Mysteries and secrets of alphabets

The philosophical concept of “man is a reduced model of the universe (microcosm),” which is at the heart of the western esoteric thought. The meaning of this concept:. “As above, so below” In the esoteric understanding of alphabets are symbols capable of expressing an experience that is beyond words and is able to dramatically change our consciousness and perception of reality. They are able to suddenly change the course of our thoughts, giving them new and unexpected direction. Anyone who uses a magical alphabet, can experience a rich tide of new understanding, followed by an immediate awareness of an entirely new perception of life. The letters of any alphabet – a metaphor of reality; they alone, in most cases, only certain characters or formal signs, which have no external transcendental meaning – but this value is in the minds of those who use letters or comprehend their meaning. In addition, letters, shape of which resembles natural geometric structure (in particular the hexagonal cell honeycomb), are themselves transcendental forms. But as a rule, the magical alphabet letters are complex symbolic construct, operating within each individual alphabetic system. In particular, it is equal in its shape in different alphabets can be used for transmission of various sounds – or different concepts. The prevailing opinion is that all ancient symbols have magical and religious significance. Legends say they were given to people by the gods. In the ancient Greek legend says that Hermes, the god of journeys, commerce and literature, who invented the first letter key once saw cranes flying in the sky – and came up with a letter. Various outlines cranes suggested him the idea that the letters arranged in a specific order, and can be denoted by sounds. Modern neuroscience has found phosphenes – geometric shapes and images that subconsciously present in the visual centers of the cerebral cortex and nervous system. These forms and images are available for all the people: they were called entoptic that is visible with the eyes closed. They are also observed in the states of the transformed consciousness during meditation, ecstasy or hallucination caused by overwork, disease and drug-taking. Geometric shapes corresponding to letters, are often seen in the early stages of entering into a trance. Gematria – a technique that works with the numerical equivalents of letters of the alphabet. Each word can be written as the sum of the numerical equivalents of the letters of which it consists. This amount is then magically binds this word with another word whose letters give the same amount. Thus, any number is associated with a series of words with equal amounts of numeric values ​​of the letters and the magical way to interpret each other. The gematria is also a rule of “Kollel”, which allows us to ignore the difference between the two amounts of letters, if it is one. This rule makes it possible to deviate somewhat to the side of interpretation.
Nigel Pennick “Magical Alphabets”

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