The reason of world financial crisis – part third

Now about “strong” dollar.

The dollar will be “strong” all the time until oligarchs and other companies need to return the credits nominated in dollars. To return “strong” dollar much more difficult and the ruble which is softly devaluated” and for “the hryvnia which is strongly devaluated” will be heavier to buy up it in the volume, necessary for repayment, for “. A situation for Russia and Ukraine in this sense same, as well as for almost any other state (for example, in August-October Mexican peso dropped in relation to dollar more, than by 30%, euro dropped to dollar by 25%, etc.). This huge, even “terrible” falling in conditions when profitability of the majority of the enterprises makes 10-15%, and is not present an opportunity to be refinanced to wait hard times. Thereby the fact that oligarchs will not be able to return the credits taken from the state is in addition guaranteed.

Besides, the dollar will be “strong” until do not pay off with this “strong” dollar those from whom business will not take away the state and from whom it will be bought. Such will be too. It concerns those who have a business more small, but too very interesting and profitable. When to businessmen it becomes absolutely bad, and they will be on the verge of total loss of the business, when offer them the quite good sum moreover and in “strong” dollars, they, of course, with pleasure will agree to sell business.

Here when two of these stages will be carried out, there will come the most interesting and rather dangerous stage.

Once again wanted to pay attention that all this is written for the simple people with absolutely small savings who saved them honest or rather honest and, without any doubt, with persistent work. Global processes which happen now can make destructive impact on results of their work. That it did not occur it is necessary to understand what really happens in the world and what will occur further. Knowing a real picture, it will be easier for you to make the correct decision in time and to preserve results of the long-term work.

There is a global redistribution of property, there is a new configuration of the world with the new centers of force. Though a main goal of redistribution are the largest companies, banks, the enterprises, and not so small and medium business, but the blow is necessary on all and it is necessary to be saved, manage to leave from it from under blow or at least seriously to weaken it.

How to treat this crisis? To tell difficult unambiguously. I think, it is definitely not necessary to exult mischievously that many oligarchs from the Forbes lists will disappear from it forever. It is normal, just stronger and clever predators will be “eaten” weaker and less clever.

By the way, one indirect example testifies to force of mind at least. In the Forbes list there are a lot of billionaires from Russia:

– Deripaska – 28 billion dollars;

– Mardashev – 24 billion dollars;

– Abramovich – 24 billion dollars, etc.

But in the world Forbes list there are no such bankers as Rockefeller and Rothschild, at first everything about 800 million dollars, and at the second about 750 million dollars. Even fall short of one billion. Though, on my estimations, everyone them them really “weighs” on 9-10 trillion dollars. Was so able to position itself is the best indicator of their intelligence. They allegedly even fall short of billionaires.

Here also compare Rothschild and Rockefeller’s intelligence on the one hand, and the Russian oligarchs on the other hand. It while our oligarchs have intelligence much above, than at the vast majority of people. But it turns out that there are people, it is many times cleverer than them that, by the way, is visible also on the world crisis happening now.

Let’s continue the story about what will be after completion of redistribution of property.

Further inevitable will come – the dollar default will follow. It is inevitable at any option of succession of events since overproduction of dollar by the Federal Reserve System is very clever, huge on volumes and scope, but after all a pyramid. This pyramid served the, brought to the creators and organizers of its construction fabulous profits and it is impossible to keep it, on the one hand, with another — there is no sense. It is necessary to pass to the new scheme of earning money, to new Bretton Woods agreements.

Transition to new world system smoothly from the previous world currency – dollar – is impossible.

In the world there are no so many goods and real assets how many it is printed dollars. The total mass of the released dollars of times in ten are more, than the total cost of real assets.

All question as it will occur since this very serious event and very dangerous to all including for organizers of a dollar pyramid. Much lost everything will begin to reflect and as how occurred where savings who is guilty of it got to? The strongest course for the solution of this problem for providing option, safe for, is an implementation of a default through “big blood”.

