Organization of the psychological center

Quite often each of us needs psychological assistance. And various psychological trainings are at popularity peak at all today. Therefore the organization of such type of business as the psychological center can bring in the considerable stable income to the owner. Only carrying out one training can bring about three thousand in two-three days. And provided that he will be visited at least by ten people, the income will increase already up to thirty thousand. For income gained for only several days it is necessary to tell, very decent sum. For the organization of various psychological trainings, and also for carrying out consultations it is possible to open own small psychological center. And that the most interesting, for the organization of such business is not present need to be a psychologist. These functions can be assigned to hired personnel while as the organizer implementation over these personnel of the management, and also the solution of the questions connected with a tenancy, payment of a salary and other organizational issues enters. Opening of the psychological center requires obtaining the corresponding license and passing of process of registration as the legal entity or the individual entrepreneur. After that it is necessary to find the suitable building for placement of office in it. The area of office depends first of all on the available financial opportunities. An optimal variant is carrying out group and individual therapy in different offices. For this reason it is better to lease not less than two rooms. It is better to do design of office, and also its furniture together with the psychologist owing to the fact that the psychological center has to have the good, cozy situation disposing to straight talks and disclosure of people it visiting. The following stage of the organization of business is selection and employment of personnel. Here it is necessary to consider that the psychologist possessing the corresponding license for the right to be engaged it in a kind of activity can carry out such work. Besides, the psychologist has to own well techniques of individual and training work. For this reason for work newly made university graduates do not approach, and people who already possess a certain experience are necessary.
The good psychologist has to pass several stages:
1. To complete independently concrete course of therapy as the patient and to show permanent remission. In case during therapy opens the fact that the psychologist himself has neurosis which does not give in to treatment within a concrete technique, then for a start it is necessary to recover most.
2. To have theoretical training which full course is presented in the form of intramural and extramural training and can borrow from several months to two years.
3. To carry out control and test psychotherapeutic consultations of ordinary patients under control of the checking consultants – representatives of training center.
In addition, it is good if the psychologist is a member some of psychological communities and regularly pays membership dues. Such membership allows psychologists to visit various conferences, seminars on new methods, and also to get scientific publications in the magazines issued by this community.
The main advantages of this type of business are:
1. A possibility of obtaining the big income in short terms.
2. Continuous growth of popularity and, respectively, demand for psychological consultations and trainings that at the correct organization of business is capable to provide continuous growth of the income.
3. Lack of need for acquisition of a large number of the equipment. For the psychological center purchase of furniture and expenses on registration of offices are sufficient.
It should be noted, however, what has this appearance of business also the shortcomings. Among them:
1. Mistrust of people to the psychologist’s profession which nevertheless exists, even despite the popularity of this kind of activity increasing prompt rates. Moreover, very often people confuse a profession of the psychologist and psychiatrist. All this conducts to the fact that it is pretty difficult to psychological center to be untwisted for short term. Most likely, rather long time for which the center will be able not only to declare itself for this purpose is required, but also to create a certain positive image and reputation.
2. Competition growth. Today the similar psychological centers already exist. Moreover, their quantity continues to increase. And to attract clients it is necessary to spend many forces and to realize any original idea which is not in the list of services of other psychological centers in practice.
As for payback of the psychological center, It should be noted that, first of all, it is depending on that how in high gear business develops. For example, if the psychological center visits rather large number of people at least on the weekend, then the payback period of business will be not long. On average, similar business pays off for half a year-year. Everything in this case depends on the number of clients.

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