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If you look for a way to enclose accumulation in perspective business which will be able to become a source of the constant income pay attention to opening of architectural bureau. The market of these services lacks for the offer at a growing demand. Therefore the businessman has chances to find a niche in this business and to be fixed, having organized activity in due form of maintaining put. Competently to organize the project and to carry out opening of architectural bureau, it is necessary to take care the range of services which you will be able to offer clients. What the range of the works custom-made by professional architects and designers will be wider, the more clients will come to bureau. But, reflecting how to open architectural bureau, it is not enough to consider the range of services. If you do not think over strategy of the enterprise completely, using modern practices in business, do not calculate a ratio of expenses and the future profit, do not study demand, your architectural bureau can become unprofitable or even unprofitable. How to open architectural bureau, aiming at an exit in ranks of successful businessmen? Architectural bureau. Permissions. As a rule, the professionals having a big circle of regular customers, and a certain reputation in this kind of activity “from scratch” undertake creation of architectural bureau. The legal entity which is carrying out architectural activity has to have the corresponding license for performance design and repair construction works. In that case when the head of the organization – the architect having the personal license for architectural creative activity, presence of the license at the legal entity is not obligatory. The applicant of the license has to correspond to the criteria established by the law. At the same time an important role is played by qualification of experts and their know-how. According to the provision on the current supervision, each organization during period of validity of the license has to be checked by the licensing body. Bodies of architectural supervision are the State non-departmental examination of projects, the Gosarkhstroynadzor and the State housing inspectorate. Architectural bureau. Concept. Architectural bureaus offer the clients today: development of design projects and accompanying documentation; development of the outline offer and style concept of an interior; development of project documentation and engineering drawings; coordination of re-planning in MVK with the subsequent changes in plans of BTI; repair; architectural supervision of implementation of the project; complete set of objects furniture and finishing materials. Architectural bureau. Cost of works. As a rule, the most part of clients comes to ADB with a request to develop interior design, and further chooses company services in coordination, construction and architectural supervision. Each type of works is paid separately. More or less standard quotations were now created only in the companies working with residential real estate. For example, development of an interior of the apartment stands up approximately now – 50 c.u. for square meter, the design project of construction of object – about 200 c.u. for square meter, architectural supervision – 1000 c.u. a month. The cost of works can vary depending on their complexity. There is also one more criterion for evaluation of working costs is a volume of the performed work and complexity. Several types of service can render architectural bureaus: “turnkey object”, “to nailing the project”, single works, development of the model or only design and visualization. In work of architectural bureau an ideal situation when there is a customer, the architect (carries out planning of object), the builder (implements plans of the architect) and the designer correcting the architect’s errors. However in most cases it is possible to concentrate only on design, performance of functions of the representative and supervision of construction. By experience of many architect bureaus it is possible to tell that it is at the same time possible to carry out 2-3 orders. It should be taken into account that preparation of documentation on the project is very tiresome and labor-intensive process and demands big concentration of attention. If you decided to open architectural bureau, it should be taken into account what expenses on staff in three persons will cost you 1200-1500 dollars. To these expenses you should add expenses on rent of office, on obtaining the license and purchase of office equipment. Architectural bureau. Office and its registration. Naturally, you need office where your employees will work. It has to be presentably office room, it is the best of all with original planning, with modern design decisions and at the same time cozy. It will allow the client to understand at once that he deals with the real experts of the business. At office there has to be a furniture answering to your style. Besides, the furniture has to have an ergonomic profile that it was convenient to sit in any pose that the back and a neck in the course of work did not become numb. Special tables, with an adjustable inclination of a table-top and the table legs changing on height. You has to create comfort for the employees, otherwise it will be difficult to them to work, and labor productivity will fall, and it is extremely undesirable. Also it is necessary to buy computers and the corresponding software for designers. Architectural bureau. Clients. The main part of clients of ADB – owners of apartments of 200-600 square meters in size. However recently, in connection with active advertizing of this type of service on the central television channels, owners of apartments to 100 square meters address services of designers more often. It is possible to tell with confidence that today this type of service from the category of elite passes into the category mass that is promoted much also by practice of delivery of houses without internal finishing. Architectural bureau. Profitability. Profitability of activity of architectural bureau, as a rule, exceeds 200% (in some cases – several times); the truth, the speech goes about work of designers and architects here. The additional income to many bureaus is brought in by work with construction materials. It is formed or at the expense of a 25-30% trade margin on wholesale prices (in case the company itself provides repair and construction crews to all necessary), or due to the intermediary remuneration (received from direct sellers whose list the bureau recommends to the client). Carrying out repair work also belongs to the profitable directions of business. The majority of ADB have several partner construction crews which list a certain remuneration for mediation. Regular repair crews are created seldom. Architectural bureau. Advertizing. Architectural bureaus can advertize the activity rather effectively. But in this kind of activity the outdoor advertizing does not bring in big incomes. Specifics of this business are that services ADB can be advanced on the certain channels anyway connected with construction and repair of rooms. All means of effective advance of ADB can be subdivided into three groups. Advertizing in mass media: – advertizing publications in specialized magazines; – website; – participation in the telecasts concerning a subject of repair, construction, re-planning. Information (including intermediary) from construction, realtor and to that the similar companies. This group of means is based, first of all, on personal acquaintances of the management and leading experts of bureau; the huge role is played by intermediary remuneration and banal “kickbacks”. Recommendations of the previous clients of bureau.

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