Production of solar collectors

It is known that the sun is an inexhaustible power source which gives to Earth of 85 thousand billions kilowatts every second that in several thousands of times exceeds possibilities of all power plants of the world. And such opportunities need to be able to use that is possible by means of solar collectors on which production, sale and installation it is possible to construct very perspective and profitable business. The solar collector or in other words, a solar power plant is the special heat exchanger intended for heating from solar energy of liquid – antifreeze or water which proceeds in it. One solar collector is on average capable to heat in one hour 10 liters of water to temperature from 50 to 70 degrees Celsius, it functions in the range of temperatures from-40 to 50 degrees Celsius. It should be noted that today solar heat supply gained broad development in many foreign countries. The most part of installations of solar heat supply is equipped with solar collectors. Only in the USA solar collectors which area makes 10 million square meters thanks to what it is possible to reach annual economy of fuel to 1,5 million tons are used. At the same time in our country the area of collectors makes no more than 100 thousand square meters. Solar collectors can be applied to heating and hot water supply of various buildings and constructions, such as:
– low houses, small buildings of the enterprises by means of installation of collectors on roofs or near buildings on the land plots;
– production premises of the enterprises, small hotels, restaurants, cafe, consumer services, automobile repair shops and so forth.
– greenhouses, hotbeds and greenhouses;
– the outdoor and indoor pools for heating of water having any volume;
– summer shower cabins.
Solar collectors have the greatest popularity among owners of houses and farms which are from networks of the centralized heat supply at a distance. They in the majority apply solar collectors as an autonomous source of heat supply. Especially as solar collectors not only do not take a lot of place, but even decorate a landscape of the land plots and give them more modern appearance.
This type of business allows to develop in several directions, such as:
– Production of solar collectors;
– Installation and installation of solar collectors.
It should be noted that today there are many firms offering solar collectors to sale. However their cost is quite high, its lower level makes 300 dollars. So shortcoming independent production of solar collectors will become more favorable. Solar collectors are made of polymeric materials. The design of a solar collector consists of the case and the absorbing panel. In it special profiles from a corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy are applied. On the case of a solar collector the method of putting polyester powders in an electrostatic field applies any color paint. The heatperceiving panel of a solar collector by method of a vacuum dusting is covered with the selective absorbing covering which possesses high efficiency of transformation of solar energy to thermal. The panel heated by the sun is manufactured of cellular polypropylene, its area makes only one square meter. On the party directed to the sun protection from cellular polycarbonate is established. All design is placed in an aluminum frame. Solar collectors happen two types: summer and winter. Summer collectors are simpler on the design, the principle of natural circulation is the cornerstone of their action. Winter collectors demand existence of the pump, the timer and a special tank. Such collectors refuel antifreeze. It should be noted that there is no production of solar collectors by own forces need for acquisition of expensive materials. All materials necessary for their creation have rather small cost. So, construction of one solar collector which square of Heliopolis makes 1 square meter it is necessary to buy materials for the sum about 670 rubles. One more plus is that production of a solar collector will not take away a lot of time and will take only 5 hours. For implementation of assembly of solar collectors it will be required to acquire the equipment. Its structure is minimum, it is enough to buy knives, the electric drill and a table. Any special requirements to the room in which assembly, no is carried out it can be any. The only condition – existence of power supply in 220 volts. As for installation of solar collectors, it is quite simple and does not demand existence of expensive equipment. It is possible to mount such systems at dachas, on roofs of houses, construction cars, at pools, on the earth, etc. Moreover, installation is carried out quickly enough and does not demand big time expenditure. The structure of the elementary installation is a heat-sink tank and two collectors. The starting capital in the sum from only 200 to 800 dollars is necessary for the organization of this type of business, at the same time monthly business is capable to bring from 400 to 2 thousand dollars.

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