Otgon the Third spear

Very few people know about it – when Hitler carried out the very first territorial capture – violently attached to Germany – “brotherly” Austria, moved it not so much aspiration to expand borders of “a thousand-year Reich”, to begin powerful geopolitical expansion, how many absolutely other desire which is not advertized, but all-consuming. Even not desire, but cherished dream. Dream nearly all his life. This unaccomplished artist and the ex-corporal, and later – the leader of all nation dreamed to seize. No, not Poland, not France and not Russia (that is – and all this also, but already then!) and ordinary-looking black piece of iron. More precisely – a tip of an ancient spear which was considered as one of the main Christian relics and was stored in the former palace Gabsburgov – the Vienna museum of Hofburg. The exhibit carried the name “Otgon the Third Spear” – the emperor of the Sacred Roman Empire. In 1909 the beginning painter Adolf Shiklgruber daily as for work, came to the Hall of Treasures of this museum and stood for hours before a show-window behind which on a scarlet velvet Otgon’s Spear blackened. Future Fuhrer prayed on him, longed for him, dreamed as he during one fine instant will take a sacred subject in hand. He felt by skin, the bared nerves, all the nature how from this imperceptible piece of metal hidden waves of some unearthly, all-destroying power proceed. Also trusted: sometime this power will join him and will help to conquer the world. And in 1917 this desire passed absolutely already into open mania. Then young Adolf together with Alfred Rosenberg and two more “brothers on spirit” held a spiritualistic session, and the spirit of a certain German prince caused by Hitler predicted: the one who will take control of the Spear will become the new leader of Germany! And here in one and a half decades, having approved at the head of “New Germany”, this pensive mystic even more got stronger in the determination to take Otgon’s Spear. The impatience overflowed “Aryan No. 1”! As it was big, it is possible to judge by such fact. There was 1935, the Reich just gained strength to intrude in Austria. And here – a significant event: here the so-called Center of nazi religion to which intended grow up in certain “Vatican CC subsequently” opened. And so one of the main halls of this fascist pantheon gained fame as “the Room of the Spear”: the central place in it was taken … by the copy of the Spear of Otgon the Third! But the copy could not satisfy Adolf who is burned with impatience. And here three insufferably long years later Hitler stretched an armor paw of the divisions already behind the original. But before his landsknechts intruded in Austria, the Fuhrer gave the special instruction: to take measures to ensure safety of a spear until tanks with crosses on armor take the palace Gabsburgov under “guardianship”! The order was executed is exemplary. When in March, 1938 Hitlerite steel wedges stuck into a body of the sovereign Alpine republic, the president of Austria Miklas disposed to do everything possible to save historical relics from the German interventionists. Immediately police divisions went to Hofburgu. But there they were met by group of the local SS-men, and these fellow countrymen were ready very aggressively. The valorous police considered not to execute orders of the president for the benefit and receded. And here came, perhaps, the happiest instant for all life of Adolf Hitler: having given up affairs state, military and party, it was samolichno declared to the Austrian palace which was already surrounded with perfect parts of the 8th army case of the German army by then, and, at last, retired with a desired relic. Later half a year after this touching appointment, on October 13, 1938, Otgon’s Spear with all possible honors and precautions was transported by a special armored train to Germany and placed in the Nuremberg Church of St. Catherine. Together with the Spear got over from Hofburga a rag of the cloth covering a table during the Last Supper, Saint Etjen’s burse, John the Baptist’s tooth and other Christian relics here. Having caught a long-awaited Necklace, Hitler began to appropriate Europe – to remake the world map and to model contours of “New Rome” … Why the Fuhrer was so maniacally torn to possession of this relic? Why so unconditionally believed that she will allow it to decide destinies of the states and the people? Yes because all background of a sacred Spear (and it contains several thousands of years!) convincingly proved: the one who owns it – owns the whole world. By Kopye it was shaped with observance of sacral and mystical rituals by order of the third high priest of Judea Finees famous for the uncommon abilities in the sphere of magic and cabalism. According to Finees Kopye’s plan symbolized magic forces of blood of Jews as peculiar people (about this fact, deeply offensive for any Aryan, Hitler probably preferred not to remember). Since then triumphal procession of the Spear began worldwide. It to a kochevya, centuries-old historical drift were followed by victorious singing of fanfares and streams of blood, death of the whole states and the birth of new powerful empires the Legendary military leader Jesus Navin, shaking by this spear, rushed on powerful strengthenings of the besieged Jericho, and the most reliable walls suddenly failed. The Necklace also visited hands of Herod Veliky who ordered to destroy all male babies of Judea not to give grow to future “tsar Iudeysky”. With each new owner this Tool of the Power acquired the increasing glory, the whole people revered it. It seems, nobody doubted any more: Kopye allocates the owner with the superhuman opportunities allowing it to decide destinies of the world, to create Great Good or the Unprecedented Evil. Among owners of the Spear of the Power historical chronicles call Otgon III Veliky – the emperor of the Sacred Roman Empire, Henry I Ptitselov – the founder of the Saxon royal dynasty, the Roman emperor Constantine the Great who proclaimed Christianity official religion. With the Spear in hands the powerful king of ostgot Theoderich crushed hordes of invincible Attila hitherto, the emperor Justinian won from barbarians of the earth of the former Roman