a supplier of live goods?
ANSWER: As ROSENFELD knew that she is RAEVSKAYa – it is so.
QUESTION: Whether long ago ROSENFELD is engaged in this profession?
ANSWER: I cannot answer this question, and here from TREShchALINOY I know that there were still such cases.
QUESTION: What you still know of RAEVSKOY?
* ANSWER: I know that after visit of RAEVSKOY of dacha of A.S. Enukidze she received the invitation and was in a government box of the Bolshoi Theatre, and also received tickets for the Red ploshchad*.
QUESTION: To Côme Vy retailed slanderous rumors which were spread among your acquaintances and about which you transferred above.
ANSWER: I transferred them to my brother and in library not KULAKOVOY, not NELIDOVOY, is possible to both.
QUESTION: You have communications with foreigners. List these communications.
* ANSWER: Yes, I kept in contact with the employee of the English Embassy in Moscow BENKSON Nina Konradovna. I got acquainted with it in rest house of Bolshoi Academic State Theatre USSR in Makopse (between Tuapse and Sochi) in 1933 g*.
After arrival to Moscow from rest house I during 1933 — 34 g was at BENKSON 4 times; once I had it on the apartment.
** QUESTION: What relation you — the employee of library of the Kremlin and BENKSON — the employee of the English consulate have to the Bolshoi Theatre and why you had a rest in rest house of the Bolshoi Theatre? **
ANSWER: I and BENKSON of the relation to the Bolshoi Theatre we have no. We bought vacation packages to this rest house incidentally.
QUESTION: What talk with BENKSON you carried on in Moscow in 1933-34?
ANSWER: We arranged to BENKSON often by phone, still when I worked in the Kremlin library. She called me to the Kremlin, I called her in consulate. I remember that I somehow took the English WOK magazine for TREShchALINOY from BENKSON.
BENKSON told me about structure of the English consulate and embassy (about the ambassador, the consul, other staff of embassy and consulate of the English), called to me surnames which I do not remember, the situation there, I told nothing to it.
QUESTION: What do you explain with that BENKSON told you about the duty station, and you told nothing to it?
ANSWER: It was less curious, than I.
QUESTION: You show a lie. We have data that you told BENKSON about your service, about your acquaintances on service, about an order of pass to the Kremlin, protection, etc.
ANSWER: On service I really told BENKSON about my service and acquaintances. Any more I told nothing to it.
QUESTION: By what phone you called BENKSON in consulate?
ANSWER: I called BENKSON by telephone 4-54-12.
QUESTION: Which of your acquaintances is known by BENKSON?
ANSWER: I and BENKSON are familiar with Aniltrest’s employee — DENISOVOY Tamara Pavlovna and her friend Sofya Zinovyevna (surnames do not remember) working too in Aniltresta. DENISOVA keeps in contact with BENKSON until recently.
QUESTION: Whether did you any offers of BENKSON?
ANSWER: Never any did.
QUESTION: With your participation books of special storage were stolen from library of the Kremlin. One of such books is found in you at a search? What communication between this fact and requests which to you BENKSON handled?
ANSWER: Really, at a search the book which ROSENFELD, at my request, gave me in temporary use is found in me. It has no relation to BENKSON.
QUESTION: When gave you ROSENFELD this book?
ANSWER: It is more than half a year ago.
QUESTION: If you took from ROSENFELD in temporary use the book why you within half a year did not return it?
ANSWER: Forgot.
QUESTION: Why on the book there is no accession number of library?
ANSWER: I do not know.
QUESTION: According to the investigation, you together with ROSENFELD, and after your leaving library — ROSENFELD, systematically abducted a number of books of special storage from library of the Kremlin. The German book “Storm — Ibert Ruslana” found in you at a search is also stolen among others.
Whether you know it, and also tell, for what purpose you made plunder of books.
ANSWER: I am not involved in plunder of books.



APRF. T. 3. Op. 58. 230. L. 67-75. Original. Typewriting.

* On the first leaf is available hand-written Stalin’s dung: “No. 7”.
** The offer is underlined with a pencil.
* — * Otcherknuto on fields one line.
** — ** On fields is available hand-written Stalin’s dung: “From whom bought? Who gave permits?”

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