The children’s developing center

It is known that parents spare no expense for children and the business focused on rendering of services and sales of goods for children, can be very perspective and profitable. But if for sale of goods quite big seed capital is necessary, then business on services can not demand big investments. At the initial stage not needing the big capital, I want to tell about such business, on the one hand, demanded in the market, and on the other hand. Business idea consists in creation of the center for development of the child. The center, it is loudly told, it is possible to begin business with rent of the game room in kindergarten for the period of carrying out occupations with children. Target group, children from 1 year to 3 years. Today since early years of the kid parents think of his correct development and education, its successful socialization in kindergarten both among peers and in this situation it is better to trust in professionals. Occupations have to be aimed at all-round development of kids. The main thing that everything occurred in the form of game and it was pleasant to the child. Duration of such occupations should not exceed 1-1,5 hours a day as little children live on the mode and long occupations them only will tire. Occupations recommend to carry out 1-2 times a week, cost depends on the region if in Moscow it is possible to take safely 500 rubles for one occupation, then in the small cities the price in 200 rubles for one occupation will be the most acceptable. It is ideal to create several groups of children on 3-6 people, being guided by age, psychological and physiological features of each child. If to be guided by the minimum, then we will receive, at the price in 200 rubles, group in 3 persons on condition of carrying out 3 occupations in day the income in 1800 rubles a day. Important that at occupations there was a parent, children till 3 years absolutely small also did not get used to be long time without mother or the father. The structure of occupation has to comprise different types of activity, for example, outdoor games, the set of exercises aimed at the physical development of the child, so-called “paths with obstacles”, exercises on development of attention, the speech, thinking of the child, musical and rhythmic part, touch education, finger-type games, graphic activity, the weakening massage and free game and communication of children and mothers. By the way, you should not forget that for mothers it is important meetings too: they can share the problems and alarms on education of kids with the teacher and the psychologist, to find their solution, to exchange experience with mummies, to distract from the household chores. At the initial stage only two workers – the professional teacher and the psychologist are required. The developing toys, various methodical material will be necessary for the equipment of such center, on all this a lot of money will not leave. Advertizing is important for the developing center only right at the beginning, then if you well work, will earn “gossip hotline” – the best advertizing. It is effective to place advertizing in thematic forums of the Internet in your city, in local children’s editions, and will not even be to stick announcements on an entrance superfluous too. I think, it is interesting, not expensive and favorable idea for the small business.

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