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Traffic in arms, as we know, is one of the most profitable types of business. It is also known that this field of activity is not legal. However it should be noted that there is also quite lawful niche for the business connected with traffic in arms. Of course, it is not so profitable, nevertheless, and here the level of profitability reaches from 30 to 40%. To start work in this field of activity it is necessary to study carefully the market, the competitors functioning in it, and also all standards, requirements and nuances of the current legislation which directly or indirectly concern weapon business and to carry out search of the niche. It should be noted that the domestic market of the weapon is at an initial stage of development. For this reason in sector the set of contradictions and discrepancies is observed. For example, some time ago in the market the new generation of pneumatics – high-power pneumatic guns appeared. According to the current legislation it is possible to buy such weapon, but it is forbidden to hunt with its help. Not less ambiguous situation developed also with gas guns of the Russian production. On the one hand they are the acceptable and admissible means of self-defense, on the other hand, their assembly is carried out on the same production lines on which the military weapon and practically from the same materials is issued. The problem at the same time consists what any handyman at desire can make without special work so that the gas gun will begin to shoot service cartridges that can become a source of extremely negative consequences. It should be noted that to enter on the weapon market is quite difficult occupation. As a rule, in the majority of the large cities it is divided between several large retail companies. And usually weapon shops open the former employees of the commercial organizations which are already functioning some time, having the corresponding knowledge, communications and practical experience of work or the former employees of law enforcement agencies for which obtaining the license for traffic in arms does not make a big problem. The starting capital in the sum not less than 100 thousand dollars is necessary for opening of weapon shop. This sum is necessary for purchase of goods, the organization of its worthy exhibiting, reduction of the premises of shop in compliance to the operating technical requirements of bodies of licensing. The area necessary for placement of weapon shop makes not less than 120 square meters. The room having about 200 square meters is ideal. Such room is the most comfortable both for buyers, and for sellers, and also allows to place and present goods competently. Moreover, such square allows to create several trading floors, in each of which it is possible to place a certain type of weapon and the accompanying goods, for example, the hall for models of the military weapon, the hall for the hunting weapon, the hall for a cold weapon and various accessories. It should be noted that there are two most running and successful options of representation in weapon shop of goods. First, weapon can be deployed behind a counter behind the seller at open stands, secondly, in glass show-windows, and both in a trading floor, and on counters. Best of all weapon racks – “pyramids” look. Their convenience is that in them fastening at the different levels of different models gives the chance as the potential buyer can consider better goods, and also on the minimum square to place the maximum quantity of commodity units. The second option is more expensive. It is connected with the fact that special arms are necessary for its application. It should be noted, however, that today domestic masters quite well learned to copy them from foreign analogs. Indisputable advantage of the second option is the possibility of economy on means of protection. Such economy is reached because the smaller number of locks is necessary. If show-windows it is closed by one lock, then at the placement of the weapon on the open stand each its unit needs to be recorded the separate lock. The general for these two options is that, as open stands, and show-windows in surely order need to be equipped with the alarm system.
The following technical requirements are imposed to weapon shops:
1. Obligatory existence of means for suppression of the fires.
2. Existence of connection to the security and fire alarm system brought to the panel of the central supervision of private security of Department of Internal Affairs.
3. Existence of an additional source of power supply which is necessary for cases when the main network is for any of several reasons disconnected.
4. Existence of the weapon room which has to represent the special room without windows and to be equipped with especially powerful locks.
5. Existence of steel lattices at windows and on air vents.
As for registration of an interior of weapon shop, it is also worth approaching this question with special care and to pay it special attention. It is necessary to consider that acquisition of so specific goods as the weapon is a special and unusual event for most of people. This type of goods is not bought every day in some of the next stalls. Moreover, it is also worth meaning that quite often the weapon is bought for a presentation as gifts to the real judges of the weapon. And, considering that the maximum price limit for the weapon just as, for example, and for jewelry simply does not exist and some of its versions can be very expensive, and the interior of shop has to correspond completely to expensive models of goods and its solid buyers and to be literally rich. In fact, correctly and competently registered weapon shop somewhat is similar to a casino. In registration often and truly use red or green cloth, suede, tooled leather, a natural tree, and also the various details from metal which are not possessing excessive gloss. Besides, as a rule, in weapon shops create on the one hand accented, and with another reserved illumination. For achievement of success in this type of business it is necessary to analyse demand for goods and to competently create the range of production presented in weapon shop. It should be noted that among buyers the civil weapon, in other words the fowling pieces intended for self-defense implementation enjoys the greatest popularity. Besides, people quite often buy the stun guns and gas sprays which are not needing obtaining any permissions and allowed for free sale without licenses which popularity after all decreases recently owing to the fact that they are quite dangerous in application and more for the owners, than for malefactors. Among citizens models of the cut weapon enjoy a smaller popularity. The main profit of weapon shops at the expense of high turns is formed as a result of sales of ammunition and means of self-defense. At the same time, expensive weapon intended for hunting is on sale not so often, but is at the same time an important image component of any weapon shop. The range basis at the same time consists of the rifles and shot-guns released domestic producers who based on the ratio of the price and quality significantly are ahead today of the foreign competitors. All these moments need to be considered when forming the product range, presented to sale in weapon shop. As for advertizing and advance of goods, It should be noted that owing to its specifics standard methods do not work here. As advertizing placement of information on weapon shop in different specialized printing editions will become not superfluous. For stimulation of sales in weapon shop it makes sense to develop system of bonuses for buyers. For example, can be such bonuses assistance in the choice of the weapon, training of all of documents, necessary for obtaining the license, and also rendering the services connected with adjustment of a bed and small repair. Besides, creation at weapon shop of club of fans of hunting can become very effective method. One more option is the organization together with camp sites of departures on hunting that, actually, many weapon shops quite often put into practice. The main categories of clients of weapon shop are fans of hunting and citizens who are concerned by the self-defense. The price of the weapon can be the most different and first of all depends on a type of weapon. And, as it was already noted, the top price limit for this type of goods does not exist. The lower price level is occupied by gas sprays, their cost makes from 6 to 10 dollars, hunting knives, worth about 10 dollars and stun guns which price reaches 50 dollars. The lower price limit for hunting guns makes from 300 to 400 dollars. Besides originally enclosed in the organization and opening of weapon shop of money, functioning of business will demand constant monthly expenses in the sum about 6,5 thousand dollars. These means are necessary for payment of a rent for the room in the sum about 4 thousand dollars, payments of a salary to the specialist manager on small arms and the expert instructor in the sum of 1,5 thousand dollars, payments of the advertizing placed in specialized editions, coverings of the expenses connected with the organization and financing of club that will cost 500 dollars, and also payment protection in the sum about 500 dollars. The average monthly revenue of weapon shop makes the sum in the amount of 25 to 30 thousand dollars. Taking into account average profitability at the level of 35% and monthly expenses in the sum of 6,5 thousand dollars, the net profit will make about 4,5 thousand dollars a month. Taking into account money in the sum of 100 thousand dollars which need to be spent as the starting capital for opening of weapon shop investments in this type of business will be able to pay off completely in two years. bludgeons.

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