Secret of blood of the person

In a live organism one of the most surprising phenomena is blood availability. I.e. such substance which flows through all fabrics and bodies, feeds, connects all living being and connects in a whole. What is only not heard in one word – blood. It is capable to cause the strongest impressions of the most different contents. In this word the perennial spring of assumptions and guesses is covered. Even more properties of blood to bear in themselves information on a being who generated it even if it is already withdrawn from an organism surprise. Blood keeps communication with the person, will not dry yet or will not get to the earth therefore all manipulations with it will be reflected in her owner. It is connected not only physically with the person. Therefore in the ancient time after fight soldiers tried to wash away as soon as possible from themselves blood of the killed. Because so far on their bodies there will be blood, souls of the dead will be near killed them. The fact that we at the moment know about blood in many respects is result of various scientific researches of the last centuries. But people still in the ancient time knew that blood is something special. It is enough to mention the facts with which any sacred books and historical chronicles dazzle. Blood was used at military fraternization, for confirmation of sincerity when making promises and oaths, for commission of ceremonies, a fastening of the unions. We are reached by certificates from time immemorial that our ancestors to blood treated with surprising attention and respect, emitting this substance in special category of substances. Ancient considered that it is possible to influence a being through blood as it is connected with the source. They believed that in blood the soul of the living person is concentrated, or at least is connected with it. It means that receiving blood gives the chance to make impact on the living being. To all other, was considered that blood is a center of magic and vital energy that also indicates its special characteristics. As such unique object already in those far times blood was used in magic – as a way of identification, as a lever and as a power source. Little changed since then. From antiquity and so far it is considered that by means of blood the twinning with trees, forces of nature, with an animal, with the person, etc. can be carried out. Giving voluntarily the blood, the person thereby declares the voluntary intentions. The person at the same time gives the most valuable – a small part of the soul, the life. All woodcutters in ancient times sprinkled with the blood from a wound a tree before to cut down it. Only then they cut not “others” tree therefore it was done only at an urgent need, not for the sake of profit or a profit. Besides giving blood, the person shares the force and therefore can expect reciprocal gift. The twinning and a porodneniye which are carried out by means of blood are based on representation that blood in itself bears sort signs. In many cultures there is a phenomenon of blood twinning, in particular, to Slavic culture. The blood brotherhood consisted in the different ways. Each of future sworn brothers did independently a cut on a hand. After that they adjoined cuts, i.e. mixed blood, or sucked each other blood. But there are also other rituals. In Croatia, for example, if two want to fraternize, then they each other let out blood from a finger, and then exhaust it. If two and more persons want to become sworn brothers, then they have to mix blood drops. Thereby, they sought to receive similar, general blood to feel the person as native in the future, “to feel” him. If the wound to be put to itself, then it means that for the sake of the future relative, in the present and the future they will not regret the life and blood. Therefore voluntarily during ritual give it and suffer voluntarily from pain as a death shadow. When blood of one person mixes up with blood of another, there is some kind of exchange of information including information on all sort. People who fraternize, each other include in a chain of the Childbirth. Most likely, the blood twinning appears thanks to idea that relatives have “identical” blood. For this purpose also mix blood – do as if to the general. A certain grain of truth from the point of view of biology is here. In blood there is a DNA of the person bearing in itself information on parents and other ancestors. And descendants are also carriers of part of this DNA, part of information. Therefore, carrying out genetic expertizes, scientists can define paternity. Still there is a ritual having a certain similarity to fraternization, but other than it. It is “wedding” ritual. In this case wounds are put to themselves, and each other that symbolizes absolute trust to each other. In this ritual it is necessary that blood drops dripped, there will be not enough small cut. Several drops of blood of the bride and groom add to a glass with red wine that is also a blood symbol. Mix, and then wine is equally drunk by the groom and the bride. Blood also communicates during hashing. When it is drunk, information of the bride will get to the groom’s organism and vice versa. Thus, between getting married special communication is created. Our ancestors believed that blood has miracle properties therefore were convinced that it is necessary to revenge for the shed blood of the loved one. Thereby they sought to umilostivit spirit of blood. Blood brothers were obliged to revenge for the brother if he dies. And today there live echoes of this ancient custom. If the murderer died not by hand the avenger, then his relatives should pay for him. There was a blood feud in primitive society to this day remained in some countries of the North Caucasus, in the countries of the Middle East, in Albania. The blood feud arose because of idea that “not revenged blood” will not be able to find to itself rest. Such revenge is fraught with very dangerous consequences as it leads reciprocal “revenge for revenge”. Therefore there are long-term, very long bloody conflicts. The medal has two parties. In this case also – in one parties blood feud, and with another consanguinity. Considering that all connected with blood, is connected a direct image with human life, bloody customs, the magic of blood and a belief are rather dangerous. Therefore you should not abuse them. Blood in all its types attracts people. Cannibalism, wars, other world, alchemy, religion, youth elixir, anatomy. Such people very often do not even understand why they thirst. Therefore they for themselves create various theories, thereby trying to explain the inclination. What is it? Just call of blood or human vampirism? Many consider that human vampirism is only psychological frustration. However legends of vampires are not groundless. Hundreds of people were engaged in a cannibalism, beginning from spiritual and religious leaders and finishing doctors. Examples of that it is possible to find much at all times. People had still B.C. religious practices, search of physical and sincere force in human blood and flesh. Among many people and tribes the cannibalism – religious and magic was widespread. There was a myth that with meat strength of the eaten enemy passes. There is a theory which is constructed on an assumption of the fact that one of blood components, namely the ektoplazma, is capable to transfer from the physical world power information structures to astral. At such transfer the border between the worlds is broken off owing to what astral entities can quite get to the real world. Therefore it is possible to assume that blood is a link between the worlds. Blood can be used for communication of a subject with the particular person. If the magician has blood of the person on whom influence has to be carried out, then it will be especially effective and strong. In total droplet of blood can help to connect the magician and the tool which troubles is very strongly connected with the person, one may say, as part of a body. If this subject incidentally falls into bad hands, then there can be big troubles. Blood can be also used as a source of magic force. So, it can be used when bringing the victims and at charging of amulets. Blood in itself is quite significant substance which is used in any area of magic. It it is possible both to charm and to damn and to treat. But it is always necessary to remember that blood is great magic and one of the most powerful magic tools therefore to it it is necessary to treat with the appropriate respect and respect.

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