Third race

third race
third race

The first Race created the Second by means of “budding”; The Second Race – “Then given rise” – gave rise to the Third Radical Race similar, but already more difficult process: it developed “Given rise from Egg”.” Sweat” amplified, its drops increased and became spherical bodies – the big eggs serving as an external receptacle for origin of a fruit and the child. The spheroidal kernel developed in a big ovoid form and gradually hardened. “Father Mother” allocated a germ in which the human uterine fruit accrued within several years. After the increase period egg developed, and the young human animal broke it and left without any help, like birds presently. At the beginning of the Third Race Sons of Wisdom for whom there came the turn to be embodied as the EGO of human Monads went down to Earth. They saw the lowest forms of the first people of the Third Race and rejected them, neglected the first “Then given rise” – “They are not absolutely ready yet”. Mudrosti’s sons did not want to enter the first “Egg-given rise”. “We can choose”, – told Lord Mudrosti. The embodied Forces chose the ripest fruits and rejected the others. Some were included into Pkhaya, others directed the Spark, other refrained from the Fourth Race. Those who entered became Arkhatami over time. Those who received only the Spark remained deprived of the highest knowledge – the Spark burned low. The third remained Reason deprived – their Maenads were not ready, they became “uzkogolovy”.

Division of floors

Approximately to the middle of the Third Race, both people, and animal were efiroobrazny and sexless organisms. Eventually bodies of animals became more and more dense. As well forms of antediluvian animals evolved and were multiplied. “dragons of depths” and the flying Snakes were added to reptiles. Those which kowtowed on the earth received wings. Those, with a long neck, living in waters, became primogenitors of birds. So pterodactyls and a plesiosaurus were contemporaries of the person until the end of the Third Race. Mammals were hermaphrodites in the beginning – “all living and reptiles, huge rybo-birds and snakes with the armor-clad heads”. Then there was a division of floors. Animals were divided into a male and a female and began to generate. After animals received dense bodies and were separated, also the mankind began to be separated. The third Race at the initial period was almost sexless. Then it became bisexual or androgenic – of course, very gradually. And only after long time the Third Race was divided into two defined sexes. Transition to the last demanded uncountable generations from the first transformation. The germinal cage isogoing from the primogenitor at first developed in a bisexual being. Then it began to develop in the real egg which began to give rise, gradually and almost imperceptibly in the evolutionary development, at first beings in whom one floor prevailed over another, and at last – certain men and women. Separate units of the Third Race began to be separated in the covers or eggs till the birth and left them babies men’s or female. And in process of changes of the geological periods again narozhdayemy subraces began to lose the former abilities. By the end of the fourth subrace of the Third Race babies lost ability to go as soon as were exempted from the cover, and by the end of the fifth subrace were already born in those conditions and by means of identical process as our historical generations. On it hundreds of thousands of years were required, of course. After division of floors and establishment of origin of the person through a sexual combination the Third Race learned death. People of the first two Races did not die, and were only dissolved, absorbed by the posterity. Like a phoenix, primary person revived from the old body in a new body. With each generation it became more dense, physically more perfect. Death appeared only after the person became a physical creature – death came with end of a physical organism. All these transformations – division of the person into two various floors and creation of the person – happened “to bones” in the middle of the Third Race, seventeen million years ago.

First falling

After division of floors the Third Race did not create any more – it began to give rise to the posterity. Being still deprived of reason during an era of division of floors, it generated besides and abnormal offsprings. Those who had no Spark “uzkogolovy”, were combined with females of some animals. They generated from them the mute crooked monsters covered with red hair and going on all fours. During this period people physiologically were others in comparison with what is represented by them now. “Females of animals” so differed from those which are known to us now as far as those “people” differed from people of our days. The primitive person was a person only in the external form. It had no reason when it with a female of an animal monster generated monkeys. The ancestor of the real antropoidny animal, monkey, is direct generation of the person who did not have reason yet, profaned the human dignity, having fallen physically to animal level. “Sons of Wisdom” warned a Third of RASU – not to touch the fruit forbidden by the nature. Tsars and Lords of the Third Race set the seal of the ban on sinful copulation. But the prevention was not accepted. People realized obscenity of deeds them only when was already late after angelic Monads from the highest spheres were embodied in them and endowed them with understanding.

