Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality, Passugg


Name of educational institution
Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality
Contact person
Admissons manager
+41 81 255 11 30
+41 81 255 18 19
Description of educational institution
Our mission – your future
Study hospitality in SSTH Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality in Chur/Passugg (Switzerland) and be ready to successful international career in this sphere.
The highly skilled faculty shares not only knowledge, but also experiment on a wide range of the directions of preparation. Teaching takes place in a format of lectures, educations, practical work and independent education.
Located in the Swiss Alps, SSTH offers not only quality education, but also a large number of entertaining actions, and also accommodation in a bilingual campus in the heart of Switzerland.
The Swiss Highest Diploma in the field of Hotel and Restaurant Management
This program represents a three-year course for students who want to construct the career in area of management of hospitality. She trains students for performance of management duties, both in separate, and in the network organizations. Besides educations and studying of the theory students pass annual practice in hotel or restaurant.
The bachelor degree in the field of the International Management of Hospitality which four times received an award from the Edinburgh Queen Margaret University.
The purpose of the program of the Bachelor degree is in preparing young high quality professionals in the field of management of hospitality for work in various hotels and the tourist centers worldwide. The students who gained the Highest Swiss Diploma in the field of Hotel and Restaurant Management can continue education and receive the bachelor’s degree in SSTH. Since August, 2008 the BA program (Bachelor of Arts) is carried out in a campus to Passugg (Switzerland). Students have an opportunity to become the bachelor of Queen Margaret University for 2 semester.
Obtaining the Professional Diploma in the field of the International Management of hospitality (1,5 years) with a possibility of the subsequent receiving master degree at one of partner universities.
This program allows university graduates to gain profound knowledge and understanding of the sphere of hospitality, having added with that the main education in other area. Teaching management is combined with practical courses. The main objective consists in development of the theoretical party of management, formation of critical thinking and in fixing of skills of direct work in the sphere of the industry of hospitality. The students aimed at receiving degree of the master have an opportunity to continue education at one of partner universities.
Education cost
Programs of the main education:
13’400 Swiss francs for a semester (4 – 6 semester)
Program of obtaining the professional diploma:
14’600 Swiss francs for a semester (2 semester)
Accommodation and food:
6’800 Swiss francs for a semester (2 – 6 semester)

Grants are not provided.
Additional information is available to the address <>
Beginning of education
All programs begin in August and January.

Students are trained and live in a campus in Passugg, combining classical architectural Belle Époque style and modern conditions of education. Accommodation in single or double rooms and food (7 days a week).
Welcome to the first-class Swiss college of hotel management –

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