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Shakespeare College

Shakespeare College – is well-known in London and proved as educational institution with high standards. The college offers different programs from short-term English language courses to long-term academic programs. Here more than 600 students from all countries mira.shakespeare are trained College was founded in 2001 for the purpose of training of foreign students in English. The college was initially created as language school and since then proved the advantage in the market of education and now offers different programs.
The college is located in heart of London, thereby students can combine business with pleasure, walking on old streets of London after classes. The college has two cases – Covent Garden (the most attractive tourist area) and Bloomsbury street in Fitzrovia (several minutes from the known British Museum). Both cases are provided bright and convenient with classes, the modern audiovisual equipment, library, a computer class and the room for students. We are also always glad to help and support our students with search of housing, opening of the bank account, obtaining the student’s map, etc.
At present the college offers English language courses of various levels (from 2-x weeks till 2 years), business-English with the corresponding objects of the industry; different academic programs such as: business management, tourism and hotel business, health and social cares, and also finance and accounts department. All these programs take on average 2-3 years in which end students gain the diploma. On the termination of the academic programs students I can use our new program from Leeds Trinity university in London where students finish the last year of university, being in college.
Answers you can find in the section Admission – or to write Enrolment Form to us on e-mail:  where the staff of college is always glad to help and answer all questions. About obtaining student’s visas in Great Britain it is also possible to receive on the website of the Government of Great Britain
Why to Choose Shakespeare College
Shakespeare College is a family business where to each student treat as the family member, helping and accompanying them through all course.
Training takes place in small groups to 20 people, thereby the teacher pays attention to all students in a class that improves perception of a subject and its bigger understanding.
Why London?
·    Capital of Great Britain
·    The leading city in the world of fashion and entertainments
·    Here all cultures of the different countries are presented
·    The most known sights of the world
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