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green tourism

The described idea of small business to belong to the category business of ideas of “narrow” character and not owing to difficulty of the embodiment, namely from the point of view of perception of people and to the skeptical relation to a similar way of life. Of course, everyone chooses as to it to live, for several honeycombs of dollars of a salary in the large city, with its noise and rate of life, or in silent the measured mode, but with the income in several thousands of dollars, working in the open air. Technical revolutions and essential the changes of a society organization increased on accelerated life, create also new tendencies in the market of services that allows to organize own business on absolutely new ideas for small business. One of such perspective niches which resulted from fashion on a healthy lifestyle is the organization and carrying out rounds of so-called “green tourism”. Green tourism in Europe and the USA, especially in EU countries gains huge popularity and the market of providing similar services already passes for milliard turns. Considering the possibilities of similar business, It should be noted that creation of agency is possible as in pure form, that is beginning rendering of services of the intermediary between potential buyers and the place of the round and who is quite integrated by structure from implementation of permits, before providing services. The second option more optimum for the beginning businessman as sale only of “green” rounds is almost impossible due to the lack of necessary infrastructure. Creations of the venue of such round quite feasible task. At the heart of creation of a venue of “green tourism” mean creation and arrangement of the place of residence in rural areas for the city dweller, speaking “a lodge to villages” in images, at the same time the range of services includes also existence of a personal plot and pets, such as a cow, a pig, horses and so on. The ordinary rural house with all economy and a kitchen garden, but with places for reception of tourists, mini-hotel to villages is figuratively speaking created. It is almost impossible to realize similar idea for small business without existence of the starting capital and it is one of the most considerable minuses of this idea. Creation of own small business begins with definition with the place, that is:
At the first stage we begin search of the place for future mini-hotel with existence of infrastructure, at least electricity, at the same time it is worth looking for picturesque places, that is existence of the wood, a reservoir one of obligatory attributes of such house. It should be noted that, getting to the remote place it is possible to find the big, two floor houses almost ready for operation which are on sale for “kopeks” by the standards of the city. It is necessary to provide repayment of adjacent territories in initial stages. And also several unsightly lodges for more extreme rest. The small hutorok thrown on open spaces of the homeland can be ideal option for such business it is a lot of. At the second stage we begin to make the business plan for realization of idea. Drawing up the business plan goes the second point because one of the main articles of expenses is purchase and the equipment of the most future mini-hotel which cost cannot almost be measured “by eye”. It is necessary to remember that it is quite real to find almost ideal place for very ridiculous money, population shift to big cities practically devastates rural areas. Organizing own business except the main articles of expenses it is necessary to provide costs of purchase of the minimum living creatures set, garden stock and so on. The third stage the equipment of housing and arrangement of the economic yard, this process does not differ in especially remarkable features and at a formation stage to observe the minimum standards enough. The only thing that you should not forget, is purity and tasty food, these factors have prime value. The fourth stage drawing up the “cultural” program, that is even prior to reception of guests it is necessary to organize accurately all program of stay, for example, the first day acquaintance to the economic yard, walk on horses, the second day, a trip on the small river or the lake and so on. Of course, the description of all processes has to be detailed and have reserve options, for example, the rain went and it is impossible to go to the wood, you have to know that it is necessary to do in it cases. Closes process of creation of own matter in realization of this idea for small business, carrying out an advertizing campaign, of course the advertizing company should be begun even before completion of arrangement of mini-hotel. As the main sources of advertizing we use newspapers and leaflets, but it is worth paying special attention to carrying out advertizing among the working travel agencies. First, they have already certain client base and will be able to carry out the advertizing company more effectively, than you, plus a systematic flow of clients among whom there will be those who want to have a rest in your atmosphere of rural areas. Secondly, at the initial stages of business of the problems arising with arrangement and establishing own business will not give the chance to you independently to be engaged in active advance of the services. Considering this idea of small business, It should be noted that it most is suitable for so-called “family” business when members of one family, with attraction small the number of workers and that for single works take part in the organization and further work. This niche very much prospect also has a set of positive sides, but It should be noted that to negative to belong the fact that it is necessary to live at a distance from the big city and to taste it will be to rather narrow circle of potential businessmen. But to the one who loves silence or was tired of mad rate of life of big cities, it can be useful even if you have no idea of reality of rural life that can be told with confidence that it can learn, having banal desire. In end I want to note that work with economy of course rather specific occupation (cleaning for animals and so on), but at the same time it is “much purer” morally, than ordinary work of any office of the big city. By the way longevity of villagers is much higher city if to cast away death from addictions.

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