I think that global huge “state of emergency” with hundreds of thousands of dead will be organized. And the blow is necessary across the territory of the USA, or across Israel. The strike against Western Europe is less probable. Can be for the company with the USA and Israel, but not separately. In strike only against Western Europe it is much heavier to collapse dollar. The blow will be struck most likely with use of the nuclear weapon, or “dirty” bombs since hundreds of thousands of dead and radioactive infection of considerable territories are required (the analog with its three thousand dead is no good on September 11, 2001, scale is too small for a default).

It seems to me that Russia or Ukraine for blows are no good, since even if Russia and Ukraine and still something will be in addition completely destroyed, with all their population, it will not cause a dollar collapse. Americans and Europeans from such news (from destruction of Russia and/or Ukraine) will shudder, will tell, – “what horror” and … will quietly go to continue to drink the beer.

Who and how will strike blow?

Here it is necessary to understand one – the mankind deals with ingenious, extremely strong group of people which built that structure of the world in which we live. But for understanding of these or those their actions it is necessary to consider accurately who are they by profession. Only it will give the chance to understand their actions and to predict succession of events.

They are accountants, by training, on outlook, on calling. Sometimes consider that the word the banker more noble, than the accountant. But it not so. The real accountant is a professional, and the vast majority of bankers so directed the banks that they put them in a pool. Therefore the accountant is stronger definition, than the banker.

In a conceptual framework of the accountant such concepts as “humanity” which are not considered in accounts department, “kindness”, “compassion”, etc. are poorly presented.

The main thing – figures, the main thing – profit, the main thing – arithmetics of transactions.

In a situation when it is necessary to offer people but to get big profit, for them there are no special doubts how to arrive. The profit can only be the only rather significant result.

In it the huge strength of these people, but in same and their strategic weakness, a weak spot. Just a situation such is that hundreds of years these principles of their activity make for them huge profit and work as their force. But sometime these principles will work as weakness and either will ruin them, or will cause an irreplaceable loss to business to which they devoted the lives.

The accompanying account costs of the combinations which are carried out by them sometimes make tens of millions of lives: World War I – 20 million, World War II – 60 million lives.

You ask what such operations were carried out in the First and Second world wars? Correctly to answer this question it is necessary to apply the universal principle: to answer itself a question – who benefited from it to whom it was favorable? For example, in World War II, won against the Soviet Union, but benefit from war with a huge separation from other participants was received by the USA. In World War I – too they.

Everything is correct – “brain” carried out operations on resolute increase in the opportunities and on sharp accumulation of force of “body” (USA). And the price in millions of lives of special value had no, even on the contrary – it was necessary since it were lives of citizens of other states which had to be weakened.

There is a strong wish to hope that for a collapse of dollar other way, i.e. not through blood of innocent people and war will be chosen.

It is much more difficult to think up other way, but actually, it is only a question of intelligence of those who think out. Everything is possible, everything is real.

Options can be from the most stupid, type that the USA just refuses dollar, declare a default, referring to the fact that because of world financial crisis, because of recession of world economy the dollar cannot and be farther world currency. Here “experts” and “analysts”, and a huge number of the mass media controlled by owners of FRS, will very quickly explain and will din into the whole world that so historically it developed that the dollar was for 90% world currency, and only for 10% — internal currency of the USA. And as the dollar cannot be more world currency (because of very objective circumstances, because of the most serious world crisis of which nobody is guilty), it cannot and remain internal currency of the USA further. For the sake of the noble purpose of preservation from destruction of the most important of world economy – economies of the USA (that the dollars which rushed from around the world did not wipe off the face of the earth the USA without which in the world it will become empty and it is sad) – only for the sake of this highest and most humane purpose of the USA are forced to refuse dollar and within the country to enter “new dollar”.

And if month three after the announcement of such decision, through world mass media to iron brains to the whole world, then 99,9% of people will begin to consider sincerely that really it was only also most “noble” of possible exits, of the situation which developed because of objective, the strongest for all world history, crisis. Sat, thought half an hour and thought up 2-3 more not such stupid option of a way out any more. I will not begin to state them since was already tired to write, I do not like to write, and it is time to finish.

Anyway, there are much more humane ways of achievement of a goal (without blood of innocent people of Israel, the USA, Iran, etc.). And by account part (only payment of mass media) they are cheaper, than war.

