How to organize bowling center

Today steadily popularity of bowling of clubs among the population grows: people of different age and professions regularly visit bowling, making for owners excellent profit. Opening of bowling of club – the fine decision for those who are aimed at serious and successful business. In our country of bowling from sports game it was transformed to the game bringing pleasure from the process. Most of visitors of bowling of clubs come to derive pleasure and to relax. Bouling became popular places of so-called active recreation and pressed traditional places for entertainments. Types of bouling. Proceeding from on what client bowling will be focused, it is possible to choose sports, family, entertaining or the VIP – concepts of bowling. Everyone will demand the accounting of its features not only when zoning, but also at design of engineering systems and communications – from the architectural project, an arrangement (the prestigious center or the dormitory area) to a complete set the equipment, the equipment and support services. Sports option of bowling center. It is good to open similar bowling at stadium, sport center or the fitness center where bowling will be one of the making sports programs, game addition to exercises and the place of communication for interests of fans of sport. “Family” bowling center. Usually it is club with a wide choice of entertainments for family and corporate rest which kernel is bowling and restaurant. There will come the big heterosexual companies of friends and colleagues here, and also families to carry out here a half of day. Bowling at an entertainment complex. Such bowling in fate style – the most democratic versatile institution intended most for mass rest of the youth and student’s companies which without budging from a place and round the clock occupy this bowling. As a rule, there are a lot of additional entertainments which are bringing in to owners the income (computer club, gaming machines of an impecunious prize, the American pool, a disco, a wall for rock-climbing, Q-Zar and other). There is a bar where beer, low alcohol drinks and sprite will flow like water. Here it will be smoked to a white veil. There will be both a club of acquaintances, and a disco, and the place of a party. Important elements about which it is worth to remember: such bowling has to be near large institutes, near metro station or the intersection with several routes of public transport, fashionable youth music has to sound here, work as Dee Jay with a name, and also the security service able to keep order at such unpredictable public. The closed bowling club. This option of bowling which can be created if among your acquaintances there are at least ten powers that be. It will be expensive institution for VIP clients, the least democratic and the most expensive, with a small amount of paths which will become pleasant addition of club life of limited number of people from society. Here the proceeds from game in bowling will have for you the minimum value. Most likely visitors will much pay for an annual club card because it will become the admission to the world where it is possible to discuss the million contract in an easy situation, to put in a word about the necessary people, to quickly solve – of course not problems of the world, and own. Proceeding from the concept chosen by the investor other parameters of the project are set. For example, it is hardly expedient to the closed club to place many paths, and good restaurant with the skilled chef, as well as professional protection, will not prevent. In the center with the family concept entertainment zones will be relevant to children and children’s attractions. Also it is possible to include automatic sides and special spheres for children in a complete set of the equipment, for adults billiards will become demanded additional entertainment. Locker rooms are necessary for sports bowling for athletes, shower, left-luggage offices. Organically shops of professional stock for bowling will fit into them. Youth bowling will attract visitors with the round-the-clock operating mode, existence of a disco, fashionable DJs, a wide choice of alcoholic beverages and cocktails. Room and its equipment. Standard length of a path for bowling – 25,41 m (including a running start zone, a path per se and the car for installation of size – a pinspotter). Plus of 1-1,5 more m will occupy pass for service of pinspotter, and also 3-5 m – a recreation area for players. Dopolnitelnaya Square is “eaten” by also technical passes, the place for bar and billiards. Width of the hall is defined also proceeding from quantity of paths. Two require 3,46 m, for 3 – 5,25 m, for 4 – 6,85 m, for 6 – 10,23 m etc. About 55 sq.m are the share of only one path (it on a minimum), and room height cannot be lower than 4 m in any way (for comfort of players). There are no special technical requirements to the room, even, on the contrary, construction norms are less strict, than it is not required from trade, residential and office buildings, windows, special communications – too so construction of one square meter under bowling costs much cheaper, than in a case with the fitness centers, movie theaters, beauty shops, etc. Main expenses acquisition and installation of equipment. Full bowling club is not only several paths, a set of spheres and slippers, but also the whole infrastructure for rest where the visitor can spend all evening. For this reason at the choice of the suitable room or at construction new it is necessary to provide convenient access roads from thoroughfares and a parking lot of cars. The main detail of the equipment – a pinspotter – special and rather difficult mechanism for collecting and arrangement of the brought-down size. To its invention the special person had to carry out this labor-consuming and rather dangerous operation. In a design of a pinspotter more than three thousand various details, and therefore the major requirement to it – reliability and durability. The complete set includes also system of the automated return of spheres (its conveyor passes under a platform flooring); system of automatic counting of points (its main component – the monitor on which opposite to names of all players points are displayed); path. For a covering of paths use a tree or synthetic materials – and if the first looks “more expensive”, then experts recommend to choose the last because of durability. At desire to save to a third of cost it is possible to buy the so-called “restored” equipment. However on it the guarantee is not given. Size without beer – money for wind. The additional profit is made by good bar with alcohol. It provides not less than 40% of profit to club. To 70% of players in bowling – men which the invitation “to drive spheres” directly is associated with the offer “drink beer”. And here the billiard tables established in many clubs do not make essential profit, carrying out rather a function of additional entertainment: visitors of bowling clubs drive “small spheres” only waiting for line to “big”.
Bowling belongs to fast-growing types of business with a stock of appeal of investments in 10-15 years. Relative profitability of bowling is high, and the relative risk of this business is low. Material assets keep the cost within 20 years or longer period. Bowling in general is a profitable business with the minimum costs of realization and low operating expenses thanks to what the need for current assets is low. Each path of bowling brings $7 in an hour of net profit. Average loading of each path of 6-8 hours in days. Add the income from bar, kitchen, billiards, gaming machines, sales of accessories and other here. You receive from operation of bowling center on 8 paths more than $20’000 a month minus expenses. As the current expenses in bowling are low, the gross profit can exceed 90% of receipts. Payback of the project without capital construction averages 1,5 – 2. In spite of the fact that expenses on opening of bowling club are big – from 300 thousand to 3 million dollars, – at successful combination of circumstances and competent management it is possible “to beat off” them in one year.

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