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izdeliya polimernoy glini
izdeliya polimernoy glini

This business for those who are fond of a molding and wishes to earn by drawing from the hobby. A handiwork was always appreciated and were in demand as they put heart and soul of the author. Products from plastic material on the basis of polyvinylchloride (polymeric clay) are produced. This plastic, on appearance reminds plasticine. It contains softener which evaporates on air, or in an oven at a temperature of 130 degrees. After polymerization (a conclusion from softener plastic) material becomes strong. At the same time it can be processed the corresponding tool. The baked clay reminds plastic. Finished products (small skulpturka, dolls, etc.) it is possible to paint with acrylic paints, to stick together among themselves and with other materials. Firms, producers of polymeric, let out the hardening and baked plasticity of various flowers. They also differ on hardness, can have an opaque or glossy surface. Each master himself chooses the plastic suitable for itself on its properties. Characteristic of goods. Sonnet (Sonnet): the baked quality polymeric clay. It is intended for a molding and modeling. Possesses unique properties: by excellent plasticity in a combination to ability to harden at a temperature of 130 Celsius in an oven, it is well softened, does not stick and does not soil a hand. After hardening of a product from plasticity are perfectly painted by acrylic paints. Plasticity easily is removed from clothes and a carpet, and the rest washes off with soap. EBERHARD FABEREBERHARD FABERFimo: Fimo Soft the most popular polymeric clay extracted from packing – rigid and fragile, after a warming up in hands becomes rather plastic, with good “memory”, does not lose thin details in the course of work. Vida Fimo: soft (soft) and more rigid (classic). Both types of clay are presented in wide color scale. Fimo Soft – very soft, is not suitable for a delicate work. But when mixing with Fimo classic gives the chance to receive plastic with magnificent qualities. Fimo Soft’s shortcoming – big fragility of products after pastries (fine details), than at Fimo Klassik. EBERHARD FABER Doll (Puppen) Fimo – the polymeric weight which is specially developed for a molding (modeling) of dolls. In reminds FIMO many, but has also functionality, extremely useful at production of dolls. EBERHARD FABER Efaplast – samootverdevayushchy plastic. Efaplast is suitable for modeling by children (of three years), fans and professional sculptors. The finished model hardens on air during 24 h, it is possible to make changes to model within 2 hours after modeling. Plastic is easily processed by a cutter after drying. The dried model can be painted practically with any paints (acrylic, tamper, etc.) to cover with a special varnish. To store unused plastic in closed form (it is recommended to turn in a damp rag and to put in a plastic bag, densely to close a package). From polymeric clay it is possible to work wonders: tremendous jewelry, original souvenirs, a decor for the apartment and the house adjoining territory. The cost of a handiwork can be within 5-75 US dollars. The price in many respects depends on complexity of a product and its beauty. And, you have the right to establish the price. However you should not forget, than high price, that is less than chances to quickly sell the product. It is possible to sell the creativity also through online stores.

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