Mirror thermometer

To the modern world progressive development of technologies is characteristic. They have to improve and facilitate human life. Generally, it is one of their main missions. Innovative technologies it is developed for all areas of human life. Did not avoid innovative technologies and such important sphere as medicine. Now each house for certain has a tonometer or electric (but not mercury!) the thermometer, and many other medical devices which can be used in house conditions. It would seem, everything is the most convenient as it is. But is not present, scientists on it do not stop. And in Japan, the country which is known for many technical developments, thought up a mirror thermometer. The NEC Avio Infrared Technologies company, whose office is in Tokyo, called the mirror thermometer Thermo Mirror (in translation – a thermo-mirror). For 50 years, from the most basis, the company fruitfully was engaged in development of innovative technologies, being respect and trust of society. The NEC Avio Infrared Technologies company is known for the developments in the sphere of measurement and record of physical states such as tension and vibration, electric impulses and temperature. The motto of the company – “To provide with the best decisions in the field of measurements! ” The mirror thermometer takes the body temperature of the person without the need for physical contact thanks to operation of the built-in infrared sensors. This idea arose with an ulterior motive, not because of a human whim “and that still to think up it?”, and for quite serious reasons. “We thought of a mirror thermometer when we observed peak of catarrhal diseases in Japan. It is very difficult to people to define at the initial stage when symptoms are practically absent that the illness begins to attack them. Since our invention will catch a body temperature aberration, so the person will be able to begin to accept preventive preparations to stop an illness at an initial stage. Thus, we hope to overcome somehow mass diseases of cold and flu”, – developers of a mirror thermometer Thermo Mirror tell. The mirror thermometer of Thermo Mirror represents a desktop mirror externally quite habitual to all. Only with that difference that after 30 seconds of an admiring himself, it is possible to learn temperature of the body. Figures will be highlighted on a mirror surface. Moreover, the alarm clock which gives the alarm is built in a mirror thermometer if body temperature deviated norm. The staff of the company notes: “The price of the device makes 98 thousand Japanese yens (about 35 thousand rubles) or that depends on the size, 120 thousand yens (43 thousand rubles). And it is more than 10 times cheaper than thermographic cameras which are mounted at the airports for definition of presence at people of infectious diseases. We plan that such mirrors thermometers will be used not only at home, but also, for example, in receptions of hotels, schools, hospitals”. The NEC Avio Infrared Technologies company plans to sell about five thousand mirrors thermometers a year.

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