But all this only in that case is acceptable for those who make decisions if after elimination of the unipolar world, they at construction of the multipolar world, put in its scheme others, not such as now, the principles of receiving the profit, the principles of ensuring the influence in the world and, respectively, the principles of creation of a world financial system.

Meanwhile to me is given that they are going to recreate everything as before: virtual stock markets, construction of financial pyramids (it is simple not from one currency, and from several), and further according to the list.

Though there are also other models of the world at which they can keep the influence, but they for some reason do not see them or, maybe, do not want to see.

If so, then almost only option of development of further events – blood. Because only she allows to tell that everything was correctly organized and only damned “terrorists”, “enemies”, etc. spoiled everything and did not give everything to correct. In other cases it is necessary to call things by their proper names, and after that it will be much more difficult to prove why and to whom it is necessary to build the same pyramids again as earlier.

Generally, the dollar collapse, refusal from it of the USA and its transformation into ashes is inevitable. Inevitability is defined that the present financial system of the world is constructed by the principle of a financial pyramid. That did not speak to you, the pyramids employed by creators “experts”, it cannot but will collapse and this time came. It is a question of several months.

Be sure that it will happen for 100% unexpectedly for all, except heads of this process. Till the last moment the dollar will be strong, everything will develop not bad.

At the same time euro, ruble, etc. will fail. Though, on these currencies there will be no default as on dollar, but they because of the huge hole in world finance will instantly fall in price of time at 10-15.

When at all money practically disappears, slow construction of new world economic system will begin.

Those who own the most profitable assets will have main positions (the real enterprises, etc.). They most quicker more than all will begin to earn new money. The others will hopelessly lag behind them.

Now how to keep money of subjects who has savings.

Anything, but only not to keep them in money, and in any money – dollars it is the (most dangerous), rubles, pounds sterling, hryvnias, coins, etc. It is possible to keep them in that type of property which will be in the price and after the taking place events. Cars do not approach. At the first panic in Ukraine, for example, many bought cars in order that money was not gone absolutely (then there was a speech about the falling hryvnia). The car becomes cheaper for 15% in a week after purchase and for 50%, in 3 years therefore, buying it, you doom yourself to fixing of losses at once. Your money cannot remain completely, growing.

For the same reasons also any other household property, clothes, etc. are no good.

Very good option – objects of art (pictures, sculptures) from the famous masters. But “the entrance ticket” for such purchase begins with one million dollars, it is easily possible to run into a fake, for storage very big safety-deposit box, worth 5-6 thousand dollars in a month is necessary. Jeweler jewelry – has the pluses and minuses. In their price too big component of cost – work of the master of the jeweler is put whether concerning which it is very difficult to predict its cost in several years will remain or ornament will strongly fall in price.

Qualitative jewels – quite good means to wait crisis. There is one shortcoming – they can recover from such global crisis in the price not at once, and within 3-5 years since people at first should solve more important problems – that is where to live in what to put on how to recreate and develop business but only money for purchase of jewels will collect then.

Good option – to buy the small food enterprise since at any crisis life will not stop, and people will always eat. But here the minuses – whether will endure crisis of a cow (if it is a dairy farm) if for some time they could not be fed whether expenses on a salary of workers, on lighting and heating of the enterprise will be not too big, whether the enterprise will sustain the competition of other same enterprises? Generally, this very troublesome and risky property.

Gold in ingots – one of the best options, considering the special relation to gold from group of people whom I called by “brain”. They very sincerely love gold and deeply respect already during nearly thousands of years. They will never allow it to fall in price really. But all this concerns not any gold in general, namely their gold, that gold which is owned by them. It does not extend to your gold. Gold is an eternal value therefore it is possible to wait for increase in prices for it eternally, well or 5-7-10 years. Gold will cost at the right time both 2, and 3 thousand dollars, instead of today’s 800. I already wrote as well as by whom price of gold is defined.

Whether you are sure that this price is defined for you that you could get too much profit? I personally would not begin to play this game. It is historical business of group of people and there strangers should not go.

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