University Centre the International institute of hotel, tourist and event management in Switzerland


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IMI, University Centre the International institute of hotel, tourist and event management in Switzerland






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IMI, University Centre

The international institute of hotel, tourist and event management in Switzerland

Why to be trained in hotel, tourist and event management? The reason is simple because together they represent the biggest and most dynamically developing in the 21st century economy sector which provides the greatest number of workplaces in the world. Why in Switzerland? Why in Lucerne? Why we are sure that IMI University Centre is the best choice for you? Study information below, and you will find answers to these questions. IMI is one of the best institutes of hotel, tourist and event management in Switzerland. Here about 300 young and talented students from more, than 45 countries of the world are trained to hold the leading posts in the largest world industry.


Whether you knew that only 40% of graduates of schools of hotel management work in hotel? It means that 60% work in other spheres: consulting, government institutions, education, tourism. Many become businessmen and open own business. Employment is a keyword in IMI. Whether you will make good money whether you will be able to provide the worthy future to yourself and the family? Here, in IMI, we do everything possible in order that having graduated from school, you had enough knowledge and skills, for occupation of leader positions and achievement of success and in the future.


IMI is located in the central Switzerland in only 15 minutes of driving from the picturesque city of Lucerne, one of the most popular tourist directions. The schoolhouse is in the quiet place the suburb Lucerne – to Kastaniyenbauma (Kastanienbaum) – “the city of chestnuts” on the bank of the lake with a beautiful view of the Alps.


Supervision showed that Lucerne is the safest place in the safest country, Switzerland. We really care for our students and we do everything possible that they felt at home.


Academic year consists of a theoretical and practical training: 5-6 months of the academic occupations and 5-6 months of training at the enterprises of the industry of hospitality in Switzerland with the guaranteed monthly salary 2150 CHF. It allows to cover expenses on accommodation and food, and also to compensate partially a tuition fee. There is a possibility of the international training. Training is held in English, but besides, the German, French or Spanish languages are in addition learned at choice.


Understanding need of students for active social life and out-of-class actions, IMI uses the huge efforts combining training and rest. According to our students IMI is school of happiness where students can enjoy wholly out-of-class life and various entertaining actions.


Understanding, employment is how important for students upon termination of, a task of department of employment of IMI is to help students to make a right choice and to transfer the knowledge gained during training to practice. Specialists of department offer students a wide choice of vacancies, help with drawing up the summary and interviewing with the employer. Each semester at school Job fairs to which the representatives of the industry and employers from around the world interested in young specialists are invited are held. We will help you to take the first step on the way to creation of successful career!


IMI is a member of many prestigious international associations: VSP, WAHTT, SHA, CHRIE, AEHT, EUHOFA, IH&RA, HCIMA, EURHODIP.

Programs of school are recognized by Department of Education of the Swiss canton of Nidwalden and one of the leading British higher education institutions – University Manchester Matropolitan (Manchester Metropolitan University) thanks to what students gain 2 diplomas (The Swiss institute IMI and the British university). The Anglo-Swiss philosophy of institute is the integral element of educational programs with the main emphasis on quality of teaching and receiving practical experience by students. Quality of training in IMI is confirmed by thousands of graduates of school holding the leading posts at the enterprises of the industry of hospitality worldwide.


We are proud of professionalism of our teachers and quality of training which we offer. You would not like to gain your any education, what diploma what nationality you would not be, IMI will help you to pick up the suitable program which will promote most your professional growth and creation of career in the sphere of hospitality, tourism and event management. IMI offers a wide choice of programs of the Bachelor for graduates of high schools and so-so special educational institutions, and also the program of second higher education (Postgraduate) for graduates of higher educational institutions and MBA for Bachelors with experience at administrative positions:

The certificate in “The international hotel and tourist Management” (1 year)

The Swiss diploma in “The international hotel and tourist Management” (1,5-2 years)

The highest Swiss diploma in “The international hotel and tourist Management” (2-3 years)

The highest Swiss diploma in “Management in the sphere of culinary art” (2-3 years)

Bachelor (Honours) (2,5 – 3,5)

  • International hotel management
  • International tourist management
  • International hotel and tourist management
  • International hotel and event management
  • International tourist and event management
  • Restaurant management
  • Management in the sphere of culinary art
  • Business in the sphere of hospitality


MBA in “The international hospitality” (1 year)

MBA in “The Swiss hotel management” (1 year) the Diploma about second higher education (Postgraduate) in “The international hospitality” (1 year)

“The international hotel and event management” (6 months or 1 year considering training)

Preparatory program for English (12 weeks)

Intensive preparatory program for English (4 weeks)

Introductory requirements:

  • age – of 17 years
  • the certificate about secondary education or the diploma about the higher education
  • knowledge of English at the level:

– program of the Bachelor of IELTS 5.0/TOEFL 500 (paper-based), 61 (computer-based)

– Postgraduate and MBA IELTS 5.5-6.0 program.

– delivery of the internal IMI test on English is possible. The beginning of occupations 3 times a year: September/October, January/February and July/August

The motto of school – “Striving for success, choose the best”!!!



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