Gifted mind

Each world has the Mother Star and the Sister Planet. So, Earth – the adopted child and younger sister of Venus though her people belong to the sort. As Venus has no satellites, this planet adopted Earth, generation of the Moon. The governor of the planet so loved the adopted child that he was embodied on Earth and gave it perfect laws which in the latest centuries appeared in neglect and were even rejected. Planeta Venus, the premessenger of a dawn and twilight, the most radiant, the most intimate, powerful and mysterious among all Planets. Venus receives from the Sun twice more light and heat, than Earth. It – “the small sun” in which solar heat puts a reserve of the Light. She gives to Earth one third of the stock received by it and keeps two parts. Evolution of Venus ahead of terrestrial on one third. “Mankind” of Venus is the following highest step in comparison with mankind of Earth. Venery’s “people” are so higher than us as far as we are higher than our animals. Therefore the planet Venus is a spiritual prototype of our planet, and Lord Venus – Spirit keeper it. The third Race of our terrestrial mankind was under direct influence of the planet of Venus. In the middle of evolution of the Third Race from Venus representatives of its highly developed mankind, “Sons of Reason” (Manas Putr) – Light Beings about whom it is mentioned as “Sons of Fire” thanks to their sparkling look came to Earth. They appeared on Earth as Divine teachers of young mankind. Some of “Sons of Reason” acted as conductors for the Third wave of life of Logos, bringing a spark of monadichesky life of which the Reason – Manas is formed in the animal person. The beam of Divine Reason lit area of still sleeping human mind – and rudimentary Manas was impregnated. The rudimentary “the staying body” – a fiery body of the person was result of this connection. Thus, there was spirit individualization, its involution in a form, and this spirit concluded in “the staying body” is soul, an individual, the true person. It is also hour of the birth of the person because – though his essence is eternal (is not born and does not die) – his birth in time as individual quite definitely. The human soul created “on the God’s image” began then the evolution.