Empire again, and the leader of franksky troops Karl Martell broke Arabs, having prevented their invasion into Western Europe. Charles the Great – the combiner and the master of all Europe who won victories in 47 military campaigns constantly held the Necklace beside himself. Friedrich Barbarossa and over forty other German emperors declared owners of a sacred relic themselves. Frederick II used a spear in the crusades and battles which he constantly conducted against the Italian states and army of the Father. This is Kopye and the feats made with his help inspired crusaders on creation of a powerful Teutonic Award. And subsequently throughout centuries successors of Teutonic knights, suffering a military defeat and historical humiliations, came back the expectations to the miracle force of the Spear. Also Adolf Hitler especially inclined to mystical searches and belief in supernatural did not become an exception. However, Kopye was not unconditional accessory of only one Germans. It also French Merovingi possessed. And Napoleon literally spent the day and spent the night with the Spear of the Power. However, at the great Corsican this mascot was stolen while it moved to Moscow. Why it is Kopye it is especially esteemed by Christ’s admirers and it is ranked as the main relics of Christianity? Because, according to the legend, on it blood of the Savior crucified on a cross was baked. During this period it belonged to Guy Kassy – the captain of guards who was given special powers at implementation of the state ceremonies, justice and executions. He watched also the course of execution of Christ on Golgotha. When it seemed that Jesus is already dead, Kassy drove up to his cross and pricked with the (thereby!) spear the crucified body. From a wound the blood which showed that Christ is still living zastruitsya. Guy Kassy became history of Christianity under the name of Longin. And the Tool of the Power stained with Christ’s blood became a sacred relic and received a new name – Kopye Longina (among numerous names of the Spear it became the most widespread). It is interesting that in the world there are several artifacts which are laying claim and a role of the Spear of Longin. We just told about one of them. But there is also his double who is stored in Vatican. And it is ached it also in Krakow there is a certain spear relic. In other, most of researchers incline to opinion that a true Spear of Longin is what was stored in the palace Gabsburgov and represented intimate dream of Hitler who was eager to dominate over the world. And with what “The Hitlerite period” in life of the Spear of Longin came to the end? After massive English bombings of Kopye it was covered in the adit hidden under the Nuremberg fortress: there for it specially equipped the armor bunker. But in October, 1944 bombs of allied aircraft plowed up Nuremberg to the basis and opened access to storage of sacred values. Since then the agony of “the Thousand-year Reich” begins. Zhukov’s armies make the way closer and closer to Berlin, and from the West there come troops of allies. And the main care of the Fuhrer – to save first of all not Germany, not the German nation, but a precious relic: “Let’s keep Kopye, and Germany will revive!” He disposes to take out secretly Kopye and other objects of mystical worship from the destroyed vault and to hide them in the special chamber equipped in the rock. At the same time, to bring down from a trace of investigation of opponents, cover operation is performed: column of trucks secretly (but not too secretly!) takes out the certain allegedly secret freight from the Nuremberg vaults and Tsell delivers to the Austrian lake, near Salzburg where mysterious boxes safely immerse in lake waters. And here in the operation which is brilliantly prepared and organized with truly German scrupulousness failure happens unexpectedly. Mistake. Scandalous, inexplicable, really mystical mistake. Executing Hitler’s order, performers of an action take out and reliably bury in the rock, as well as was planned, all especially valuable exhibits from Nuremberg. Everything, except the most important for the sake of which this most difficult, multiple-pass combination was played! Spear of Longin in lists of objects on export (besides more reliably to hide none will be the wiser!) it was designated by one of the least known names – “Kopye of the Saint of Mauritius”. But low-expert in historical values солдатня confused it with the Sword of the Saint of Mauritius which was also stored in an exposition and, having carefully turned in glass wool, and then, having covered in a case from pure copper, took out it. And Spearc of Longin was neglected necessary to roll among the insignificant exhibits which remained “on plunder to the American barbarians”. The Americans who occupied the crushed Nuremberg indeed proved as ignorant barbarians. On April 30 1945 they came across an entrance to a vault and found there, in addition, Spear  of Longin. But did not attach absolutely any significance to this ordinary-looking “piece of iron”. Did not interest spear of either senators, or congressmen, or generals visiting here to behold the won imperial treasures. Also it is unknown how there would be its further destiny if about a metal tip the general Patgon who is far from Nuremberg incidentally did not hear. Unlike the colleagues, he seriously was fond of history, mythology, ancient mysteries and was in these questions an original expert. And therefore, having overheard about a spear tip, it immediately came tearing along to Nuremberg. Than “the unclear piece of iron” was restored in the royal status, and several months later, according to Dwight Eisenhower’s order, the general Clark in a festive atmosphere gave it to the burgomaster of the freed Vienna. Spear of Longin is also until now stored under showcase glass in the palace Hofburg. Hitler finished suicide almost right after lost the power over a magic spear. However, on it history of the Spear of the Power does not come to an end. Already decades do not calm down persistent rumors, as if pragmatic Yankees transferred to the Austrians skillfully executed copy of the Spear, and decided not to issue the original from own hands.

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