Matter and people of the Third Race

At that time there lived the Third Race, that is 18 million years ago distribution of sushi and water on the globe was perfect other, than now. The most part of the present land was then under water. Neither Africa, nor both America, nor Europe existed in those days – all of them were based upon an ocean floor. also little existed from present Asia: the prehimalaya regions were covered with the seas, outside them the countries called now by Greenland, Eastern and Western Siberia, etc. stretched. Along the equator the huge continent covering the most part of present Quiet, and also Indian oceans stretched. This continent covered all area from the bottom of the Himalayas separating it from the closed sea which rolled the waves through what we know as present Tibet, Mongolia and the great desert Shamo (Gobi); from Chittagon in the western direction to Hardvar and to east Assam. From there it extended to the South through what now is known to us as the Southern India, Ceylon and Sumatra; then, covering on the way in process of advance to the South Madagascar on the right side and Tasmania with left, he went down, without reaching several degrees the Antarctic circle, and from Australia which was internal area on the Main continent in those days, he pressed the far Pacific Ocean out of limits of Rapanui (Easter Island). Besides, the part of the continent stretched around South Africa to the Atlantic Ocean, being bent to the North from Norway. This continent of the Third radical Race is called Lemuria now. The earliest mankind was race of giants. The first lemuriyets were 18 m high. With each following subrace their growth gradually decreased, and through several million years reached six meters. The statues erected by them in the size of the bodies testify to the sizes of lemurians. The majority of the huge statues opened on Easter Island, a part of the flooded continent Lemuria were from 6 to 9 m of height. Remains to Easter Island are the most amazing and eloquent monuments of primitive giants. They are also great, as well as are mysterious. It is enough to survey the heads of these enormous statues which remained whole that at the first look to recognize lines of the type and character attributed to giants of the Third Race. They seem poured out of one form, though differ to lines; they have a certain sensual type. Lemurians were people of the strange superhuman physical force giving them the chance to be protected and hold at distance of huge monsters of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic periods. Fantastic and awful animals coexisted together with the person and attacked him, just as the person attacked them. Being surrounded in the Nature with such awful creatures, the person could survive only because he was an enormous giant.
Civilization of lemurians
When the Third Race was separated and fell into a sin, generating people animals, animals became furious; then people also began to destroy each other. Till this time there was no sin, there was no life disappear. After separation pleasure of the first races came to the end. The eternal spring began to change constantly and appears seasons. People could not live in the First country (Edom of the first races) which addressed in the white frozen corpse further. Cold forced people to build shelters and to invent clothes. Then people begged to the highest Fathers (Gods). “Wise Serpents” and “Dragons of Light” came, also to Forerunners of Lit (Budd). They went down and began to live among people, edifying them in sciences and arts. At the beginning of the consciousness the person of the Third Race had no beliefs which it would be possible to call religion. That is, he knew nothing about any system of belief or external worship. But if to take this term in its value as something, uniting masses in one form of the honoring stated to those whom we feel above ourselves in feeling of awe – like the feeling expressed by the child in relation to the beloved father – that even the earliest of Lemuriytsa from the very beginning of the intelligent life had religion and very fine. Whether they around themselves had the light Gods, even among themselves? Whether their childhood about those who gave them the birth and who surrounded them with the cares and brought them to adult, intelligent life proceeded? It was “Golden Age” of those ancient times, the Century when “Gods went on the ground and freely communicated with mortal”. When this Century came to an end, Gods left – that is became invisible. So, Gods were from the beginning of time Governors of mankind, being embodied as Tsars of Divine Dynasties. They gave the first impulse of a civilization and directed minds which presented mankind with inventions and improvement of all arts and sciences. They appeared as Benefactors of people. Fire extracted by means of friction was the first secret Nature, the first and main property of matter which was disclosed to the person. The fruit and cereals unknown before on Earth, were brought by Lords of Wisdom from other planets for use of them of those whom They operated. So, wheat is not Earth product – it was never found in a wild state. With coming of Divine Dynasties the beginning of the first civilizations was put. And then, as well as now in some areas of Earth, the mankind preferred to conduct life patriarchal, in others the savage hardly began to learn to construct the center for fire and to protect himself from elements; his brothers by means of the Divine Reason animating them built the cities and were engaged in arts and sciences. Nevertheless, while their brothers shepherds used wonderful forces by the right of the birth, “builders”, despite a civilization, could seize by own efforts only gradually now. The civilization always developed the physical and intellectual party at the expense of mental, spiritual. Mastering and management of the own mental nature were among early mankind properties born and same natural as circulation and thinking. The civilized people of the Third Race under the leadership of the Divine Governors constructed the extensive cities, spread arts and sciences and knew astronomy, architecture and mathematics in perfection. Lemurians built the huge rock shaped cities of rare soils and metals, of eruptions of a lava, of white marble of mountains and a black underground stone. The first big cities were built in that part of the continent which is nowadays known as the lake of Madagascar. The most ancient remains of ruins of cyclopean constructions all were the work of hands of the last subraces of lemurian; stone remains to Easter Island were also cyclopean character. This island belongs to the earliest civilization of the Third Race. Sudden volcanic eruption and raising of an ocean bottom lifted this small relic of Archaic centuries – after it was flooded together with the others – untouched, with all its statues and a volcano, and left as the witness to existence of Lemuria. Amazing huge statues – bright and eloquent witnesses about the died continent with civilized heritage on it.
Lemuria’s End
The birth and death of Radical Races are always accompanied also by geological change of the globe. They are called by changes in an inclination of a terrestrial axis. Old continents are absorbed by oceans, there are other lands, the huge cities, mountain chains rise where they were not earlier. The surface of the globe every time absolutely changes. It is the LAW existing in the fixed time in strict accordance with Laws of the Karma. “Experience of the people and races which are most adapted” was approved by the timely help; unadapted, unsuccessful were destroyed, being swept away from the Earth’s surface. After the Third Race reached apogee of the blossoming, it began to tend to decline. It affected also the main continent of Race – Lemuria: it began to plunge slowly. The huge continent reigning and towering over the Indian, Atlantic and Quiet oceans began to be split up in many places for certain islands. These islands, in the beginning huge, gradually disappeared one by one. To the greatest remains of the huge continent Australia is now. The present island Ceylon in the period of Lemuria was the northern plateau of the huge island Lanki on which the Third Race finished the destiny. Lemuria was destroyed by action of volcanoes. It plunged into waves owing to earthquakes and underground fires. The cataclysm which destroyed the huge continent took place owing to underground spasms and a razverzaniye of an ocean floor. Lemuria died about 700 thousand years prior to the beginning of the fact that she nowadays is called the Tertiary period (Eotsensky). The remains ancient Lemurians are the so-called people of the Ethiopian type now – the black: Blacks, Bushmen, Australians, etc.”
“Ancient legends” Nikolay Roerich

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